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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My First Google Payment for My Blog Ads!

Finally last week, I got my first blog payment from Google Adsense! Yippiee!!! I got the money through Western Union!

Here's the exact amount of my first earning in US dollar as well as the statement of my earnings from Google. I darken some of the important information in the statement of earnings for privacy reasons!

I Received My Payment Through Western Union

My Statement of Earnings

My first total accumulated earnings from all my blog sites is $108.73. When converted to Philippine peso, it becomes Php4,733.11!

Every end of the month, I will be paid by Google for all the Ads posted in my blogs provided that my accumulated earnings reach the minimum amount of $100.00. If my earning in a particular month is less than one hundred US dollar, that said earning will be carry over next month. In my case, those earnings were from last months of 2010. My earnings just speed up when my blog sites like TV Series Craze and The Rock Land become so popular and receive so many hits and visits!

Did you know that I suppose not to receive that said payment?! Yup, it's because I used a different payee name in my adsense account. Instead of "Rocky" as my first name, I used "RQA". And I can't anymore change my payee name! Hayz...can you suggest how can I change my payee name since Google didn't allow me to do so?!

When I'm about to receive that said payment in Western Union Trinoma branch, the teller didn't allow me to get the money since the payee name is different from the IDs I have presented. They instructed me to call the main Western Union branch. Thanks God that in our branch in SM, after further explanation to the teller, I finally got the fruits of all my blog sites! =)

I really inspired with these earnings! Imagine while you are enjoying developing blogs, you are earning at the same time! Nice!

Right now I'm my way of receiving my second Adsense payment. But aside from this, I have also other income generating blogs. Thank you all my dear readers by avidly following and visiting the Rock's Blog Network! Expect to read more and more interesting topics from me! c",)

Friday, December 17, 2010

TV Series Craze is Now The Fastest Rising Blog Site!

One of my blogsites called TV Series Craze is now one of the fastest rising and one of the most in-demand entertainment website today! I am so very glad for its great achievement which takes place this year!

TV Series Craze is my entertainment blog site about different TV Series. It started last April 2009. For one and a half year, it eventually got the interest of many readers, visitors, and TV series viewers.

Everyday, its ranking and statistics grow higher and higher. Visitors, fanatics, and followers of this blog site also increase!

Here are the latest statistics of TV Series Craze as of December 17, 2010:

Site Ranks from Different Website Measurements

Daily Hits and Visitors

Site Stats According to Blogger.Com

As you can see, TV Series Craze is now at No. 50 top-rating entertainment blogs in the Philippines. This is according to Top of Blogs Philippines. TV Series Craze started at No. 220 in 2009. Now as of this day, it climbs to No. 50, the highest jumper of all the entertainment blogsites!

Meanwhile according to the Top of Blogs measurement, TV Series Craze is now at No. 9! Wow! Awesome!

Even the daily visitors of it increase much! If before my daily visitors ranges from 120 to 350 daily, it eventually increased to 1,750 plus! But it didn't stop there! It booms to 3,500 to 5,000 daily visitors! Thanks to all of you my avid visitors!

Alexa Overall Ranking Worldwide

Alexa Ranking in US and in the Philippines

What more?! In the most important and most significant website measurement tool called, TV Series Craze, as of this day it has a ranking of 687, 483 worldwide! Great, great, great! Before, it's so hard for this blog site to reach below 1 million rank. But gradually from 1 million plus, it climbs to 900, 000 then to 800, 000, then, 728, 000 up to the 687, 483 as of today!

In the Philippines, TV Series Craze ranks 6, 863 still based from Alexa measurement. In US, this site ranks 273, 687 according to Alexa!

Now in terms of fans and followers, the TV Series Craze fanatics grow and grow! In its Facebook Fanpage, TV Series Craze has now 648 fans as of today. In, it now got 34 followers. And take note, everyday, more and more fans were following and liking it! Nice!

For now all I can say is thank you very much! This website would not be so successful without your support! I'm very, very thankful for this! Now I can taste the fruit of my hardships! All of you my avid fans, followers, readers, visitors, and TV series viewers are my inspiration!

Continue visiting this website at . Everyday, fresh and new updates were posted! You will find everything you need to know not only limited in the world of TV Series but also in the entertainment world as a whole! This is my way of thanking you back!

This ranking will even grow higher. And I'll update you regarding its continuous development! T.Y. C",)

Friday, November 19, 2010

The New Design of My Blog Network!

It's definitely a league of all my blog sites! Collectively speaking, all my blog sites can now be called as "The Rock's Blog Network"! And I created a design or logo for my blog network!

Yup, that is my latest new design for the collection of all my blogs. As you can see, just like a network, they were interconnected by a central letter "R"! Do you know why?

That only means that all those blogs were made, designed, and popularized by yours truly, Rock! Seven blogs having different genres were created by only one person who is Rocky, a name starting with a capital R!

As you can see, the design is very simple emphasizing all my seven blogs. Each blogs were represented by their own logos. The Rock Land, Rhythm of the Rock, TV Series Craze, Boards and Mags, TECHkyrocky, Rockz Cafe, and The Rock's Literary Collection comprise "The Rock's Blog Network"!

But actually they were not only seven blogs in all! Honestly I have nine blogs in all! If you will notice, I did not include my A(H1N1) blog which I created for our company last year. It's because I didn't anymore update that said blog site. And of course, I did not include my sexy, daring blog! Haha! It is written under a particular pen name!

What can you say about my new design, do you like it?! You are free to give your thoughts and opinions! Though it's very simply, it's meaningful! C",)

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