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Monday, January 6, 2014

Movie Review: 'Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy' Proves Vice Ganda's Versatility!

And the fourth 39TH Metro Manila Film  Festival (MMFF) 2013 movie that we watched is no other than the Star Cinema and Vice Ganda's starrer, the comedy film "Boy Girl Bakla Tomboy!"  

Well, the reasons why I decided to watch the said movie is first, to see how Vice Ganda portray the four different characters with four genders; second, to see why it was defeated by "My Little Bossings," and third, to compare this movie against his last year's top-grossing "Sisterakas!"    

What I love most about this movie is the talent of Vice Ganda to portray four different roles with four different genders! In the movie, Vice's characters were quadruplet! He was able to give life to the girl named Girlie, to the boy Peter, to the gay Mark, and to the tomboy Panying! Even though the four characters were played by only one actor, we can easily distinguish one from another! "Hindi mo masasabing si Vice lang mag-isa ang gumaganap ng isang role!" For me, of the four characters, I love the girl and the tomboy! Yes, "ang galing-galing gumanap ni Vice na girl at tomboy!" "Sa bakla normal lang  kase niya 'un, 'ung boy medyo pilit pa at di ako convinced." But the girl and the tomboy characters, perfect! Vice played them very well!     

Yes I admit, I love to watch a movie or TV series with dual or triple roles! That's why I love the teleserye of Claudine Barretto before which was "Saan Ka Man Naroroon" (1999) where she played the triplet Rosario, Rosenda, and Rosemarie; the TV series of Lorna Tolentino before which was "Kaytagal Kang Hinintay" (2002) where she played the twin Lorea and Lorinda; and the Coco Martin's hit action-drama serye "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin" (2011) where he portrayed the twins Javier and Alexander! "Tamo kabisado ko pa! Hahaha!" And yes, if I was given a chance to play a character in a movie or in a TV series, I want the dual role, the twin where one is bida  and the other is kontrabida like what Coco Martin played in his teleserye!
The movie is also full of fun! You will laugh in every scene of Vice Ganda! Very natural the way he cracked jokes! It seems like you're watching "It's Showtime" and "Gandang Gabi Vice!" The movie has a touch of live comedy!

Here is the full trailer of the movie:

 I also love the theme song of the movie! It's "Whoops Kirri" which is revived by Vice Ganda himself! "Ang kulit lang!"

Here is the music video of their movie's theme song. The music video will truly give us a four-times of laughter!

I also observed that Vice's four characters were inspired by four different celebrities. The girl depicts Ruffa Gutierrez,  the boy is the K-Pop G-Dragon,  the gay definitely is no other than himself, and the tomboy is either Charice or Aiza Seguerra! Agree?!  

The story also have a simple plot just like "My Little Bossings." "No kidnappan, no barilan," unlike the traditional Pinoy comedy films we used to grew up with! 
It is also family-centered. In a way, we can get moral values in the story - the essence of close family ties! Whatever happens, your family will always be your family! "Kayo-kayo din ang magtutulungan sa huli"  Acceptance ruled!

The negative side of the film, first, some of the casts seemed like 'wall flowers,' useless, no gravity, sayang! Just like the characters of Cristine Reyes, JC De Vera,  and Ejay Falcon. Though we all know that they were already big stars, they look like supporting casts, or better say, "nagmukhang 'in special participation' lang sila sa movie! Lack of significant roles in the movie. What more, the love team of Bobby Andrews  and Angelu De Leon, "nagmukhang pang-display!" They may play better roles in the movie if given a chance! "Sayang ang hit love team 'nung 90's  na hinintay ng mga tao"  for a reunion movie! The worst is, "bakla pa ata 'ung role ni Bobby sa movie di pa na-emphasize ng maayos!" Maybe it's better to see that Bobby and Mark, the gay character of Vice were close friends. "Un bang bestfriend sila, magka-amiga"  since thy both gay! Or should be better if Bobby is the sidekick of the gay Vice to add more impact!

And the second thing is, "parang may kulang sa movie. Na parang may hinahanap ka pa." Not that fully satisfied although I love the happy ending in the finale! "Tsaka bakit ganun, tinanggal 'ung nunal ni Girlie sa middle part?!" "Sayang di tuloy naging makatotohanan! 'Un pa naman nagdala sa girl version ni Vice!" Too much of practical jokes in that part loosen the story!   

