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Saturday, April 6, 2019

A Journey to Our New Home 7: Before and After

Our dream home, our newest home sweet home is finally finished! Yes, the construction of our said 4-storey house is already completed since January 7, 2019.

And while the inspections and occupancy permit process is yet to be concluded, sooner you'll be the first to witness the grand opening of it. Be one of our special guests and visitors!

But before its grand opening, let me share with you its before and after photo right after completion. Here it goes:

Stay tune mga karocksters 'coz more updates are coming about our new home on the coming days. 04/06/2019 (Bits of Rocks)

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

A Journey to Our New Home 5: The Making of Our Main Gate

Welcome back to our blog series called "A Journey to Our New Home" where I share with you the important updates on the construction of our new home, sweet home. Few days left and we're about to the transfer to this 4-Storey dream home.

And for this post, let me share with you how our main gate was constructed.

Our main gate is a modern type. It is made of tubular GI galvanized steel bars. It will be a black horizontal one.

The gate is divided into two parts. The first one, the huge one is the garage gate. While the other one is a service gate for the persons coming in and out.

As they say pictures paint thousand words, let these pictures speak on how our gate was constructed:

And here is now the pre-final product:

This is now the pre-final design of our facade. Currently, tiling and smoothing of the front walls and post were on-going. The grills will also undergo paintings and coatings. I'll share with you the finish product on my succeeding blog posts. So stay tune folks!

"A Journey to Our New Home" is the 2019 edition of my blog series "Invasion of Our Home" which also featured in this blog 10 years ago. More exciting posts to come! 01/23/2019 (Bits of Rocks)

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Friday, December 21, 2018

A Journey to Our New Home 2: The On-Going Finishing Phase

Our new home... our dream home sweet home will be our 2019's Opening Salvo!

Welcome to another chapter of my very own "A Journey to Our New Home"  blog series featuring our brand new house. This time, let me feature the Finishing Phase of our home.

Yup, the target date to finish our new home and our move in date will be this January 2019! As they say "new year, new home (bagong taon, bagong bahay)" just a perfect date for a new beginning! So let's start the tour:

Currently, the facade looks like this:

Now, let's get inside! Let's start with our ground floor, the area of the living and dinning room:

On the second floor will be the bedroom of my brother and my mother. Let me show you the doors of these two rooms:

The second floor's special feature is the bar. And it is currently under construction:

Will share with you  its final look and feel after the construction. Now, let's go upstairs.

The stairs and rails were also on their finishing phase:

Then on the third floor, the floor of my room - the master's bedroom and the museum! From the stairs, it will prompted you to the back window:

Ok, that's all for now for today! Will tour you more on our next chapter so stay tune! :)

More revelations of our new home will be coming out on my next blog post! Our new home is a four-storey building wherein the fourth floor is the roof deck, an open and refreshing area for events, parties, gathering, and relaxation. This is a multi-function house with a modern millennial touch! 12/21/2018 (Bits of Rocks)  

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Designing the Exterior Appearance of 'Rockz Cafe'!

Fully Designed Exterior of Rockz Cafe

Your favorite cafe restaurant, the Rockz Cafe is now currently showing its exterior appearance! Yeah! And this how it looks! Plain and simple at first, but now groomed into a beautiful cafe!

Let's have a quick look on how the exterior design of it evolves:

Plain and Simple as Started

Partially Completed Design

Actually this is another new innovation of Facebook's Cafe World game. It started two days from now. I was surprised that Cafe World is now offering its user the ability to design its exterior look. I'm so excited to make it more beautiful the way I did to its interior!

But making your Cafe World's exterior design was not that easy! Yeah, it involves lots of money! The materials to be use for its beautification are to expensive! So glad and so lucky that I was able to make my outside design beautiful and attractive since I already earned 5 million plus coins! Wow!

And the above picture shows how my final design looks like! Simple but beautiful! It's catchy and attractive. I was the one who decide to put orange walls on it to blend with its interior. Even the flooring blended with the walls and the inside design of it! What more, I add pink flowers on the side with green bushes. Trees of pines and fruits were also put to add fresh green appearance on it! Light posts were also erected to light your dark path! Wow, oh so cool! Great one!

What more will you ask for?! This is just only my first exterior design of my Rockz Cafe. Sooner you will see a more great looks! It will truly attracts more and more clients. Inside and outside, truly beautiful! Well, what can you say?! Will you love my design?!

For more details on my Facebook's Cafe World, you may visit its official website at Rockz Cafe! See you there...!!! C",)

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