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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Invasion of our Home: 'Living with Angels!'

As part of our second year tenure anniversary in our new home sweet home, I will share with you new updates pertaining to our home. Therefore, here's another invasion.

I know you already knew them. Yup, there are my three cute little angels in the living room. And there were placed in our glass center table. My "Angels of Love" and my "Angel of Abundance". Guess who's with them?! Of course it's no other than me, myself, and I!

Yeah, yeah, yeah! They are together with me...with my pictures! Hehe...

Actually three pictures of mine are with them. The first one, the big that you see is my college grad picture. The other two are glass pictures. The first one is my sexy beach picture wherein I'm wearing a black sando. The other one on the back is another glass picture during my moments in Baguio.

Adding life to this center table are the lucky bamboo indoor plants. The big one that you can see is inside an elongated glass vase with green magic jellies. Green is for health and that one piece of lucky bamboo plant symbolizes a good luck!

Now what can you say on this arrangement? Like it or love it?! See you once more in 0ur next exciting invasions! Have a great day everyone! c",)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Invasion of our Home X: 'The Glass Photos'

Welcome back to our next invasion of our home! For the tenth time now, you always joined me in visiting our home sweet home!

What's new?! Well, I have a new item to share. It's one of my favorite things - photos!

Yup, I got a very special photos displayed in our sala. They were glass photos! Take a glance on how they look like:

My Glass Photos

Handle Them With Care!

A Special Glass Photo

Actually I got these glass photo frames in Trinoma Mall, North EDSA two weeks ago. Yup, I keep on shopping to find a special and unique photo frames to house my sexy photographs last summer. And these what I got!

It's a shinny brittle glass. This how I could describe them. But they were really catchy and attractive. When I now put my sexy photos on these two glass photo frames...awesome! I got a very great things to display!

Did you see how they look? They were now look so special and expensive! A very great things for the human eyes that would really feed your fantasies!

I place them in our sala's center table. Because of them, our living room now becomes more attractive and nice. The displays were so gorgeous attracting more visitors. Well, with my body to die for, who would not get attracted! Haha...!

So how do you like these glass photographs? Do you love them or you love the person printed on them?! Some other times, you can have a photo together with me which you can display just like these...! C",)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Invasion of our Home IX: 'The Installation of Our New Air-Con!'

Welcome back to our home! I knew you really missed visiting our home sweet sweet! Glad to say that we are also celebrating our first year anniversary here in our new home!

After a year of living in this new home, more and more appliances were already bought! Thanks God for all the blessings He had given me! Love you Lord! =)

Last month, the latest appliance that we have bought is the room air-con. And this new air-con was just recently installed!

The Brand - GE

Since we were experiencing too much heat this summer due to the El Nino phenomenon, we decided to buy an air-con for our room. Its purpose also is not only to cool ourselves but to cool our important appliances as well!

And this is what we bought, a GE (General Electric) bran air-conditioner!

Installation of the Air-Con Frame

Doing the Wiring and Electrical

This a 0.75 hp air-con suited to cool a room. This air-con has a modern design. There is no water-leaking in this unit every time you use it so you don't have a problem of putting hose to it for any water drops!

We installed it in our sala. Hmmm...why in the sala and not in our bedroom?! Well, it is because our important appliances that needs to be cooled like our Sony Bravia LCD TV and our LCD flascreen PC were all in our sala! Some other time, we will also bought air-con for our bedroom!

We asked a carpenter to construct an air-con frame in our window. Also another man do the wirings and electrical for our unit.

Covering the Spaces Around Using Insulation

Pre-Final Design!

The construction and welding of the air-con frame started from 9 a.m. 'till 3 p.m. The circuit breakers and an exclusive switch solely for the unit was also done within this time.

To prevent the cool air from coming out, the side of the window's open space were filled with the silver insulation foam coil! Afterwards, the air-con was successfully installed!

As you can see in the last image, this is how our installed unit looks like. It was not yet fully designed. My mom with put other more decorations to it such as window and air-con curtains! Don't worry because this is only my first part of featuring our air-con unit. On the next part of my post, I will let you see the decorated air-con in our wall. For now, I just told you the installation process of our unit!

So see you next time on your next visit here in our home! Feel cool with our newly air-conditioned home...! C",)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh My Pussy!

Many were amazed by this cutie pussycat! After I let you see how she attacked our kitchen, well, I will let you also see how this black pussy pussy actively play in our home.

As we all know, picture speaks a thousand word, but for my Miming, this speaks a million more! Look at her doing...

Hey hey hey pussy, what are you doing in my bag? Hmmm...I think she smells food on it because my work bag has a lots and lots of foods for my lunch, snack and merienda!

But wait pussy, you're definitely wrong! All the foods there were gone, hehehe! I already ate them. Just like you...'matakaw din ako', hehehe! Sorry Miming!

How tame Miming is! Although she's an actve cat to have, she is also kind to her boss like me. Well, if you're always like that...I will reserve foods for you. So that anytime that you will atack my bag, you can get more foods hehehe! c",)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Invasion of our Home I: 'The Sala'

We're already one month in our new home. We had just transfered last April 18. And now we're enjoying our new place, more relaxing, more cool one!

And to give you the benefits, I will allow you to invade our home. Yup, you have the right to view some of the portions of our home! c",) Be the first to see it! C'mon. Let's go.

First of all, I will tour you in our Sala. How does it look? Will you like it?

Here is our brand new sala set. Do you like the color? Well, we prefer to choose green because green is a relaxing color. The color green relieves stress and fatiques. I love to sleep there. It gives me a cooling breeze.

Beside the sofa is our side table. Our telephone was in it. So whenever I talk to the other line from a long time, it doesn't anymore makes me tire. Beside the phone is the flower base together with my Graduation photo frame and the small mini-statue of Saint Joseph!

How do you like your first invasion? Do you love it? You are free to give comments and suggestions! Well, more portion of our house will be reveal soon. So stay tune! c",)

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