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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Industry of Mining!

Mining industry nowadays is one of the fast growing industry! Since we are now in the age of modernization and hi-tech equipments, mining provides one of the reasons to achieve this kind of modernization! Oils, metals, golds, and other engineering materials and elements would not become readily available without mining!

And because of this, more and more people were now inclining in the world of mining! Many people were now seeking to have a job in the field of mining! And one of the best and well-known company in the field of mining is the Mining Australia!

What is Mining Australia? What great services did it provides with the job seekers like us?!

Mining Australia is the leading company in the field of mining which provides assistance for people wanting to work in the mining industry. They set up your career goals by serving like an advisers. This is through providing trainings, finding the types of jobs suited to you, and helping locate companies that may be able to meet your specific preferences.

What more did they offer? Well, they find the types of jobs suited to you. They even provide details on any additional training you may need. They even help you avoid making common mistakes people frequently make along the way. They also give you details on indicative salary figures so you get what you are worth and provides details you need to know about FIFO and DIDO jobs, and where to get them! Exciting!

And of course, they always equip our knowledge about explanations of the day to day operations and processes on the mine site, so you know your stuff!

Besides mining, positions like dump truck driving roles wherein you will handle dump truck driving jobs, traineeships, and apprenticeships were also provided! It will surely maximize your mining employment prospects!

Great! Mining industry is really a must! Why not pursue this kind of career instead of pursuing others where many took! I'm pretty sure, wealth and richness were just a touch away in this field! C",)

Friday, December 4, 2009

I Remember The Days V: "Baguio...In The City of Pines!"

December 17-21, 2006 - Baguio City

It's again another month of December! This month from the different years laid many memorable events that happened. Grandeur trips from the different places and provinces marked this month for me.

Join me again as we get back in time. For now, I will take you on the December of the year 2006.

Our destination today is in the City of Baguio!

Lord of the Rock Above the Mountain High...!

The Prince...!!!

Three years had passed. On that year, I was already in 5TH year College, a graduating student of ECE. This was my last trip I had in my College days. And I was so glad that time! Yeah, too glad to have our free training seminar for 5 days in Baguio City. Again, this was also my first time to go to that place!

Together with my College friend, I went to Baguio as delegate of the 44TH National Rizal Youth Leadership Institute. It was our second time to attend this Rizal Leadership. The first was the Luzon wide in Tagaytay City while the second was here in Baguio, the National convention. Both these events took place on the same year!

Pictorial in the Ifugao's Place!

Night in the Teacher's Camp

Together with the Ifugaos in the Botanical Garden!

At first, I was afraid that we can't attend this training. I was already busy in my OJT during that month. I was in school for only 2 days a week since the rest of my days were allocated for my office work. And besides, during that month, I was already in the peak of battle with my wicked Editor-In-Chief. I was in a great fight with a truly cruel person! I was in the climax of fighting two things: for love and for career! more cheesy talk for now, I'm only intending to showcased our trip in Baguio!

Thanks that my close friend did all the processing of our documents. And many more thanks to our Dean of Student Affairs since I was close to him (who played the role of Ravenum, my father in our TV series "Mulawin"), we allowed the two of us to participate in this prestigious seminar!

I found happiness in this cool place. We roamed around the city. We didn't took the seminar seriously. All we did were to roam, to window shop, to travel to the different key places of Baguio, and to take pictures! Yeah, we had created too many photos! Actually both of us have our own cameras containing hundreds of photos! We had developed lots of them!

I want to share some stories that happened in this city of Pines. But I am running out of time to tell you the whole details. Much of all, I am also not that interested now to tell the whole story! Just enjoy some of the photos we had...! Majority of our photos were not in a soft copy since we only used an analog camera during that time!

Well, what can you say about the place?! Hope that in these little sharing, you're with me in reminiscing some of my moments in Baguio! 'Till next time...!!! c",)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Training Workbook

My Created Workbook for Our Newbies

It's Plain and Simple For Now

Yeah, since you all know that I'm handling trainings in our team wherein I'm their official Trainor, I have develop a workbook!

Besides the training for the whole group, I was also the one who handle the training for the new hires! I provide them a 5-day long New Hire Training. I entitle this training as "Learning RQA in 5 Days"! Their first five days in our company is dedicated to me! I am their master!

