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Friday, January 18, 2019

Watch: The Mercury Drug Planner 2019 Unboxing and Review

Tired of collecting and using the different coffee shops' planners over and over again every year?! Well, why try something?! Let's try a planner from a drugstore!

Have you heard of the Mercury Drug Planner? Yes, Mercury Drug, one of the leading drugstore in the country also have their very own planner called as the Mercury Drug Joyful Daybook. And yes, these planners or journals were as cool as your favorite coffee shops' planners!

For the very first time, I have collected this type of planner. Unlike of the coffee shops' journals which will let you buy their drinks to get the stamps or stickers, in this Mercury Drug planner, you can own one if you have your Suki Card. You can avail of one Joyful Daybook by only 36 points.

The content of the Mercury Drug Planner is also as cool as your coffee shops' planners. It contains interesting activities which involve fitness, wellness, and healthy living! Sounds great isn't it?!

To know more about the Mercury Drug 2019 Planner or Mercury Drug 2019 Joyful Daybook, watch my unboxing and review vlog below:

Yes, for this year, the Mercury Drug Planner has 4 colors - Red, Yellow, Purple, and Blue. And since I have lots of Suki Card Points, I avail of the three colors!

Here are more glimpse of these cool joyful daybook:

Other characteristics of these Mercury Drug planners include its lightweight compared with the coffee shops' planners, handy, and more convenient to carry anywhere.

So if you failed to collect stickers or stamps for your coffee shops' journals, you nay grab these planners  if still available on your Mercury Drug branch. 01/18/2019 (Bits of Rocks)

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