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Monday, July 15, 2013

Rocky, Richard, and Marian!

Since  I've already shared with you our photos of Marian Rivera, for "My Lady Boss,"  let me share with you also the picture of the three of us!

Here are Rocky (me), Richard Gutierrez, and Marian Rivera:

This is just a teaser photo for now! On my next post, I'll share with you our complete photos now with Richard Gutierrez, our first moment together! So stay tune! (RCB)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

'The Avengers' Movie Date!

"The Avengers" is the first hit Hollywood movie of 2012. And this movie is another memorable movie to me!

Two weeks ago, I had a quality time watching this movie together with my ex-loveteam! Yeah, she was my College love team. And we agreed to watch that said movie together. And that movie served also as our reunion!

It was 2007 when we last saw each other. I graduated on that year while on the other hand, she was fulfilling her last year in college!

Our love story was inspired by the love team of Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez. In many ways, we were like them! =)

After we heard that Angel and Richard are set to be reunited in a new movie sooner this year, we didn't let ourselves left behind. Yeah, "nauna pa kami sa kanila magreunite!" Hahaha...!

We truly enjoyed watching this said movie together in a Last Full Show! So sad that I didn't brought my digicam on that time! "Sana I can share with you our photos noon at ngayon...!"

I'm looking forward to have another movie date with her...soon! c",)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5 Years Ago!

Yeah, it's already five years ago! Five years had passed! September 14, 2005 was the exact date!

Did you know that our love story was inspired by the love team of Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez?! Yup, we are just like Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez way back in College! She's Angel while I'm Richard! Our story also got the same path with Angel and Richard!

Just like our love story which is celebrating five years today, Angel Locsin is also celebrating her five years! Haha...she is also a shampoo commercial endorser for five years! She's a 'Head and Shoulder' girl for five years now!

I like her new 'Head and Shoulder' shampoo TV commercial saying, "5 years...5 years na akong walang dandruff"! Then me will say, "5 years...5 years na akong walang heartache"! Haha!

Angel and I were celebrating our own 5 years! Angel for her shampoo endorsement while me on my previous love story! But the only difference was that, Angel is still a shampoo endorser while me is not anymore endorsing our love team!

Just like Angel and Richard, their love team was not anymore visible! Their last moment together as a pair was during this Shampoo Commercial! And I really love that commercial! I feel that I'm still together with my former love! Haha...!

Here, I have with you the Shampoo Commercial photo of Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez! In that picture, I see myself hugged by my love! Yeah, I could still imagine we were still together! Hala...sabi 'moved on' na daw! Bakit may ganun...?! Yup, I already 'moved on'! I just like to celebrate or commemorate our 5 years! Is there's something wrong?!

Again and again, I would like to say, "I remember the girl but I don't remember the feeling anymore..."! C",)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Romances!

Time is really so fast! We couldn't imagine that we are now once again in the start of the first BER month, the month of September!

September, September, oh September...! What is the significance of this month to me?! What is so important about this month?

Did you know that the month of September speaks two love stories to me?! Yup, two love affairs that started in this month of September!

The first one was my first love in 1999 while the other one was my longest ran love story which started in 2005!

Two romances that started in the month of September...! Two unforgettable love stories that really marked my heart! Which of the two would you prefer?

In September 19, 1999, I met my first love. I was a fifteenth-year third year high school student when I feel the strength of 'first love'! Though I already fell in love during my grade 5 year, this one was the strongest! Maybe because I'm already in the adolescence stage. I'm on my third year while she's in her fourth year! We met during our Philippine History Quiz Bee Contest!

Another love story started in September 14, 2005. Perhaps it was the longest as it took more than one and a half year! It was also the most phenomenal, a very huge hit! yeah we were so popular! Our love story was inspired by the telefantasya "Mulawin"! We took the role of Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin! I first met her during our school cheering competition wearing orange! After that moment, my heart was turned upside-down!

Now that we were again in the month of September, let's have a quick look back! Let's give ourselves the time to reminisce those biter-sweet moments! These two September romances are my two 'major, major' offers to you for this month! Which of the two will you love more?! Which of the two is really unforgettable?!

And of course since we are talking of love stories, maybe I can also share with you my other love stories beside these two September romances! And expect more other surprises! So very exciting...!!! I know you really can't wait on this! Great! C",)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Movie Replay!

It's been 5 years from now when this movie of Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez became a huge hit! You know that before, I really hate this movie and the 'chardgel' love team since they were both Kapuso (knowing that I'm a certified Kapamilya). But I didn't know, eventually, I will love this love team very much. Yup, because they really symbolize my longest ran love affair in college! This movie as well as the other Angel-Richard movies reflects our love story!

Though I really very much recovered from that 'Mulawin' like love affair in college which started on the 14th day of September 2005, the whole thing flashes on my mind when I watched again this move last Sunday night. GMA-7 replay this movie via their SNBO (Sunday Night Box Office) TV program.