I'm the one who provides their lecture, theoretical trainings, and of course the practical and hands-on! Yup, I also give them an evaluation written exam on the final day of our training. I named it as NTEE (New Hire Training Evaluation Exam)! This is a 150-Item Written Examination which covers all our trainings!

It Blends My Workstation!

I Design It Handy and Convenient But Full Of Important Contents

But of course, I also write a book for their training! As you can see, it's a great helpful workbook or hand book for them. All our lessons, process, guidelines, and other steps were all written there! Yeah, I wrote it for them!

Since it's my first time to launch this workbook, it's appearance for the meantime is very simple. It is ring-bind! Maybe on later times, you will see how it improved! It will then looks like the one you often seen on the different book shops and review stores!

How does it look? Yes, it's simple for now since it's my first time to lauch it. But don't worry, I will update you and let you see the enhance versions later! So watch out for this! c",0

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Pay IT Forward Training

Yesterday, I conducted my training for my team entitled "Pay IT Forward (Understanding The Way You Pay)" wherein I'm the Trainor and the Resource Speaker!

My Recently Conducted Training

Well, just like my two grand previous trainings, the "Days With The Dev" and "Fusion", this training can now be counted as one of the best! My team and my participants really loved my presentation and the way I handled the training. Of course, they all love the prizes I gave.

But, have you ever thought why this training titled as such? Have you ever wonder where I got my title?

The Origin Of My Training Title

Yeah, as you can see, the origin of my title was derived from the movie "Pay It Forward"! I was inspired by the movie. Way back in high school last 2000, we did a movie review project for this one. The message, the idea of this said movie was really a good lesson to have and apply.

Do you know what is "Pay It Forward"?

Actually, "Pay It Forward" is an idea which means "repaying the good deeds done to you by others to other persons not related to you"! In the movie, it was started by a little boy named Trevor Mckinney. But according to my research, this idea was already used in ancient times. Even Einstein knew it!

"Pay It Forward" was originally came from a novel written by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Then eventually in October 2000, it was revived in the movie. Now in September 2, 2009, I also made my revision of Pay It Forward. This time in the form of training!

Training Room Preparation

Religious Souvenir Items As My Prizes

The Table of Prizes!

Prizes, Prizes, and More Prizes!

I adapted the title of the movie in my training. This time Pay IT Forward now stands for three different related words. Pay for the payment process we have, IT or Information Technology our nature and how it effects our modern payment system, and Forward from Fast Forward, our specialized payment card!

We have a fun and interactive training for about 2 hours and 15 minutes for the type of training I conducted for them. Of course, they love the Game I have for them! But they love more the prizes I gave to each winner participants.

What are the prizes? Well, you can view them above! Chocolates, snacks, Stick-O, bars of chocolates, and of course the religious souvenir items!

Hmmmm...what can you say? Will you also be happy if you're one of the attendees?!Well, you can even try me! Some other times, I will also conduct trainings outside our company. Maybe one day, you are one of my participants!

"Having fun...enjoying while learning...!" This is my idea in every trainings I conduct! c",)

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Conducted Process Review Training

After the success of my conducted training "Fusion", I was still task to conduct another one. Last March of this year, the month of my birthday, I conducted another training for my teammates. This is called "Process Review (Revisiting our very own Process)".

Well, as the title sugested, I trained my teamates or rather say, I refreshed them with the different process we always practice in our team.

Unlike my previous conducted training, hmm...this one seems to be serious, a quiet type. Well because I conducted it one hour before going home. So all my members have in their mind is to go home not to dissect the info of the training.

But then, like my previous stuff, I included graphical and animated effects on this training. Of course with a theme song! This time my theme song for this is "No Air"!

Though a serious one, all starts well and ends well! I will then conduct my other training on the other day. This time, the Repeat of Fusion for those who haven't attended yet. C",)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


This is my first successful Training which I conducted to my teamates. I hosted this training as well as being the resource speaker.

I introduce new techniques in training here then give them more trivias. I also put fun games in this like the "accumulation bowl" wherein I ask a trivial question, then when someone can answer it, they will win a prize, either chocolates or gelatines. But it no one can answer, his suppose to be prize will be put on the bowl earning and earning of chocolates and gelatines (just like accumulating points). Lucky to the one who would get this full bowl!

I also put theme song for this training as well as graphical animation that keeps my audience alive and excited. "Ready or Not" is the soundtrack I'ved choose!

It such a fun training. Everyone enjoys it! Afterwards, I got a very very good evaluation for this training. c",)

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