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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dennis Trillo and Glaiza De Castro Share the Taste of "Temptation" in 'Sarap Diva!'

Dennis Trillo and Glaiza De Castro are today's household names as they lead the hit Koreanovela remake "Temptation of Wife" in GMA-7.  In the TV series, they are playing the characters of Marcel and Heidi.

Yes, Marcel and Heidi's characters in the series are both antagonists. They make the life of the lead star Angeline/Chantal Gonzales (Marian Rivera) miserable! They were even emerged as television's hottest pair as they made various kissing and bed scenes in the said soap. Definitely, this Saturday's episode of the hit cooking show "Sarap Diva" sizzles!

Dennis and Glaiza put more heat on the cooking show being Regine Velasquez' special guests on this episode. They unveiled the secret of foods termed as aphrodisiacs or pampagana at the same time discussing their private lives.     

Regine prepared one of the most popular aphrodisiac foods – oysters, as she digs on Dennis' private but controversial love life. Even Glaiza doesn't escape the Songbird's hot questions as she shows her budding cooking skills with a sexy twist on grilled chicken.

Here are some of the hot scenes in this Saturday's episode:  

Glaiza and Dennis on the Hot Seat with Regine

The Three Sing "All Out of Love," the Dennis Trillo's Signature Hit!

A Good Blend of Music from the Three Singers

Dennis Shares About His Ideal Girl

Glaiza Tells Something About her Kissing Scenes with Dennis!

Aside from their 'chemistry' being sexy kontrobidas on TV, it's good to note that both Dennis and Glaiza are singers!

The show started showing a scene from ":Temptation of Wifewhere Teri/Inday, Regine's housemaid impersonated Chantal. Afterwards, a hot seat question and answer followed where Regine goes deeper asking private questions to the two guests. Even a kissing and bed scenes video of Dennis and Glaiza excerpt from the TV series surprised them!

Before the cooking show conclude, Dennis, Glaiza, and Regine sing together "All Out of Love," a hit love song from Air Supply which Dennis revived in 2008.

This "Sarap Diva" episode taping is actually my second visit to the show. And this is my favorite guesting so far. Many thanks to my blogger friend Sire! :)

I will not talk too much about the other happenings which took place in the show. It's for you to find out the other exciting things in this episode! Catch the airing of the show this Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 9:45am only in GMA-7! (RCB)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Cooking Experience with Camille Prats and Jolina Magdangal in 'Sarap Diva!'

It was such a great experience to be part of the famous morning cooking show "Sarap Diva." Finally, I became one of the visitors of the Asia's Songbird Ms. Regine Velasquez in her own kitchen with a great ambiance!  

When I entered the Studio 6 of GMA Network where every episode of the show is shot, it felt like I'm entering in a real kitchen of a real house. It all contain the things found in your own home sweet home from sofa to the dinning table. The sweet atmosphere truly makes you feel that you're at home!

I got more amazed when the show's host Ms. Regine came in the studio. As part of the show's program flow, Regine sings before or after the cooking session. Seeing her doing her stuff, I admired her more since she can shift from singing to hosting to cooking!

On the episode's taping, Regine's guest were two of the former "Ang TV" young stars Camille Prats and Jolina Magdangal who are now turned as celebrity wives. This also served as the reunion of these two former Kapamilya actresses.

In this episode, Jolina and Camille shared their own recipes. They cooked live the two dishes while having cool conversations with the Asia's Songbird. Jolina cooked the roaster pork ribs while Camille on the other hand cooked the marinaded pork.

Joining the Former 'Ang TV' Stars turning Celebrity Wives

The Asia's Songbird Ms. Regine Velasquez with us, her Episode Guests

With Ms. Regine Velasquez Episode Maid, Teri / Inday

While cooking the episode's featured dishes, the studio was filled with fun and laughter as the three ladies shared their own experiences. Jolina talked about her newly-wed life and her honeymoon with husband Marc Escueta. Camille then shared the feeling of greatness being a proud mother of Nathan. She was even admired by Regine and Jolens since at the young age, she was able to surpassed the great trials in her life. On the other hand, Regine shared how she can relate to Jolens being a newly married woman and to Camille being a proud mom!    

Aside from Jolina and Camille, the other guests of Regine on this episode were the teen group Chicser and the comedianne impersonator Teri playing her housemaid Inday. The Chicser helped Regine sell her clothes via the portion "Ga-Reg Sale," an online garage sale wherein the proceeds will be donated to the Kapuso Foundation. . 

The show concluded with Regine and Jolina singing the hit song "Only Excemption." Chicser also showed their moves dancing to the tune of the latest music including the "Gangnam Style!"

The complete episode of this Jolina-Camille guesting will be shown this Saturday, February 16, 2013 at 9:45am on GMA-7. It was such a great pleasure and experience to be part of the show! 'Till next time! (RCB) 

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