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Friday, January 11, 2019

10 Impacts of 2018: A Yearender Report

Way back in 2010, I've started writing down the highlights of my year - what I have accomplished and what are the remarkable things that happened on that year. Since then, every end of the year, that served as my tradition, my annual yearender report for my avid readers and followers.

Now that 2018 has been concluded, it's about time to narrate what had been done for the year that was.

2018 was a year of great changes! It was a huge adjustment from the things that I used to do or live by.

So without a particular order, here are the 10 impacts of my 2018. Let's do the counting:

1. Celebrated my 10 Years of Blogging #BitsofRocks10.  This blog celebrated it's 10TH Year Anniversary!. I started Bits of Rocks way back March 2008.

My Official Bits of Rocks 10TH Year Anniversary Signature Shirt

#BitsofRocks10 Shirt Design

2. Celebrated my 5 years in my previous company but eventually left them.

3. Transferred to my New Company! 🙂😃 And right now, I'm already 8 months and counting here. 🏆🙂👊 And I think, I finally found my 'forever' here in terms of my professional career! 🎖😃

My Millenial Students in iAcademy

4. First time to enter a new career - being a part-time ICT Professor in iAcademy! 📚🙂

Thanks for Everything Mom! :(

5. Our mother died... :( ➕🌹

6. Construction of our own home, a 4-storey millennial theme house with a roof deck! 🏠

The Construction of our Dream Home Began

7. Most of my videos and vlogs were trending in YouTube. And yes, I have 10,800+ Subscribers now.

8. Joined the Century Tuna Superbods Ageless! First time to ramp upstage in a fitness-pageant competition. 💪😃😀💪

The Queen of All  Media Ms. Kris Aquino Featured Me in Her Netflix Show

9. First time to meet and interview Ms. Claudine Barretto, Donny Pangilinan, and Ricci Rivero! Bucket list checked ✔️✔️

Finally, A Moment with the Optimum Star!

Getting Wacky with Donny!

RR Met RR = #RunnerRockyxRicciRivero

10. Turns influencer and product ambassadors endorsing different brands (the complete brands I've endorsed in 2018 to be featured here very soon).🙂😊

Great to Be One of Them - A Certified Century Tuna Superbods!

So that's all for 2018! If you think or if I forget anything haven't mentioned here, feel free to visit my YouTube Channel, my Instagram account, or my personal Facebook page because I've posted everything there on my timelines.

2018 official concluded! Now its time to open the pages of 2019 and start counting the blessings. 01/11/2019 (Bits of Rocks)

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