Well if they ironed out those negative sides of the film, maybe "Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy" is No. 1 in the top-grossing race defeating Vic Sottos's "My Little Bossings!" And it will definitely surpass the success of Vice's last year's film "Sisterakas!" What do you think?!

But overall, this movie is 100% fun. It you wan to relax, laugh, and feel stress free, definitely you should watch the movie! The credit is still for Vice for effectively giving us four different characters! Two thumbs up Vice Ganda! "Ang galing mo!" (RCB)

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Movie Review: "Boy Golden The Arturo Porcuna Story" Gives a New Life to Phil. Action Film!

Laguna Governor E.R. Ejercito / Jeorge Estregan made his third movie as an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival. After "Asiong Salonga" (2011) and "El Presidente" (2012), here comes "Boy Golden: The Arturo Porcuna Story" (2013). On the said film, he is paired to KC Concepcion

I was the one who was given the privilege (together with my date) to watch the premiere night of the said film last December in SM Mall of Asia together with the whole casts of the movie. The premiere night was truly a jam-packed! Even the sides of the cinema was full of viewers!

The movie combines the action, drama, comedy, and even suspense! It has the suspense and tragic aspect when the movie showed the harsh killing of Boy Golden to his enemies, Very brutal, very deadly!

I can say that "Boy Golden" was one of the best movies I've watched during the 39TH MMFF. It uplifted the quality of Philippine movies. Watching the movie seemed like watching a Hollywood action flick! The action was not the typical action scenes we used to watched in the traditional Pinoy action flick. It has the sense of arts and emotion!

I even love the cinematography of the movie. It has the so-called state of the art when the film gave the viewers a feel of the classic old school era. It matched the story, it matched the situation. I like the part of KC's rape scene when the cinematography turned black and white leaving only KC's lips in red!  

In terms of acting, KC Concepcion is truly a revelation! Yes, "sobrang galing ni KC dito!" I was amazed that she can do action and drama at the same time! Her fight scenes were superb! I love the action scene of KC when she fought a lady in the gambling house! The effects and the fight scene seemed like an Asian action film! And "kayang makipagsabayan ni KC rito kay E.R."  knowing the fact that they have an age gap. They fit one another! I wonder why KC didn't won the Best Actress award! She deserves the title! I agree with E.R. together with the other viewers that KC should win the award!

E.R.'s acting on the other hand is also exceptional. Once more, he portrayed another interesting character apart from the previous characters he played on his first two movies. He combined action and humor in the movie! "Ang lakas ng dating ni E.R dito!
Here is the full trailer of "Boy Golden." Let's watch this and see why this movie is one of my bet in the film fest:

I wonder why this movie didn't received any awards except for the Best Float?! Why oh why?! I even bet that this one could also get the Best Picture trophy! But the awards night failed my expectations!

The movie once more relived and revived the action movie in the Philippine cinema industry. "Binuhay nito ang dating genre ng mga aksyon na pelikula na napabayaan na." It can even a best entry to Cannes or any other International movie festivals.

Well, if this movie didn't make it in the MMFF, definitely in the other award-giving bodies, it's a big winner. For me, it's truly a big hit! The story plot is not boring, it's not predictable! The totally of the movie and KC Concepcion's acting were truly commendable! I was not a fan of KC before but after watching this film, I became a big fan admiring her acting skills! "Talagang napahanga at napa-wow niya ako!" 

Truly, this film  is a two thumbs up! Another great job for E.R. Ejercito for bringing another good film in the movie festival! Looking for more this year and in the coming years! (RCB)

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

'Sisterakas' and 'One More Try:' A Back-to-Back Movie Marathon!

 My 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival experience wouldn't be completed if I wasn't able to watch two of the most awarded and blockbuster movies of the film fest, the "Sisterakas" and the "One More Try." On the last day of the festival (January 8, 2013), we found time to watch these two exciting movies from Star Cinema  

 It seems that we were having a movie marathon watching these two films in a back-to-back mode, one after the other. We decided to watch first "Sisterakas" since we were quite late in the movie house then our finale went to "One More Try."