Hmmm...Do We Have a Kissing Scene Like This?!

Look At Their Clothes, They Were Like the Clothes We Wear!

I can't explain what I feel that night! Am I still feeling 'kilig'? Am I falling inlove again with the same person I loved 5 years ago? Or I'm just reminiscing the feelings and moments we had before?!

Just like this movie replay, "grabe...parang na-replay din ang pakiramdam..." Oops...but not that stronger! Just sparks of feelings smiled in my heart! "Habang pinanonood ko sina Angel at Richard, grabe...kaming-kami 'un!" The way they act, the way they showed their romance, we were like them before! OMG!

And look even the way they dress...yup, they were like us! If you can still remember how we dressed in college, we were like Angel and Richard! "As in, ganun na ganun..." "Yung mga sinuot nila dun sa movie na'to, nasuot na din namin...!"Haha!

Me, My Lover, My Bestfriend and Her Lover!

Oops...if Angel and Richard have their own best friends and sidekicks through the persons of Jennelyn Mercado and Mark Herras, "meron din kami.."! They were Marfe and Seth! Yeah, my bestfriend named Marfe was Jennelyn Mercado while her former love interest Seth Infante was Mark Herras! Great! Now we formed a double date, a double romance! I really missed this!

One of the best moments I remembered most between the four us was during the day that me, Marfe, Seth, and my lover were jammi'n together in our publication office. There were drums in our PA office. My lover and Seth were beating the drums like a band. Marfe and I both feel the ultimate 'kilig' hearing them playing the musical drums. Marfe even offered candies to them. While me just stayed in-front of the computer and enjoyed watching them! What a great moment that time! I really love it...! Superb emotions! Two pairs were combined just like in this movie.

In the movie, I love seeing the picnic scenes of these four people. They chase each other. I remembered then our moments. The words of my kontrabida EIC once registered on my mind saying, "kung sila naghahabulan sa park kayo (referring to us) nagpapa-picture sa garden...!"

And just like the role of Angel and Richard (Pia and Eric) in this movie, both of us gave rise to the so-called savior! Hmmm...who's the savior between the two of us?!

Truly, "Let The Love Begin" was one of the Chardgel movies that reflects our love story. "Nakikita ko sa unang pelikula na'to ang aming pinagsamahan..." No one can deny this...! "Napapangiti na lang ako habang naaalala ko ang aming nakaraan...!!!C",)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fantaserye Heroine

Alwina, Darna, Sabina, Gabriela, Lyka...!

All of them were the superhero you always love. The action-fantasy heroine that once saved your life and romance in the fantasy world! But all of them just denote one name!...and that is Angel Locsin!

A Job Well Done As Darna

I Never Forget Angel as Alwina...Where All Started!

She started to soar being the half-human, half-bird Sugo in the hit series Mulawin as Alwina! At first I hate that Fantasy TV series since it was in my network's rival GMA-7. They aired it agains my favorite and the first Fantasy Series in ABS-CBN Marina!

But eventually, after September 14, 2005, I learned to love it! Yeah since the story of Mulawin very much reflects my longest running love story in collage entitled "I Love You _ _ _ _!"

And Alwina is my very own leading lady! Our love story was very much inspired by Mulawin! I need to fight for her! I need to save and protects her! I need to fight both for my love and my career!

This is My Remarkable Love Story In Collage

An Infatuation For A Time!

Right after Alwina, Angel still soar even higher now as Darna, the ever famous Pinay Superhero!

Well, I even admire Angel being Darna. She really fits this role. She got the perfect and sexy body that every man desires! She need to fight and save the mankind from the evil spirits! For me, Angel Locsin being Darna is the sexiest and most fitted Darna ever produced! Hope that one day, there is Darna that could save me!

Angel Is Still The Sexiest Darna Ever!

Aleks versus Angel!

The fight continues after Darna! She even got a superhuman power now being a majikera in Majika as Sabina! This time all of them were in a magical fantasy world!

Well, for this fantaserye, it just reminded me of my other crush in collage! She really loves fine arts! She could paint and loves photography! Wow...we are on the same frequency! I just wonder that one day she will paint me in all nude and naked!

I really missed this Fine Arts or Graphic Arts student. I used to text her before. She then replied with the words of God or inspirational message! I even call her last February 2008. But now I don't know if I have contact with her, I even tried miss calling her and her phone still rings. But she doesn't even texted me at all!

From Rival To Lovers

My First Love Story In The Corporate World

I have no more stories to tell Angel being Gabriela in Asian Treasure! But I had an infatuation with an Asian girl I met during my exchange student delegation. I just entitled it as Asian Dream in December 2005 just so happened that Angel did a similar action-fantasy series 'Asian Treasure' in January 2007!

