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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Stars Who Greeted Me on My 2019 Birthday

My birthday is over. But yes, it was indeed another star-studded one! So for today, allow me to share with you their sweet and inspiring birthday messages to yours truly.

If I had Angel Locsin, Dennis Trillo, and Vilma Santos on my previous birthday greetings, who do you think are the stars who greeted my 2019 birthday?

Well, here is my inspiring birthday video compiling the celebrities who greeted me on my special day. Let's watch this out:

Once more, a word of thanks is not enough for all these inspiring messages. Thank you very much guys! Until my next birthday celebration! 05/15/2019 (Bits of Rocks)

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Birthday with TRD

This year, I also celebrated my birthday with my running team, the Team Run Direction (TRD). 

During our summer outing in Bagac, Bataan last March 20, the team surprised me with a birthday cake.

Yup, me and my co-TRD member Jojo celebrated a birthday with me since our birthdays were both in March - me in March 19 while him in March 28. (RCB)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 2015: "Embracing My Busy Month"

March is my month! This is the month of my birthday at the same time, the birth month of this blog  "Bits of Rocks."

But aside from these two most important dates in this month of March, did you know that majority of the dates were fully booked?

Well, let's take this post as a schedule of all the things which makes my month so busy! Here are some of the dates to take note for the month of March 2015 in a personal perspective:

March 1 - The 4TH AmCham ScholaRUN
March 1 - Ateneo Run for Your Life 2
March 2 - My Father's Birthday
March 3 - Monthsary
March 4  - My Grandfather's Death Anniversary
March 5 - "Your Face Sounds Familiar" Grand Presscon
March 8 - Run United 1 (Morning)
March 8 - The 31st PMPC Star Awaeds for Movies
March 12 - AXN's "Asia's Got Talent" Premiere Launch (Morning)
March 12 - Jeff James Blogcon (Afternoon)
March 13-15 - Tree Top Adventures in Baguio
March 15 - Bits of Rocks' 7TH Year Blog Anniversary
March 15 - 7Eleven Run 1500
March 17 - Birthday Treat for EU Tean
March 18 - Birthday Treat for Friends
March 19 - My Birthday
March 20-22 - TRD Team Summer Outing
March 22 - Binyag of my new Goddaughter
March 28 - Metro Blogger Fashion Evolution

Other dates may be added or may change.

See how busy my month is! (RCB)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 2014: "A Month-Long Celebration"

March is my month! This is the month when yours truly was born! And aside from my birthday, this month also is the birth month of this blog, Bits of Rocks!

Last year, the whole month of March featured my birthday and this blog's birthday celebrations. You had witnessed different names from the celebrity world expressed their greetings for me and for my blog! Now this March 2014, expect for a much bigger celebration! 

This March, Bits of Rocks is turning 6 years. And also this month, I am also turning _ _ years old. :)

Where and when the celebrations are?! Well, watch out this month in my succeeding posts!

Aside from my birthday and my blog's birthday to be featured this month in this blog, expect also for more surprising topics! Feel excited? Definitely!  Let the celebration begins! (RCB)

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 2013: "Celebrating 5 Years of Blogging"

 March 2013 marks the biggest celebration of the year! Yes, this month marks my 5TH Year Blogging Anniversary! This site, the everybody's favorite blog site "Bits of Rocks"is now turning 5 years old this coming March 15, 2013.

Bits of Rocks could be termed as the "Mother of My Blogs" as it was my first blog site in blogspot where all started! Therefore, it deserves a grandeur celebration!
This March 2013 will be Bits of Rocks' month-long anniversary celebration! Expect that majority of my posts pertain to the 5TH Year anniversary of this blog. I'll share interesting facts and trivia about this blog as well as its success and inspiring story. And since this blog turns into a celebrity blog site, expect to see more stars and celebrities greeting this blog! And I will feature them all one by one. Cool!

Who do you think are the stars and celebrities who greet Bits of Rocks a Happy 5TH Year Anniversary? Well, find them out this month! Celebrity greeting pictures and videos will be coming out as part of Bits of Rocks' 5TH Blog Anniversary! Too exciting!

And of course, March is not only for blog anniversary. Another big celebration is coming up this March. And that is my birthday! Yehey, another year will be added to my age!

Some of the brightest celebrities already greeted me Happy Birthday in a video. And I will also share it with you as part of my birthday celebration. And did you know that there is a celebrity who has the same birthday with me? Yes, she is today's one of the hottest young stars and I'll reveal her in my succeeding posts!

March truly speaks of birthday celebrations! Two birthdays will be taking place this month of fire - my birthday and the birthday of this blog! But of course, I will be focusing with this blog's 5TH Year Anniversary rather than my own birthday!

Let the fire begin! Celebration is now commencing...! Watch out for a very exciting month-long celebration here in this blog! And please allow me to take this opportunity to be the first one to greet Bits of Rocks a "Happy 5TH Year Anniversary!" I am personally saluting this blog for staying strong and standing still for 5 solid years! (RCB)

Monday, March 12, 2012

March 2012 - "This is My Month!"

It's another month of March! And as everyone knows, March is my month! Well, do I need to elaborate it more?

Yeah, March is my birth month! This is so special to me since I was born during the month of fire! this the reason why I'm so hot?! Hahaha...!

Since this my my birthday month, I'll treat you once more with many exciting posts focusing on my self! Another up, close, and personal with the master of The Rock Land!

As my birthday treat, I will share with you some of my moments with the stars! Hayz, hope I can complete all since "sobrang dami ko na talagang nakasamang mga artista..!"

I'll share with you my star-studded life and other things you need to know about me! I will even open to you the pages of my love stories and success stories if time permits. =)

So let's embrace the month of March! Embrace me, hug me too tight, or kiss me with your kissable lips! Hehehe... Take care everyone! c",)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Up, Close, and Personal This March!

We're already on the first day of March! And of course, like we always do in every start of the month, I always give you a brief bird's eye view about my upcoming posts for each month!

If in January most of my featured posts were about starting 2010, tigers, plans and year ending and in February my top three main posts were all for love, fortune, and career, what do you think this March will be?

Well, try to glance the image below:

Not enough? Here's more! Take a look to the next more adorable and cuter pictures:

Now, do you get what it would be? Yeah, it's an Up, Close and Personal this whole month of March!

Get to know me more! See more pictures and pictorials of me! This month is all allotted to me! Why?

It is because, in accordance to the celebration of my birthday this coming March 19, The Rock Land will also celebrate. It's all about Rocky this March!

It's now your chance to get more closer to me! You can always follow me, get to know me, and date with me! Haha! I know you're really excited! =)

So, mark your calendar as I invade this month! And of course, don't forget to schedule our romantic dates! c",)

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