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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Picture During the Advance Celebrity Screening of 'Walang Hanggan!'

This is one of the many pictures taken during the advance special screening of the much-anticipated teleserye "Walang Hanggan:"

The event was held last Saturday, January 14, 2012 at Cinema 6 of SM Megamall!

The event was star-studded! The main characters of the story were present during the said event! And of course, lots of fans and people were present!

On my next post, I will share with my pictures together with the stars I have mingle with during that said star starry night! Cool! c",)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Picture Story 7: Chinese New Year Tree

Yesterday afternoon, walking around in SM Valenzuela to make a balance inquiry in my account, I saw this thing and it attracts me:

I don't exactly know what this thing is? I don't know how we can call this? But one thing I'm sure, it's a Chinese thing!

Yup, since we will celebrate Chinese New Year this coming Sunday, the purpose of this thing is for the celebration!

How can we call this thing? Is it a Chinese New Year Tree or a Chinese Christmas Tree? Which of the two better fits the name of this red Chinese thing?

And looking in that tree, for me it symbolizes fortune and prosperity for the coming of the new year! If I'm not mistaken, it is all intended for a good luck and for a lucky charm!

So, before we all say Kung Hei Fat Choi, let us give this thing a better name! See yah! c",)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yuletide Symbols IV: "Gold or Red Christmas?"

One week more to wait before the year's greatest celebration! Everyone of us are excited...but of course many were really, really busy!

Christmas is in the air! We can feel it, we can hear different Christmas songs, and of course, we really see it! Speaking of seeing the Christmas, it is associated with the different colors! But have you asked yourself what is really the color of Christmas?

Well, welcome to the fourth part of my Christmas special for this year! Like the previous three, here are the pictures taken from the Christmas displays in SM Mall, Makati using my digital camera mobile phone!

Gold...Red...?! Which of these two colors best represents Christmas?!

Gold Labels....

Gold Planted Around the Corner!

Building a Golden Christmas Tree...Wow!

Yup, the pictures above show how gold is associated in Christmas. Sparkling, shinny, shivering...these how gold symbolize the season.

But if there is gold, next inline with this are silver and bronze. This group represents the brightness and shinning of Christmas!

But then, there is also shinny red, blue, and green next to the first three!

Well, what can you say on the images above? Did gold really supports Christmas celebration?!

A Brittle Red Christmas!

Oh What A Red Christmas Fruits!

Red Balls...Will You Like?!

Red, Red, Red Around The Corner!

And now let's go to the most popular color of Christmas...the red!

Of course all of us were familiar with Santa Claus' robe. It is well-wrap with red color! Even his dwarfs, reindeers, and is the primary color!

Try to rotate your eyes on the decors around you. Red is all around when yuletide season comes! You could see red Christmas trees, red parols, a red poinsettia which is known as the flower of Christmas, red Christmas sock, red candies, etc.! Red really dominates the yuletide season!

Now if I were to ask you, which will you prefer a gold or red Christmas?! But of course I know that you are dreaming of a white Christmas just like me! Hahaha! And all of us never ever want to have a blue Christmas!

You are now free to give your points and suggestions! Red or's your choice! c",)

Happy Holidays!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Yuletide Symbols II: "Angels of Christmas!"

Do you ever wonder why there is always an angel on top of every Christmas tree? Hmmm...I am also thinking of that same question! Usually, if not a big star on the top of the Christmas tree, an angel takes the place of the star!

Hello guys! It's 21 days to go before the grandeur Christmas eve! Merry Christmas in advance! Again, let's have a quick yuletide tour!

Angels...they were really lovely and beautiful! They were also part of the so-called Christmas spirit!

For now, I have with you the different beautiful faces of Christmas angels taken from my digital camera mobile phone.

White Angel With Santa and Snow

Blended with Red and Yellow...!

Red Angel for the Red Christmas!

Previously, I shared with you my first yuletide symbol same taken from my mobile phone. Almost everybody loves the different Christmas trees that I had presented. Each of my readers casts their own bets on the different bleeds of Christmas trees.

Now, another casting of bets! This time, on the different angels of Christmas...the most beautiful symbol of the yuletide season!

Well, on these pictures above and below, which is your type? Which do you love most? Who's the fairest, who's the most beautiful?!

They were also taken on the same date when I took photos of the different Christmas trees. Again, they were on every corners of the SM Makati Mall!

Just what I have promised, my yuletide presentation is a five-part long special. I classified each post based on their kinds. The first one were the groups of Christmas trees, now here on the second part are the different faces of angels. The third, fourth, and fifth...well SECRET for now! Hahaha...!!! Just wait and see!

The Angel of Purity!

Filipiniana Look!

Of Grandeur and Beauty in Gold!

Green and Blue for Your Blue Christmas!

Seeing them on the displays, I really got attracted! They were just like the beautiful ladies passing, roaming, and walking around the corner! With the fairest face, light-tone complexion, and gorgeous looks, tell who won't get attracted!?

As you can see, their designs and arrangements were cool and pretty. Glamorous! Inspiring! Ladies and faces of the Christmas night!

But wait, they were truly expensive! Hahaha...! Looking at their tag prices, their costs were as beautiful as them! The prettier, of course the higher the price!

Do you have an idea why they became one of the icons of Christmas? Do they have a more significant part that I didn't know on the night the Christ was born besides singing songs of joys!? Could you share some of the stories about them?

Again, take a quick look on each of the angels above! Now, do you already have your choice? If you were to buy one of them, which will you prefer!?

Hayz...thanks to my mobile phone camera. Without it, I couldn't give you such gorgeous images like this!

Well, it's a bye-bye time now! Hope you enjoy the second part of my Christmas Special! But I will really appreciate if I could hear your thoughts and ideas about them! See you once again on my third part...!!! You will love it...Hohoho! c",)


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yuletide Symbols I: "Oh My Christmas Trees!"