Then after that, I salute Angel very much as she transfered in Kapamilya Network right after Asian Treasure. This time she has an even supernatural power now being a lady wolf in the smash hit TV series 'Lobo'. Now she was paired with Piolo Pascual, a dream tandem before since they were both on the rival networks!

For this one, it reminds me of my former schoolmate and officemate in my very first job in IT. It was my very first love story now in the corporate world! Our love story was such a light romance entitled as "Love As First Ride!"

Up to now though she's not a superhero anymore, rather a real-life fighter, Angel Locsin still symbolize my love life! She's a hot sexy lady that every man desire and wish to have. Whenever I see her on TV, commercial, magazines, and billboards, it just reminded me of all the love stories I had before! Of all the persons I loved, of all that I shared my life and love with...!!! Angel and I were both fighters for life and love! Hope to be paired with her someday! c",)

Monday, September 14, 2009


September 14 or simply say 914...! This when started all!

We are like Angel and Richard

She was Alwina, I am Aguiluz

Yup, it was September 14, 2005...exactly 4 years from now! I was a 4TH Year ECE student and the current Managing Editor of our school publication during that time. I never expect I could found the one that would replace the love I lost from Intramuros!

A Love Story Inspired By 'Mulawin'

It All Started In September 14, 2005

I was late from our Communication Engineering Class that time. It was already 1pm when I came from our school. Hurriedly, I go up the stairs running. Since our room was in the last corner of the 3rd Floor, I decided to walk straight ahead from the 2nd Floor. On the same time, our school was celebrating the Sportfest. Majority of the class were preparing for their game. Others were preparing for the cheering competition!

On the last room of the 2nd Floor where I walk on, I saw the students preparing for their cheering squad. They were the 3rd Year ECE students. Their costume for the said competition was a combination of orange-white. Their top dress was an orange sleeveless while a white pant below.

Unexpectedly, I saw someone on the door. Wow, she looks great! Her body was perfect! It very well suits her orange-white costume. I feel starstruck with her seeing her from head to foot! Then eventually, she looked at me then smile!! What a 'kilig' moment! I feel shy, I didn't know how to react! I just go up the stairs immediately! My heart beats faster that time! This was the most memorable late I had! I was so thankful I'm late. I knew at exactly same date, I found the one!

I really love this picture, our barkada...Me, Her, Marfe and Seth!

We Are The 'Hottest' Love Team in Our Time!

Our Love Story was Even Inspired by the First Angel-Richard Romance Movie

Thanks to our professor. He didn't continue our class since we had an Intrams. I hurriedly go down and promise myself I will find her! They were already on the stage to perform their cheering!

On the same time, our wicked Editor-In-Chief or should I say, Idiotor-In-Cheap announced that we had a meeting after class! She's kinda kill joy huh!! Well, together with my friends as well as the other 'bigaon' editors, we watched the cheering competition! Wow...I saw them dancing, but I failed to see her! Well, I promised to myself, our destiny will crossing the ways some other days!

Love Story Started Exactly Four Years Ago

Are We Going To Be Again?

I Remember in September...

This how my "Mulawin" like love story started! Why Mulawin? Well it is because, at first her face retained in my heart and mind having a nose like 'Aviona', one of the Mulawin character! I keep on looking for Aviona! Aviona and the color orange marked my heart and mind! Yup, I always seen her wearing orange in our collage!

Eventually, our love-story them evolved just like the hit story in 'Mulawin'! She's not Aviona anymore. Rather, she is now Alwina and me as Aguiluz! Our love story flies high in the sky!

Aftewards, our love team soar even higher! We are the hottest love team that time! It started in the publication, then it continue in our collage, then in ACSO or the Association of different school organizations, and take note...even outside the the National events! Wow! This was the time we emerged as Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez! We are the hottest stars! We are the most, the brightest, and the hottest love team ever produced!

Not only in "Mulawin", our love-story was then inspired by other Angel-Richard movies like the "Let The Love Begin", "Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di", and "I Will Always Love You"! Hmmm...will we able to do "The Promise"! Yeah, our love-story perfectly fits with the movies of Angel and Richard. Seeing the two of us, you're like seeing Angel and Richard! Actually one of our friends stated that we're like doing a Premier Night whenever they seen us!

We're Planning To Get Sexy and Daring Like in 'The Promise'

Perfect Combination

Now, September 14, 2009...all those things were passed! They were all in the memories. For one year and a half (take note, she was the longest love team I ever had!), I was fulfilled and satisfied! Pain, love, 'kilig', jealous, bitterness, happiness, and 'init ng katawan'...all of them we had! I feel them!!

Things were all in the memeories. A very good experience, a very well love-story ever made. I finally move-on! She's now out of my mind and heart! Thank you Lord, You gave me someone to love from September 14, 2005 up to March 31, 2007! All is over now!!!

September 14 or 914...Hope you learned from our love story! Angel-Richard love team is now signing off! It started in September 14, it finally ends in my mind, in my heart, and in my life in September 14! c",)

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