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Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Long Hair Photos!

If you can't still get enough of my look in long hair, well I have two more photos to share!

Check out two more photos of me in my long curly hair:

This was right after our 2012 Company Christmas Party with a theme of "Black and White Masquerade Ball." It was taken in one of the prestige Coffee Shop.

Many said, "Bagay Sa'yo!" The long curly hair fitted me! Some says I look like an action star just like Jeric Raval! Other says, I look more as a Mexiconovela star like Mario Cimaro of "Passion De Amor" and "El Cuerpo (Body of Desire)"

How about you, what can you say about me appearing in long curly hair?! Do you like more seeing me in this kind of look?! (RCB)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Koreanovela Heartthrob!

This is my glamorous attire in our recently concluded Christmas party here in my new company! A very elegant look where everyone got amazed of!

They say I really look like a Korean heartthrob superstar! Some thought that I was a K-Pop rocker! My suit perfectly fits our theme! And all voted for me as the "Star of the Night!"

Actually I was really shinning that night! My hair was in Korean style. It was held hard by a wax and a spraynet with glitters! Yup, I was really shinning that night from hair to shoe! A shinning, shimmering, spledid Rocky!

I even asked one of my teammates to put an eyeliner to my eyes! "Kahit may kasakitan kase hindi ako sanay, tiniis ko" just for the sake of this once in a lifetime event! My very first Christmas party here in my new second home! =) And thanks God, "nagbunga din ang pinaghirapan kahit papano!""

And you wonder why I'm infront of the microphone up on the stage?! Yes, we performed! Each team will have their own team presentation. And we performed it live! And the result...the result is...we grabbed the first prize, a Php10,000 in cash! Great!

We're so happy that very night. Even though I failed to get the Samsung LCD 32" TV major prize, I'm still happy that we went home not empty handed! Our team got majority of the awards and giveaways from Male Best Dressed to minor prizes got by each of our teammates up to the Best Team Presentation! By the way, the two grand prizes were grabbed by our manager and by one of my teammates! Cool! c",)

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