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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Meet Beep, the Unified LRT/MRT Card!

"One Card for All!" This is now applicable to the LRT / MRT card as they phased out the previous stored value MRT/LRT card and replaced the card entrance/exit passage.

The Light Rail Transit and the Metropolitan Rail Transit now introduced the new unified card named Beep.

Well unlike the previous card, Beep is reloadable. Yes, you can load whatever amount you want unlike the previous wherein the stored value amount was only 100 pesos max. This card is reusable. You will pay 20 pesos for the Beep card and load whatever amount you want. You can keep it until 4 years since the expiration of this card is up to 4 years.

And unlike the previous card, using it is so easy! You will just need to swipe it in the passage.

Now let's take an up, close, and personal look at this card below:

The Front Side of the Beep Card:

The Back Side of the Beep Card:

An Official Receipt Whenever You Load Amount:

You will Swipe the Beep Card in this Arrow and it Will Allow You to Pass:

Well if you don't feel to use this long-term  Beep card since you're not a regular LRT/MRT commuter for instance, the single journey card is also available. This is the white card with a label of Single Journey.

Since I'm a regular LRT/MRT commuter, I now have my own Beep card which I availed last month!

LRT Line 1 was the first one to use this Beep card since last week of August 2015. But starting this October 3, 2015, MRT and LRT 2 will also use this. Therefore if you have one Beep card, you can use it all in LRT 1, LRT 2, and MRT without any hassle of buying a different one! 

What can you say about this unified card? Did it elevate a solution to the usual LRT/MRT problem?! (RCB)

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Trip to Hell!

Last year, I've shared with you a post regarding my day to day MRT struggle! What's new?! Still the struggle continues and challenges risen up. I don't know where these people came from making all the sides of MRT entrance full!   

Well, if you think I'm only creating a fictional story or making excuses, think twice and put yourself in my shoes even for once! Last week while having my camera on my bag (since I'll use it in my event after work), I took some photos of a very hassle trip starting from the MRT until the bus station. 

Check these out:      

These everyday scenario truly makes me angry! My fresh look eventually turns into a haggard feel. "Kaya pagdating ko sa opis, ang init na ng ulo ko! Gudluck sa masisigawan ko!" Hehehe... 

Why did you try this trip even for one day and let me know what you feel! Big good luck! (RCB)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Daily MRT Struggle!

Everyday, I always encounter a pool of traffic! It seems that I'm sailing everyday going to the office back and forth but not in the sea of water but in the sea of people!

Well, I wouldn't talk too much now. I'll let the pictures speak to my everyday struggle in M.R.T. Here is the heck I encounter everyday:

One Thursday morning when I had my digicam in my bag, I took the opportunity to shot photos of this drastic daily situation. I don't know where these people came from. Everyday, any hour of the day, these long lines of people or a crowd of people greeted my morning! :(

Hayz, it's not bad if this MRT pool is the only one I encounter everyday, Take note, I'm falling in line four times a day on my way to office - tricycle, bus, MRT, and fx.

Well, if I have another chance to take photos of my other means of transportation, I share it with you! Imagine this kind of heck I experience everyday...! c",)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Search For The Piggy Bank

Yesterday, I roam around the different malls and department store. Yup, after my work in my office, I imediately go to the malls near in our place. It is because my younger brother ask me to buy a piggy bank for him. He will now starting to save his money given by me. So instead of opening him a bank account, he just got decided to save some of his coins and excess allowance in a piggy bank.

But take note, he is looking for NOT an ordinary piggy bank. He is looking for the traditional piggy, a figurine piggy, made of ceramic, yup, the brittle one that needs to break when the amount of coins is full!'s hard to find that one specially that we are on the comercial area. Hoping to find what he is looking for, I decided to mall hop just to find his need. And here are what I saw:

I found no piggy figurine. I found those! It's not a pig but rather other animal form. I don't exactly know if they were a cow or a monster!!

Look at this blue one. Another brittle and also like a figurine. Is this a monster with big eyes?!

Wow...a cute little piggy! Did I found now what I am looking for?

Oh my...not yet! This is not brittle, made of clay or ceramic, nor a figurine! It's a stuff toy piggy. It has a plastic inside surrounded by hairs or feathers. It's a stuff toy piggy! but it's such a cute one ha!

From SM Makati, to Toy Kingdom, to Department Stores, here now I go to Trinoma Mall! I roam around this mall looking for the one! And here I got. Piggy (but not a pig figure) bank. This time made of transparent plastic in the form of other animals!

Look at these, another made of transparent plastic. I found them inside the Land Mark Mall!

And lastly, look at the three pictures above! Still made of transparent plastic. They were so cute but they were not the one we are looking for!

Oh! The day is over! I found NO ONE! No one fits the requirements of my brother. Well, maybe in Divisoria there were many. But I have no time to go there!!!

Sad but happy, I go home. I took pictures of those cute little piggy banks to consult my brother if he like any! But as we expected, he like No one!

How the day it was! I'm so tired looking for no one! But I'm happy that I explored the different malls and surprisingly seen many cute creatures. Well, if you're the one to choose, which of the above did you like the most? Cast your votes! c",)

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