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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Meeting Ping Medina's Brother, Alex Medina!

Since we're already talked about Ping Medina in my previous post, let us then take this opportunity to talk with the other Medina - Alex Medina. Yes, he is the brother of Ping and of course, the son of the veteran actor Pen.

Alex started his way in the showbiz industry via Indie Film. Last year, he won in the Cinemalaya as Best Actor via their Indie movie entry.       

Alex was also part of the movie "Iliw" joining his brother Ping. He played the character of Kaye Abad's younger brother.

Right now, Alex is seen in the hit Primetime TV series "Ina Kapatid Anak" playing one of Enchong Dee's kabarkadas.But his character will be very significant in the succeeding chapters of the teleserye!

Alex is also as talented as his brother and as his father. Pen, Ping, and Alex were truly great actors! "Like father like sons" as they say! (RCB)

Ping Medina Shares His Indie Film Experience!

He is the son of the veteran actor Pen Medina. He starred in the different Kapamilya TV series before particularly in "Tayong Dalawa" where he played the sidekick of Coco Martin. But he became popular when he portrayed the character of Tiyo Carlo, the kind and loving uncle of Mara and the secret-holder in the 2010 remake of "Mara Clara."     

Aside from TV, he even played different characters in the movie and in the different stage plays. Until last week, I finally met him in person as he starred in an exciting Indie Film.

Ping Medina is one of the two leading men of Kaye Abad in the historical film "Iliw" or "Nostalgia." During the red carpet advanced screening of the said movie in SM Megamall, I interviewed Ping about his latest Indie Film.

Ping narrated the highlights of his character in the film. His character was truly inlove with Fidela, the character of Kaye. But Fidela falls to the Japanese soldier.

According to Ping, "Iliw" is based on the true story set on the Japanese era. Because of the love between Fidela and the Japanese soldier, the City of Vigan was saved from tragedy! And yes, I witnessed that part on the movie. And that was truly tearful.

The movie was shot in the beautiful and in the rich place of Vigan, Ilocos Norte. The term "Iliw" actually means "nostalgia" in English.

Here is my video interview with Ping. Let's all watch this:

At the end of the movie, you can find yourself crying. The story was so touching. It will truly leave pain in our hearts specially when one character in the story sacrificed not only his love but also his life to save the person he truly loves!

And I now understand why the City of Vigan is still standing strong. Thanks for the true love! (RCB)

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