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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mags for Brewed Coffee!

Last month, I had brought two special coffee mags in SM Department store in our place! Two cute and catchy mags that will let you drink and smell the aroma of brewed coffee!!

Actually, there are different designs of the said coffee mag. But I need to buy only two - for me and for my brother since my mom already have one!

And here are what I've chose:

The coffee mags have different designs corresponding to your coffee choice. In my case, I prefer to buy the two mags with design and label of Cappuccino and Espresso coffees!

I'm not contended with these two mags. I have plans of buying the other mags in the department store to include them in my new collection - the mag collection! I promise to myself to comeback in the department store to buy the rest.

But, it was so sad! When I returned to pick the other mags, they were already out of stocks! "Sayang!"

They have new mag collection but I don't like them! I don't want the designs and the styles of the new batch were not my time! Maybe next time, they will have these kind of mags! Hopefully! c",)

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