It's Christmas Season once again...!!! Yepeey!!! Many were really, really jolly for the coming of this once in a year celebration. The longest celebration ever!

Truly Christmas is in the air! Oops...23 days to go before the birthday of Christ Jesus!

I roamed around the different malls. Inside and outside the malls, you will truly feel the spirit of Christmas. Out of joy and curiosity, I took different pictures of the different Christmas displays in the mall. And here are what I got! But wait, this is only the Part 1 of my month-long Christmas Special here in your favorite site.

Let us start with the every homes favorite, the Christmas Trees!

Red Christmas...!

Our Traditional Green Christmas Tree!

What An Orange Christmas Tree...Is It A Japanese Tree!

What can you say on these photos? Yeah, these were taken using my mobile phone camera! According to my officemates, my mobile camera is really great! It gives me a very good shots. The colors and appearance of all the pictures I've took were all catchy and attractive!

Now let's go back to these Christmas trees! Which of these were cool and attractive to you? Which do you like most?

Take again another glance!

A Tree With Brilliant Decors...

Just Plain and Simple!

Tree For White Christmas!

To be exact, these Christmas trees were taken in SM Makati three weeks ago. It was a Saturday morning and I need to buy something in the mall. Since it was too early, the mall didn't yet allow the people to go upstairs. They just let the people in the ground floor of the mall where the groceries and food courts were located.

So to avoid boredom, I walk around the different Christmas displays. I got attracted to the cute and cool yuletide displays so I took photos of them!

Go Green...!

A Violet Tree!

A Blue Tree For Everyone With A Blue Christmas...!

For my initial post, here with you are the Christmas trees! Christmas trees are really a traditional part of every homes during Christmas. Not only here in the Philippines, the popularity of Christmas trees reign around the world!

Look at the different photos of Christmas trees. They all came in different varieties. They vary and they suit depending on the locations. Every countries, every homes around the globe, they all proud to have their own Christmas trees!

Hmmm...if I were to ask you, what breed or type of Christmas tree do you love? Are you contented with our traditional green tree? Or you are inline with the white xmas tree? Or you are so creative that you put your own designs in the tree? Well, you are free to give your thoughts! you enjoy our first yuletide trip? Do you like these Christmas tree photos? Our Christmas would not be complete if there were no Christmas trees around! See Yah on the next part...!!! c",)

Pizza Night!

Last Sunday, we had a short pizza party in our house. It was actually very late at night say 11:00pm in the evening right after our dinner.

How did it came to be a pizza party? And why did it took very late at night? Well, join me as I share with you this short experience!

Oops...Could You Get Some?!

Slices of Pizza Supreme With Iced-Cold Coke...!...Ooh!

My original plan with my mother last Sunday was to go shopping on the nearby SM Hypermarket. But before doing so, I decided to pay my credit card on the SM's Payment Center.

The line was too long. There were many people paying. It took me almost an hour to be next on the counter. Bad trip! When it was already in my turn, the cashier's POS eventually turned down! It suddenly stopped due to unexplainable error! Another one hour consumed my time! The worst thing was that, the problem cannot be resolved even an IT personnel was already there! The cashier begged apology for all of us. All the people including me were very, very angry!

This situation forbids us from shopping. Yeah, it was almost 9:00pm in the evening and the mall was nearing its closing time so no more time to shop!

My mom and I decided to went in the food court. We had in mind to bought foods for the dinner. We bought ready to eat foods. Afterwards, oops...we both looked at our side. It was Fat Boys Pizza house! Both of us decided to buy a big carton of pizza! What more that during that night, the store was giving a free 1.5 liter of coke for every big pizza that we will buy. Great! We then decided to come-out a small pizza party in our house!

And so after dinner, we rest for a while before eating the next stuff! Actually we got bored on that night because we waited for a long time to watch the 23RD Star Awards for TV. The show started very, very late at night. 11:45pm to be exact!

While waiting, we were having fun eating slices of huge pizzas with an iced cold glass of coke! Of course, Pan De Manila breads were also on our side!

Oh, very sorry for my pictures above! I forgot to took image of the whole pizza. I was busy eating that night before I remember to take photos! Left in the carton and in our table were left-over pizzas! How could I share them with you...?!Hahaha...! Well, hope you enjoy my little story which happened on a pizza night in our home...! See Yah!!! c",)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Billboard Prince

I am so glad and flattered. After three typhoons destroyed almost all the billboards nationwide, the new day has come for me. Yeah, my very first billboard was already launched!

And what's the good thing...? Well, it was launched not only here in our country but worldwide! I can't believe it! I'm so very happy to see them spread around the world! And besides, even my fans and other people 'round the globe were looking and get inspired with my billboards!

I know you're also too! So it's your privilege now to take a look with some of my first billboards. Here they are...Enjoy! c",)

My Billboard in Paris...Fans Love It Much!

The Wall In The Mall

Do I Have Stalker In London?

SM Mall Of Asia or Glorieta...My Billboards Widely Spread

Oh, Even In One of the Town in this Country, I Have My Billboard!!

Even In Parking Lot in U.K...They Got Me!

Well, what can you say? Do you love them? Or you got inspired? Great! So, you're one of my many fans! Don't worry, some other times when we met, I will sign your autograph!

What can you suggest? Actually it's my first time to have a billboard posted worldwide. after its success and worldwide acceptance, I will have the succeeding ones! So watch out for that!

By now enjoy, have fun, and get inspired seeing my very firsts! You may also grab a copy and post it in your bedrooms or work areas!'s really great to be a model! Next time, more billboards and endorsements to come. I assure you, more skins will be exposed! c",)

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