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Thursday, December 22, 2016

#TeamRunnerRocky: The Fresh Trio Selfie

Still looking fresh after the race...!

Three of the members of my very own running team, the Team Runner Rocky had our selfie after our fun run. 

More of the team's stories in full details are now posted in my sports, fitness, and marathon blog, the Runner Rocky. See you there! (RCB) 

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Cake Treat

As part of our celebration for the successful sign-off of our Europe Fanfare Project, I have treated my teammates with a chocolate cake from Goldilocks.

And here is the said cake with an artistic design:

This is such a cool modern design truly fits for a celebration like this. Cheers for success! (RCB)

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Red Spells a Lucky Charm!

We are Team Red! It's such a coincidence that the four of us were all wearing red yesterday, during the day that we took the ISTQB Certification exam.

Me and my three teammates took together the said examination on the same batch. We were surprised seeing each other wearing the same color - red!

Even the wall in the examination room is also painted in red! That's why right after the exam and right after we passed, we had our souvenir photos.

Here is our picture-taking lucky moment right after we passed the International Software Testing Board:

They say that red is a lucky color. And that proves to be true based our own experience!

Actually red is my favorite color since birth! I love the color of red. It symbolizes different things such as love, courage, life, and of course lucky charm! The last term is true in our case! Thanks God!

It also seems that we attended a red carpet premiere night because of our common red attire. Remember, most of the premiere nights I have already attended have actors wearing red?! Nice!

Now the four of us wearing red in the picture were all Certified Software Engineers! Thank you Lord for your blessings! c",)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Remember The Days VI: "First Night Shift!"

Tomorrow, February 11, I'll be celebrating my 2nd year anniversary here in my company! Hayz...time was really so fast! It was just recently, I graduated in College, then immediately applied for my first job, then resigned from it and hired to the second one...'till hired here in my third company! And now, I am celebrating my 2nd year tenure! Thanks God!

As part of my 2nd year celebration, I will share with you another moments during my early days here in my company!

How did I looked in these pictures?

Meeting in the Midst of the Night!

Presenting the Awardees...!

Yup, that was my very first night shift experience here in our company! Yeah, in this company, I experienced to work in US time or in a night shift. Since our big bosses were in US and we need to coordinate with them, we were assigned to work following their time!

Those pictures above were taken during our team meeting! See how cool we were during the meeting! Lots of fun, laughter, and joys were all in the faces of night shifters!

Actually these were also the night meeting wherein our manager gave recognition, appreciations, and souvenir items to the member who did well in the job! And glad to say that I'm one of those! =)

So, join me as I reminisced the early days here in my company as part of my salute to my 2nd year anniversary! Expect for more in my next posts! c",)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our 2009 Christmas Team Pictorial

Happy Holidays to all of you! I hope you all enjoy celebrating Christmas and looking forward for a merrier New Year to come this week!

Well, as I tradition of our team, every year, we have a team pictorial. The best picture of the whole team will be used as a greeting card to be send in our business partners on and off-shores. This is also send in the whole company as a greetings to our co-workers from the other teams!

For this year, we already have our team pictorial just recently taken Monday, December 14, 2009. We all dressed-up in a formal attire!

So, as your privilege, I will show you some of our taken pictorials. Here they are, take a quick glance of each photos!

For The Boys...!!!

There's Something Out-There!

My Whole Team!

Oops...1, 2, Say Sex!

As you can see, we had different variations of pictures! One form is all the members in the team! Then, we also took photos wherein boys were separated from the girls! I have here with you the separate photos of the boys, I did not include the separate pictorials of the girls.

Our photoshoots also varies from formal, to a little wacky, and to an emo type (just like what you have seen in the different teleseryes). Oh, sad to say that our wackiest photo got corrupted! But then, we still lucky to have our good shots intact!

Again take a look with some of our pictures!

Another Shot For The Boys!

Posing Like Actors or Commercial Models! Great!

Another Formal Shot for The Team!

