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Friday, January 11, 2019

10 Impacts of 2018: A Yearender Report

Way back in 2010, I've started writing down the highlights of my year - what I have accomplished and what are the remarkable things that happened on that year. Since then, every end of the year, that served as my tradition, my annual yearender report for my avid readers and followers.

Now that 2018 has been concluded, it's about time to narrate what had been done for the year that was.

2018 was a year of great changes! It was a huge adjustment from the things that I used to do or live by.

So without a particular order, here are the 10 impacts of my 2018. Let's do the counting:

1. Celebrated my 10 Years of Blogging #BitsofRocks10.  This blog celebrated it's 10TH Year Anniversary!. I started Bits of Rocks way back March 2008.

My Official Bits of Rocks 10TH Year Anniversary Signature Shirt

#BitsofRocks10 Shirt Design

2. Celebrated my 5 years in my previous company but eventually left them.

3. Transferred to my New Company! 🙂😃 And right now, I'm already 8 months and counting here. 🏆🙂👊 And I think, I finally found my 'forever' here in terms of my professional career! 🎖😃

My Millenial Students in iAcademy

4. First time to enter a new career - being a part-time ICT Professor in iAcademy! 📚🙂

Thanks for Everything Mom! :(

5. Our mother died... :( ➕🌹

6. Construction of our own home, a 4-storey millennial theme house with a roof deck! 🏠

The Construction of our Dream Home Began

7. Most of my videos and vlogs were trending in YouTube. And yes, I have 10,800+ Subscribers now.

8. Joined the Century Tuna Superbods Ageless! First time to ramp upstage in a fitness-pageant competition. 💪😃😀💪

The Queen of All  Media Ms. Kris Aquino Featured Me in Her Netflix Show

9. First time to meet and interview Ms. Claudine Barretto, Donny Pangilinan, and Ricci Rivero! Bucket list checked ✔️✔️

Finally, A Moment with the Optimum Star!

Getting Wacky with Donny!

RR Met RR = #RunnerRockyxRicciRivero

10. Turns influencer and product ambassadors endorsing different brands (the complete brands I've endorsed in 2018 to be featured here very soon).🙂😊

Great to Be One of Them - A Certified Century Tuna Superbods!

So that's all for 2018! If you think or if I forget anything haven't mentioned here, feel free to visit my YouTube Channel, my Instagram account, or my personal Facebook page because I've posted everything there on my timelines.

2018 official concluded! Now its time to open the pages of 2019 and start counting the blessings. 01/11/2019 (Bits of Rocks)

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Friday, July 16, 2010

TV Series Craze Joins Top 10 Emerging and Influential Blogs for 2010!

Yup, my today's hottest and most read TV series website called TV Series Craze joins the prestige Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project. It's a writing project by the bloggers to the bloggers!

The mechanic is simple but tough! Each blogger participant would pick their top 10 favorite blogs which just born from March 2009 'till now. Or those blogs that were created one year ago or atleast three months old. So definitely, your favorite blog is qualified! Yeah, since TV series craze was born last April 2009.

As I have said, each blogger would pick their Top 10 choice. Are you curious which are those blog sites I picked?! Well check out my list here in this link!

And right now, I'm very busy promoting my TV Series Craze site. The deadline or the date of nomination will be closed on August 31, 2010. Afterwards, the committee would not accept anymore entries.

Each week, the team will release their official list of the most nominated sites! Hayz...hope that TV Series Craze could make it! But I believe on it! Of course with your help, help from the avid readers and viewers!

What are the other mechanics of this writing project as well as prizes?! Well, you may check all here in this site!

So what are you waiting for?! If you love TV Series Craze, then vote for it! Let us all prove that TV series craze is really an influential and emerging blog to all of you this 2010! God Bless! C",)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Counting My Top 10 Blessings Of 2009!

2009 is over! We are now on the new phase of the decade, 2010!

But before we finally say goodbye to 2009, let us count the blessings we received for this year.

For me, this year was truly a great year to count. Success, achievements, transitions were some of the terms to describe the experience I had!

So, here are the Top 10 Remarkable Things of 2009 that I should be thankful for:

1.) New Home - April of this year when we transferred to our new home. More beautiful, more elegant, wider, and really nice compare with our previous. You see it yourself during the series of our invasions!

2.) Rise of the Blogs - This year marked the birth of my different blog sites. Started as "Bits of Rocks" which eventually turned as "The Rock Land", this personal blog became so active this year as well as my music blog "Rhythm of the Rock". This year also gave birth to my new blog "TV Series Craze" which is so popular these days and to my techie-themed blog "TECHkyrocky".

3.) Successful Career in the Corporate Work - It was indeed a golden year for me in my work. I was given a lot of opportunities in our office and proud to say that I had performed all my tasks and projects with flying colors! All my BRAVO cards, souvenir items, and other appreciations from the different managers reflected this!

4.) Artistic Working Area - Well, you are the one to witness the different transformations of my working area. We transferred working station twice but my artistic style of my own working area maintains which garnered different feedback of appreciations from my officemates.

5.) Birth of My Different Pets - "Miming Negro" became so popular this year. She was well-loved by all the people who visited this site. But aside from her, more new pets were introduced this year starting from the cats, kittens, puppies, tigers, up to the other wild domesticated pets like my civet cat!

6.) New PC - Before the year ends, I finally have my new Personal Computer in our home. Maybe this is the biggest thing I have bought for this year. I also bought its other accessories such as the web cam, speaker, and electric fan solely for this PC. I also have an unlimited access to internet in our home which made my cyber life so active and in-demand!

7.) Lots of Photographs - I had too many pictorials for this year! Yeah, just like what you have seen, in every events, I have photos! I am like a famous model who have different pictorials taken by paparazzi or official photographers.

8.) More Roles and Opportunities - Aside from my routine work in the office, I was also became an effective Trainer of our team. I conducted different trainings in our office. The feedback were all excellent! All my trainees liked me so much and my unique style in presentation. My writing abilities were also enhanced as I developed and created different Manuals and Process Guides to our team in addition to my blogging hobby!

9.) Preparation for a Sexy Body - First week of December when I started to go in a gym. Yup, for five times now, every weekend (when not busy), I go in a gym to develop my abs, chest, biceps, and muscles! Hopefully I see the results of my workouts before our Summer outing!

10.) Active Sex Life - Yeah, though I'm single, I can proudly say that my sex life for this year was so active! Ooh! Just like a sexy star, I was really bankable! I already performed many matured roles like what our hottest youngstars did today!

Well, did I forgot something?! Do you have something to add which were not mentioned above?! Feel free to express your thoughts!

Indeed, 2009 was so great to me! It gave me lots of blessings and opportunities to count. These were only the top 10 most remarkable things. Yup, there were other things not mentioned here. Some I forgot, some were not need to mentioned!

I also like to add that this year also started my increasing savings in the banks, Hopefully it will flourish more on the succeeding years!

So, thanking primarily our God from up above for all the good things He gave to me this year, let us all salutes and appreciates 2009...Thank You Very Much 2009!!! c",)

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