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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Preview of the 2018 Starbucks Planner

It's the time of the year once again to gather your friends and collect stickers for the Starbucks Planner. And yes just like you, my collector's mode is on. Me and my friends will be having more coffee breaks for this most anticipated yearly tradition.

So what do we expect for this year?! Well, Starbucks 2018 Planner  with two designs and with two sizes. Green and violet are the themes of this year's designs. Check them out below:

This year edition of the Starbucks Planner is inline with its 20TH Anniversary Celebration.

The collection of stickers started on the first week of November. Once more, we need to collect 18 stickers - 9 stickers for the regular drinks and 9 for the Christmas flavors to complete and exchange them for the prestige planner. 

I have my sticker collection with their new Christmas flavor, the Vanilla Yogurt:

For this one, I got 4 stickers (because I also get the stickers from three of my friends who joined me in this coffee break Hihi).

And of course, I grabbed my chance to have a selfie with my first day of collection:

And later this morning, I will have my breakfast in Starbucks for another sticker!

Will keep you posted on the progress of my collection. Hopefully just like the previous years, I can get my SB Planner at the end of November!

Let the Starbucks Planner 2018 craze begins! 11/07/2017 (Bits of Rocks)

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

My Starbucks 2017 Planner

Since 2013, it's always my tradition to collect the Starbucks stickers for the Starbucks Planner. It's already a hobby of many of us. And I've joined the bandwagon.

I'm a coffee lover nor a coffee drinker. But during the season of collecting the Starbucks stickers, I'm  one of those staying in the coffee shops and buying my favorite frappucino. The hobby of collecting the SB Planners from 2013 to 2016 gives me now a total of 4 Starbucks Planner.

And below is my recent 2017 Starbucks Planner: 

Having a Selfie with my Starbucks Planner 

Just like last year, the 2017 SB planner comes in two designs.  This year, they are the green mermaid and the white coffee stain. I've chose the white coffee stain for a change!  

Yeah, this year's planner is better and more beautiful than last year's. The cover is wrapped with silk. And it comes with a cool pouch and a white pen eraser.

The 2017 Starbucks Planner Inclusion

I've got my planner on the first week of December 2016, a result of drinking frappucino everyday. You need to collect 18 stickers  - 9 Christmas flavors and 9 ordinary. And everytine I got a sticker, a posted a selfie moment in the shop. 

As 2017 started, I've started to write my schedules and my important moments on the first few pages.

Proud to Present the Fruit of my Patience in SB's Coolest Branch in Makati

This is now my 4TH Starbucks Planner! This is not only a planner or scheduler for me, it's also my personal diary, my scrapbook of my souvenirs, and my secret keeper! 

Are you excited like me addict in collecting a Starbucks Planner?! 01/26/2017 (RCB)

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Monday, December 14, 2015

In Black with Starbucks

The season of holiday also means a season of collecting stickers for the Starbucks planner for most of us (including yours truly). And yes, I am proud to say that I already completed the 18 required stickers and I already got my Starbucks 2016 Planner since last November.

But before I showcase with you my green planner, let me show you first one of my photo artworks during my coffee break in the said coffee shop:

Yes, everytime I have my favorite frapp in Starbucks,  I took different photos of my coffee together with my sticker holder and SB loyalty card in different angles. This is one of my ways to share my perseverance in collecting stickers for the planner.

In my next post, I will definitely share with you my Starbucks 2016 Planner. Stay tune! (RCB)

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

#ThrowbackThursday: The Starbucks Planners Then and Now

It's a season of Starbucks Planner once again! And yes I admit, yours truly is now an avid collector of this cool planner since 2013. This year will be my third time to get crazy in collecting stickers for this planner.

As I've told you in my month-opener post, I will share with you my daily coffee moment to gather those stickers for the planner. But before that, let's compare first the last year's Starbucks Planner versus the 2016 planner as part of our #ThrowbackThursday segment. Here they are:

The 2015 Starbucks Planner:

The 2016 Starbucks Planner:

Honestly speaking, last year's designs were far better than this year's. Agree?

The current designs were so simple. They were categorized into colors and sizes - 4 colors (white, green, black, and red) and 2 sizes ( 2 smalls and 2 bigs). The two smalls were thicker since pages were according to days while the 2 bigs were according to weeks.

But what made this year's designs different from the previous is that Starbucks collaborates with the Italian notebook brand, the Moleskine.

What more can you say about the last year and this year's designs?

One thing is sure... yours truly is up again to collect stickers to grab my new Starbucks 2016 Planner. And I will definitely keep you posted! (RCB)

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