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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The 'U Rock 7' Gifts of Appreciation!

Like I've told you on my previous post, I will share with you my simple but cute gifts of appreciation which I gave to my awardees in my recently concluded "U Rock 7". And here they go!

These are seven cute souvenir items I bought and gave to my top performing people during my release project. Let's take a quick glance on them.

These cute items are special memo notes and casing with a 'Good Work' or 'Good Job' or 'Excellent' marks. Of course at the back of them, I wrote my simple message and dedication of their job well done! I expressed in the said message how I appreciate their good works!

"U Rock 7" is a spin off of my first "U Rock 5". "U Rock" is my very own initiative which recognized the top performing people during my project. I chose the best among them and I rewarded them with gifts and chocolate at the end of our project.

These cute gifts of appreciations come together with the Choco Mucho. They were very happy and thankful for these simple gifts of appreciation!

"U Rock" is my way of saying thank you. It's my style of appreciating my top-performing people! It's my very own initiative of motivating people! 'Till next time of my next round of "U Rock"! c",)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

U Rock 7!

Our project or release which I handled for this year is already finished! And just like last year, I will conduct another round of the so-called "U Rock"!

"U Rock" is my very own initiative as a Test Manager or as a Test Coordinator which give recognition to my top performing people. I started it in 2010 during my first turn as a Test Coordinator or Test Manager. Then I continue it here in my new release.

It started before as "U Rock 5" which mean my top 5 top-performing people. But this time, it is "U Rock 7!" It's because, seven people really stand out!

The two pictures above symbolize my "U Rock 7." Yeah, the first one is my official "U Rock 7" design logo. As you can see, 7 shadows of people were there. That 7 shadows represent my Top 7 performers!

Just like I always do, I give gifts of appreciation! Last year it was a mini-pocket and a chocolate (Muchos). Now, can you guess what will I give?! Yeah, there is also a chocolate bar (another Mucho) but what do you think will be my souvenir or gift of appreciations?!

I will reveal it to you later. My "U Rock 7" awarding will be conducted tomorrow during our Team Building and Outing! So, you must wait for that! Enjoy! c",)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

U Rock 5!

Last Friday during our Full Team Meeting (FTM), I gave another surprise to my teammates. This is called "U Rock 5"! What is it? And what's the significant of it?

Well, if I were to ask you, can you guess what is this so called "U Rock 5"? Actually before I announced or presented it in front of the whole team, I challenged them first to guess the meaning of it! And one of my teammates partially got the correct answer!

What's inside the envelop?

Prices and Surprises!

Yup, this is my very own way of recognizing and appreciating the good deeds done by my teammates during my project. It is my very own way of giving Bravo cards to my people with an added chocolates and gift packs!

Since I was the one who assumed the role of a Test/Project Manager or Test Coordinator (specific term in our team which means Test or Project Manager) for a particular project then it became successful, I then gave back the blessings to my best performing people.

In my project, 5 people stood out! They showed their best to accomplished their assigned task. That's why I allotted a special recognition day to them called "U Rock 5"! U which means "you" or "them", then 5 which symbolizes the total number of my recipients!

Those 5 people received from me a Bravo card, a chocolate, and a souvenir item (a small pooch containing chocolates) which they can use later!

Yeah, they were so happy as I called their names! They were so thankful to me as they received their gift packs! Each of these 5 people happily posed a picture with me!

And before we concluded this mini-program of recognition, I promised to them that next time this would not only 5. Maybe on my next projects, this would become "U Rock 10" or maybe "U Rock All" defending on the performance of my teammates!

Indeed my recently held project as a Project Manager was successful knowing that I was very new for the said job role! And "U Rock 5" spoke a sign of thanks to my people who performed very well! C",)

PS. This design logo of "U Rock 5" is my very own artistic work! Like or love it?! Hehe! C",)

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