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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Got My Payments from My Paid Articles!

I'm thinking on where to get money within these days because right now, my salary for this month was on-hold since I'm already resigned. My salary from my new company will be given on the next next pay day.

Thanks God, I already got my payments from my paid articles. They were sent through my pay pal account. And this is the accumulated amount:

So sad that in every withdrawal done through Paypal, there's a deduction of $5. Seems that there is a withholding tax or a processing fee in every transaction.

I already got accumulative payments for three times now! Thanks to my advertisers! =)

Withdrawn Account

I'm Already Paid Three Times Now

Now I'm starting to receive new offers from advertisers. Hope that I can still focus on blogging next week since I'm going to start anew in my new company! So exciting! c",)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Got My Union Bank Blog Earnings!

This is the latest amount I got from my income generating blogs:

I received my payments through my Pay Pal linked to my Union Bank. Advertisers paid me in dollar but when you withdraw the amount, it will be automatically converted to peso.

For the third quarter of 2011, I received an overall blog payment total of Php9,555.23.

I'm very thankful now that my blogs return me earnings! They were now bearing fruits for me! Wow! c",)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Third Adsense Payment!

Here we go again! Thanks God, I once more received another Adsense Payment! This time it's my third!

Yeah, this is my third received payments from my Google ads! And this third payment is the highest!

Here are details of the said payment. Take a look at them:

Yup, this is the highest Adsense payment I received so far! The payment is amounting to $179.50. Or in Philippine peso, I received a total of Php8,420. Great!

As a standard process, I redeemed my payment in our nearest Western Union outlet! I got it on the last day of July!

Just like I always do, I save my money in my bank! But of course I share some to my mother and brother! I gave Php500 to my brother while Php1,000 to my mom! I even gave another Php2,000 to my mother to buy our new gas stove!

At the end of July, my Adsense earnings closed at $99.14! And for sure by the end of September, I will get another payment when the amount reach a minimum of $100! Yippee!!! Of course, I will share it with you to give you inspiration!

Alright guys, 'till next time of another Adsense Payment counting! More to come! c",)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Counting Down My Blog Earnings Last 2nd Quarter of 2011!

My blogs now are like golden geese who were laying golden eggs. Just like trees, there are now grown and giving me sweet fruits! They are giving me extra income right not!

It's like a harvest time last second quarter of 2011 (April - June). "Panahon ng anihan...anihan ng pera!" I already harvested the fruits of my blogs! They already bear fruits for me! They already laid golden eggs for me!

I like to summarize the income I received last quarter from my blogs. Yup, not included on this are the previous ones I received from January to March 2011.

So here are my income from different accounts of my blogs:

My Second Google Adsense Payment

My Accumulative Payment from Paid Posts

Another Ads Payment in Philippine Pesos

My New Paid Posts Account Payment

To sum up all these payments last second quarter, I have $122.41 plus $101.40 plus $50.40 and Php2,150.56. Do the honor of adding! =)

Just this month, I registered to two new income generating ads for blogs. One is a pop ad while the other one is a revenue generated from traffics.

And by the end of July, I will receive another Google Adsense payments, my third payment through Western Union! Yipee! The said incoming payment closed at $179. Don't worry, I will share with you that said income when I received it at the end of the month!

Once more, I hope I inspired you with my blogs! Until next time of financial statement of earnings! c",)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My First Google Payment for My Blog Ads!

Finally last week, I got my first blog payment from Google Adsense! Yippiee!!! I got the money through Western Union!

Here's the exact amount of my first earning in US dollar as well as the statement of my earnings from Google. I darken some of the important information in the statement of earnings for privacy reasons!

I Received My Payment Through Western Union

My Statement of Earnings

My first total accumulated earnings from all my blog sites is $108.73. When converted to Philippine peso, it becomes Php4,733.11!

Every end of the month, I will be paid by Google for all the Ads posted in my blogs provided that my accumulated earnings reach the minimum amount of $100.00. If my earning in a particular month is less than one hundred US dollar, that said earning will be carry over next month. In my case, those earnings were from last months of 2010. My earnings just speed up when my blog sites like TV Series Craze and The Rock Land become so popular and receive so many hits and visits!

Did you know that I suppose not to receive that said payment?! Yup, it's because I used a different payee name in my adsense account. Instead of "Rocky" as my first name, I used "RQA". And I can't anymore change my payee name! Hayz...can you suggest how can I change my payee name since Google didn't allow me to do so?!

When I'm about to receive that said payment in Western Union Trinoma branch, the teller didn't allow me to get the money since the payee name is different from the IDs I have presented. They instructed me to call the main Western Union branch. Thanks God that in our branch in SM, after further explanation to the teller, I finally got the fruits of all my blog sites! =)

I really inspired with these earnings! Imagine while you are enjoying developing blogs, you are earning at the same time! Nice!

Right now I'm my way of receiving my second Adsense payment. But aside from this, I have also other income generating blogs. Thank you all my dear readers by avidly following and visiting the Rock's Blog Network! Expect to read more and more interesting topics from me! c",)

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