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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Enough is Enough for ISTQB Review!

Imagine these bulk of papers I'm reviewing for the ISTQB Certification exam! Yup, I read these reviewer printouts to pass the examination! And thanks God I did it!

Last Monday, September 10, 2012, we took the said certification exam in Amorosolo, Makati City. The four of us who were wearing red all passed the exam! We were all nervous before going to the examination place but suddenly turns all happy as we leaved the place!

Before I took the exam, I had a one week preparation. But it was on weekend when I had a full blast of review. I read all these printouts, study the principles stated, and answered the 500 ISTQB questions! I even got lack of time blogging because I was occupied by reviews.

I was so thankful now that I already passed one of the most difficult board exams I took. I am now waiting for our certification to be awarded on us 6 to 8 weeks from now.

Many thanks also to my company who shouldered the expenses for this international board exam. The amount of the examination worth $170 or more or less Php8,000.

Now I have the guts of training my co-workers since I am now a Certified Software Test Engineer! Great!

I kept all those reviewers in proper place. I cherished them more now that I passed the exam. Some other days, I may use them. c",)

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Conducted Process Review Training

After the success of my conducted training "Fusion", I was still task to conduct another one. Last March of this year, the month of my birthday, I conducted another training for my teammates. This is called "Process Review (Revisiting our very own Process)".

Well, as the title sugested, I trained my teamates or rather say, I refreshed them with the different process we always practice in our team.

Unlike my previous conducted training, hmm...this one seems to be serious, a quiet type. Well because I conducted it one hour before going home. So all my members have in their mind is to go home not to dissect the info of the training.

But then, like my previous stuff, I included graphical and animated effects on this training. Of course with a theme song! This time my theme song for this is "No Air"!

Though a serious one, all starts well and ends well! I will then conduct my other training on the other day. This time, the Repeat of Fusion for those who haven't attended yet. C",)

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