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Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Birthday!

Today is my day! This is another special day to me. Yup, this day is my birthday!

I want to thank all of you who joined me in this another great celebration of my life. Thanks for all the greeting! To all my good friends whom with me, whom away from me, and to all my online friends...I truly appreciate your greetings! Hayz...I truly got tired replying to more than 500 friends in my Facebook account greeting me a happy birthday and wishing me good lucks! But then, it all worth!

Another year is added to my age. But rather than getting shy about our age, we should be thankful for it since the Lord gave us another year of hope and chances!

Hope this year will be my another successful year! Thank you Lord for giving me this another year in my life! c",)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Cute Cat March Calendar!

Every start of the month, I collected different calendars featuring the current month and shared them with you in this site. I know I already shared with you my March calendars on my previous post.

I got another one! It captivated my attention because of her cuteness. Here she is:

Yup, she is a cat, a mother cat carrying a cute kitten. They were so nice and beautiful! I'm sure, Miming Negro will get jealous! Don't worry my Miming, I'll bring them to you to play with!

Have a prosperous month of March to all of you guys! This is my month...! c",)

Monday, March 12, 2012

March 2012 - "This is My Month!"

It's another month of March! And as everyone knows, March is my month! Well, do I need to elaborate it more?

Yeah, March is my birth month! This is so special to me since I was born during the month of fire! this the reason why I'm so hot?! Hahaha...!

Since this my my birthday month, I'll treat you once more with many exciting posts focusing on my self! Another up, close, and personal with the master of The Rock Land!

As my birthday treat, I will share with you some of my moments with the stars! Hayz, hope I can complete all since "sobrang dami ko na talagang nakasamang mga artista..!"

I'll share with you my star-studded life and other things you need to know about me! I will even open to you the pages of my love stories and success stories if time permits. =)

So let's embrace the month of March! Embrace me, hug me too tight, or kiss me with your kissable lips! Hehehe... Take care everyone! c",)

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