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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Derek Ramsay and Rocky Together in a Video!

For the third time around, I met the Universal Leading Man Mr. Derek Ramsay. This time, right after his grand presscon of his upcoming TV5's fantaserye "Kidlat" where he will play the title role. This will be his very first TV series in the Kapatid network after transferring from the Kapamilya.   

I first met Derek last March of this year when he was still in the Kapamilya network during the press conference of his horror movie "Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang." Afterwards when he transferred to TV5, I was invited by the Kapatid network to witness his contract signing!  

I got many pictures of Derek together during his three different events. I will share them to you in my next posts! Imagine how close we are now with Derek! :)

For now, I will share with you our video together. I have let Derek to promote his newest fantaserye "Kidlat" via video. Watch out short video clip below:

I was also supposed to meet him again for the promo of his newest film "A Secret Affair." But for certain reason, it wasn't prosper! But sooner, we will meet, talk, take photos and video again!

Derek is such a cool and kind guy in person! He is friendly and approachable! Good luck and see you again bro! c",)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Star-Studded Look Alike Face-Off!

The long wait is over! Yeah, I know you really missed this part! It's such another big star-studded post we have right now!

How many of you have a look-alike? And how many look-alike do you have?

Well, if you're not able to read the first part of my post "Star-Studded Look Alike" last year, try first to read it back! Satisfied?

Now, let's go to its sequel!

As follow-up to that post, here is now the second part of your favorite look-alike edition. Try to compare and contrast them. Which of these stars do I really look much similar with?!

Dingdong Dantes

Kim Bum

Gerald Anderson

Dennis Trillo

Jake Cuenca

John Lloyd Cruz

Hahaha! I'm so glad that I have many look-alike actors! But which of them do I have the most resemble?!

Will you prefer me to have a hot look of the World's 3rd Sexiest Man Dingdong Dantes? Or maybe you want me to look similar with the "Boys Over Flowers" cutie Kim Bum since we have both an Asian look?! Or since you missed "Tiyagong Akyat" and you want to have a second remake of that hit Agimat series, you want me to look more of Gerald Anderson?! But since we have a so-called passion for modeling and strong appeal, we really look more of Dennis Trillo and you want me to be his double in most of his TV series?! Maybe I have a hot hunk face like Jake Cuenca and you want me to be like him?! Or you really see John Lloyd Cruz in me and you want me to be teamup with Angel Locsin in his next TV series?! Cast your votes!

Do we really have resembles? Or do I forget to mention some other stars that I really look the same beside them? Who are them? Can you share it with me?! You have your freedom to post! Or will you better wait to the third batch!? Haha! Have a star-studded starstruck day fans!!! c",)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Unexpected Picture Taking with JC De Vera!

An unexpected moment just happened this night! And this was the story...

I Got A Picture-Taking with an Actor!

It was really an Impromptu!

Just this night at around 10:15 pm when I'm waiting for our company shuttle in Select Store, Shell Station in Ayala, Makati, a familiar face with a muscular build entered the store. He was wearing a pink t-shirt, simple maong pant with cap! Hmmm...I knew this person (I said in my mind), he looks familiar! Is this JC De vera...or he was just the look-alike of that actor?!

Yeah, he really looked like JC! There were few people in the store, the two male cashiers in the counter and the traffic policeman. They were also looking in that person in pink! Until the traffic policeman greeted him, "hi Idol"! was confirmed!! He was JC De Vera in a very simple attire!

The man smiled with the traffic policeman who greeted him. Then when the traffic policeman stand beside, I asked him, "si JC De Vera ba talaga un...?!" Then he confirmed, "oo sya un...!!!" That time, I was holding my cellphone since I am watching PBB Double UP in my mobile TV. Then the traffic policeman said, "magpa-picture ka na...!"

It was further confirmed that he was really JC De vera when he paid his items in the counter. The cashier saluted him and looked at him with surprised!

When the cashier was computing for his bought items, I immediately went to JC and asked him, "sir JC..." (then he looked at me with a smile) "pwede pong magpa-picture...?!"

Without saying anything (since he wasn't talked or spoke from the time he went to the store) he then posed with me for a picture taking! Using my mobile phone camera, we got a picture! But after I got our first picture, I said: "sir isa pa po...!", again he posed together with me for a picture!

After our picture taking, he immediately got his bought items in the counter and went out of the store! Me, the traffic policeman, and the two male cashiers kept looking at him in the glass window/door until he ride in his own car! Afterwards, they were talking about him! They said, "macho talaga si JC noh...ganda ng katawan!" They even told to the other personnels in the store when they came in about the very short visit of JC De Vera in their store!

Hayz...that was a very unexpected night! I didn't expect that in that simple place where we everyday waited for our shuttle service, an actor-model wearing a very simple clothes (to camouflage his identity) will suddenly buy snacks/goods...and we had our picture taking!!!

But I wasn't satisfied...I wasn't satisfied with my looks in the picture. Since I am working right now in a nightshift schedule, I looked stressed and haggard! I wasn't prepared! I even didn't combed my hair! It was an impromptu! That's why looking us two in the pictures..."talbog ako sa kanya"!

Therefore the moral lesson of my story: "Keep your self always fresh, clean, and looking good for any unexpected moments like this!" Yeah of course, always bring with you your cellphone with camera! Haha! c",)

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