Do you Like My Looks With An Eyeglass?!

Now, what can you say with these pictures?! Are we all look good and nice with every shots?!

If you noticed, I came in two looks! One with an eyeglass and one without! Which of the two is better to me, with eyeglass or without?! It's up to you how I look like!

They say when I wear my eyeglass, I looked too genius! According to them, I really looked like Clark, the alter-ego of Superman! How nice! Hehe!

But if I were to ask you, how do we look in these pictorials? Do you like our photos? Or you want to sugest some...?! You're free to give your thoughts and idea!

Well, hope you enjoy seeing our Christmas team pictorials! See you next Christmas or next holidays for a new pictorials! c",)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scary Photos!

Just recent Halloween, our company conducted a Scary Halloween Photo contest. Many departments participated in this competition.

Oops...are you looking for our entries? Well, you can't find our's because, our team haven't join for this said contest!

But then, I will let you see some of the artistic scary photos sent by the other teams! The three photos below were the 3 respective winners. They were as follows:
"The Serial Killer"

"The Nunning"

(Wait...Let Me Wash First My Face)

"The Modern Day Vampires"

(Bakekang Ikaw Ba Yan...Haha!)

Well, what can you say? Do you agree with the winners? Do they really deserve? Are you scared? Are they artistic enough to grab the prize!? Feel free to give your thoughts!

To give you a bit details on the above photos, actually the third picture (the vampires), wearing green was my former manager! How did she looks!? According to her, she didn't even wonder that they will got the prize. It was just a trip to get photos of themselves. They were surprised that their photo booth-like picture got one of the prize. They sent a dramatic emotional photos of their group but none of these were selected! The picture of their two (together with her Senior Manager) won! Really, it was surprisingly unexpected!

All The Way With The Ghost...!!!

I Can See You...!

I Will Hunt You...!

I also viewed the other entries. Some were not that scary, it was funny...hahaha! I just let you see some!

The remaining photos here excluded from the three winners were those that were not selected. So start browsing them above and below!

What can you say? Do they have the chance to win? Do you feel frighten or you feel like laughing!? I am giving you the right to judge even though you are not a book! Haha...!

What If There's Something on the CR!?

Kill Me With Your Face!

Leave Us Alone...!

Actually there were lots of photo entries stored in our hard drive. I just picked some that may interest you. Other entries were boring and not that interesting!

So, overall what can you say about these pictures?! Do they really scary? Do the groups showed their artistic sides to come up pictures like these for the Halloween!?

Well, it's up on your own taste! Which is which, it's stil up to your own choice! Hope that you enjoy seeing them! Or laugh with them giving life to your bored life! You may send or post me comments! c",)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Training Workbook

My Created Workbook for Our Newbies

It's Plain and Simple For Now

Yeah, since you all know that I'm handling trainings in our team wherein I'm their official Trainor, I have develop a workbook!

Besides the training for the whole group, I was also the one who handle the training for the new hires! I provide them a 5-day long New Hire Training. I entitle this training as "Learning RQA in 5 Days"! Their first five days in our company is dedicated to me! I am their master!

I'm the one who provides their lecture, theoretical trainings, and of course the practical and hands-on! Yup, I also give them an evaluation written exam on the final day of our training. I named it as NTEE (New Hire Training Evaluation Exam)! This is a 150-Item Written Examination which covers all our trainings!

It Blends My Workstation!

I Design It Handy and Convenient But Full Of Important Contents

But of course, I also write a book for their training! As you can see, it's a great helpful workbook or hand book for them. All our lessons, process, guidelines, and other steps were all written there! Yeah, I wrote it for them!

Since it's my first time to launch this workbook, it's appearance for the meantime is very simple. It is ring-bind! Maybe on later times, you will see how it improved! It will then looks like the one you often seen on the different book shops and review stores!

How does it look? Yes, it's simple for now since it's my first time to lauch it. But don't worry, I will update you and let you see the enhance versions later! So watch out for this! c",0

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