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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Empress and The Rock in the Video!

For the third time, I met the so-called "Empress of Drama," Ms. Empress Schuck! But for that moment, she is not suited for the said title. Indeed, she could be called as the "Horror Princess!"

She is now the newest "Horror Princess" because Empress already starred in two consecutive successful horror movies namely "Guni-Guni" and "Amorosa: The Revenge."

Our third meeting was during the Blog Conference of "Amorosa," another horror movie offering of Star Cinema which premiered on theaters last August 29. In the said movie, Empress plays the character of a ghost.

Aside from having our third moment photos together, me and Empress even got a cute video clip. And here how it goes:

Empress invited you to visit my blog sites namely "Bits of Rocks" and "TV Series Craze." On the other hand, I've invited all to watch their movie "Amorosa!" Cool!

I first met Empress during the premiere presscon of "Mundo Man ay Magunaw." I met her the second time around during the finale presscon of the said hit afternoon drama series!

Well, what can you say about our video?! Putting us together is truly a perfect match! c",)

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