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Monday, May 9, 2016

May 2016: "Change is Coming"

Are you ready for the coming out of the new day? "Change is Coming," the trending topics nowadays!

This month of May, we'll not focus ourselves on election or any political topics. Insteads, we'll be dealing with our own changes and personal growth. How are we on the past few days?! As we stepped on the second quarter of 2016, can we assess ourselves on how far we've already reached?!

So for this month, join me as we embrace the changes in our lives. Measure our own success and achievement and ready ourselves for the next challenges. Go on and fight! (RCB)

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

May 2014: "More Fun, Travels, and Adventures on the Way"

Summer is not yet over. The heat of the sun continues to dominate the earth! And since summer is not yet concluded, I'm ready for more fun, travels, and adventures coming on my way this month of May 2014!

Yes, if the months of March and April marked birthdays and celebrations, this month of May on the other hand is set for travels and adventures!

For this month, I will be very busy navigating the other parts of the country. We are all set to visit the beautiful places of Nagsasa Zambales and Puerto Galera. We will even have a swimming ala-Dyesebel in the famous Manila Ocean Park. Yup, I will share all these coming adventures to you via this blog.

Aside from these said travels, I will also join in other events particular the the fun run, my very first major running event!  

I'm kinda excited for all these things coming up this month of May! So stay tune for the coming fun, travel, and adventures here in this blog. (RCB)

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 2013: "Starting Something New"

We are now on the month of May. Yes, time is really fast! And because we are too busy with the different commitments that we have, we didn't notice the changing of dates in the calendar! And speaking of change, this month speaks of lot of changes!  

Yup, there is really a great change that took place in the early part of May. And thanks God, it's a good change! It's getting better now! And I'm starting a brand new! 

The month of March and April for me was not that good. Even though I celebrated my birthday and blog anniversary on the month of March, I faced unusual trial wrecking my path. But still, I kept strong and fighting therefore I am now on the better hands!   

I will not yet reveal those exciting changes and happenings in my challenging life but later on you will all know! But still, I will keep on sharing and posting here some of those great things for you to have an inspiration.

This month of May, expect to read more new events and encounters with the brightest stars. Of course, the 5TH Blog Anniversary celebration of Bits of Rocks continues. More greetings from the different celebrities were yet to be posted! 

So get ready for the brand new start! Let's embrace May, let's embrace change, let's embrace the coming of the great good things! (RCB)  

Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 2012 - "A Welcome to a Brighter Month!"

Time is really so fast! I didn't noticed that we are now stepping on the 5th month of the year, the month of May!

I'm so busy within the past months. Maybe you noticed that I rarely post here in The Rock Land. My schedule is too hectic - for career, for work, for extra-curricular activities, and for love life!

But busy means opportunity to me! My busy hours spell success in different aspects, in different fields! And these things are the stuffs that I'm going to share this month of May!

But still, expect for more exciting and surprising posts to come this busy month of May! Cheers for our success! c",)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 2011 - "Tasting The Fruit of My Labors!"

We are already on the fifth month of the year, the month of May! And talking about the month of May, the first thing that comes on our mind is the word 'labor' since we always celebrate "Labor Day" every first day of May!

We didn't actually felt Labor Day this year since it fall on Sunday. No holiday! It's one regular day!

But this month of May for me is another time to taste the so-called "fruits of my labor"! The products I worked hard for!

If last month, last April, I celebrated the anniversaries of my blogs, this month of May, it's time to taste the fruits of these blogs!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...this is the month where I can received my next Adsense payment! The second payment of my ads in my blogs. Nice! What more, I can finally withdraw now the other payments of my paid posts!

Aside from these, May also speaks of our 13th month pay. Yup, the first half or the 5/12 months of our 13th month pay will be given this month!

But then talking about my office work, I'm not that happy! Just like the recently concluded Labor Day which was not actually felt, my merit increase didn't made me satisfy! It seems negligible to me! The excellent work and job-well done I have performed last 2010 is not proportion to my merit! Grrrr....

Well, still there are other more reasons to be happy! If I'm sad with my merit, I'm very much happy with my blog earnings and with the performance of my blogs! These things truly motivated me!

So let's embrace this month of May and expect for other more exciting surprises to be published here in the one and only The Rock Land! c",)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hot May: The Summer Outings and Election Special!

May this year is really a one hot month! Two hottest things are going and about to happen. Are you ready for these two hot things?!

Well, these two things are my special features for this month! What are those? Why did they make the month of May even hotter? Wanna know them? Here they are:

The Hot 2010 Election

The Hot Summer Outings

After you learned and enjoyed the anniversary special of the history of my blogs series last April, let's unwind for a while and feel hot!

My first offer for this month is all about the 2010 election. One week to go before the much-awaited presidential election. So expect that I will feature some election related post. But don't feel nervous or tired about election news 'coz in my upcoming posts, I will feature the funny side of election. It's more about humor on election! Let's counter-attack the heat of this election as I put laughter on it!

The second one is all about summer outings! Every summer season, all of us really feel fun under the sun with the different summer outings we have. Like in my case, I have different outing lineups to join. One was our recently concluded company outings in the beach of Batangas while others are the upcoming team outing in either Laguna, Cavite, or Bulacan, the outing together with my former publication family, and the cool get-together reunion with my college 'Biagaon Barkada' in Puerto Gallera! I can't promise that I could join them all. But it's sure that I will make special feature about these hang-outs!

So excited to be in The Rock Land this month of May? I know you really are! Expect also that I will feature some of my past cool summer trips which happened on the previous years!

Feel hot, hot, hot this May as we unfold these two hot stuffs! Enjoy! C",)

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