A balance night or should I say a mixed emotion took place on the said night since from full comedy offered by Kris Aquino, Ai Ai Delas,  and Vice Ganda, we shifted crying because of the heavy emotions showcased by the characters of Dingdong Dantes, Angelica Panganiban, Zanjoe Marudo, and Angel Locsin in the film festival's 1st Best Picture winner, "One More Try."     

It seemed that another incident took place watching two movies in one night. Remember last December 2012, the other two MMFF movies namely "Sosy Problems" and "Shake Rattle and Roll 14: The Invasion" had their respective premiere nights at the same time?! So, I need to shift from one cinema to another to catch them both!

"Sisterakas" and "One More Try" truly fulfilled our night. They were truly satisfying! My friends bet "Sisterakas" since they made us laughed in a natural way! But for me, of course "One More Try" is my No. 1. Aside from being an Angel Locsin movie, I can relate to the story of "One More Try." I even love the passionate love / bed  scenes of the lead characters! :) 

If time permits, I will share with you my reviews in separate posts for these two great movies of 2012!

It's great to note that my 2012 movie events ended with MMFF (via "Sosy Problems" and "Shake RAttle and Roll 14") and my 2013 movie events begun also with MMFF (via "Sisterakas" and "One More Try"). Yes, "Sosy" and "SSR" were my last movies for 2012 while "Sisterakas" and "OMT" were my first movies for 2013! Cool!

I hope everybody enjoys the concluded MMFF! 'Till next time! (RCB)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Meeting the 'Sosy' Girl Solenn Heussaff!

Solenn Heussaff is one of the four lead stars of the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival entry "Sosy Problems."  And I'm so glad to meet her in person during the red carpet premiere of their movie.

In "Sosy Problems," Solenn is playing the character Margaux, the daughter of the former beauty queen played by Ms. Cherrie Gil. She is the best friend of Heart Evangelista who is playing the character of Claudia.     

Solenn showed her natural humor in the movie. She made people laugh in her very natural way, in her sexy way! I love the scene where she showcased her gymnastic ability!  

Check out my video clip with Solenn wherein she invites you to watch the movie:

Solenn is truly 'sosy' in real life! She is beautiful and sexy in person. And yeah, she is so kind, approachable, and easy to deal with! She is much taller than me! :)

"Sosy Problems" is now hitting the theaters nationwide. This is GMA Films entry to the 2012 MMFF.  The movie gives a new flavor to comedy films. It shades new color to this year's MMFF entries! 

 Nice meeting you Solenn! (RCB)

'Sosy Problems' is Not an Ordinary Comedy or Glamour Film!

My Invitation to the Presscon and to the Red Carpet!

The Sosy Girls Inside the Movie House

A Perfect Christmas Treat from GMA Films!
"Sosy Problems" is GMA Films' official entry to the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival. It was previously titled as "Conyo Problems" but later on, it was changed to "Sosy Problems." The movie tells the story of the four rich and famous elite ladies play by Rhian Ramos, Heart Evangelista, Bianca King, and Solenn Heussaff.

The movie is light comedy in nature making the season jollier spreading more fun to the whole family.

In the movie, Rhian plays Lizzie, the spoiled-rich daughter of a hotelier who is a self-appointed leader of the Sosy group; Bianca portrays Danielle, the daughter of an ex-politician who is on the brink of being impeached from office; Solenn is Margaux, the daughter of the former beauty queen (Cherrie Gil) and the bestfriend and half sister of Claudia (Heart's character) who is also the daughter of a beauty queen (Agot Isidro). Margaux and Claudia were competing one another from beauty to the only man they see who is Benjo (Aljur Abrenica), an all-around employee at the Polo Club.        

Their main problem, however, is that their favorite hangout place, The Polo Club, which reminds them of all the memories of their “firsts” in life – including their first kisses and love affairs – is in danger of being torn down and replaced with a mall that is not so much for the rich and famous: in other words, not a “sosy” mall.

The “sosy” ladies will do everything they can in order to stop the Polo Club owners from pursuing their plans, and they will risk everything -- even their poise and glamour – to achieve their goal.    
Check out the full trailer of the movie:

Just like many people think, before watching this movie, I thought that this film is an ordinary comedy flick wrapped in a socialite touch. But it's definitely not!

The movie leaves every viewer a moral lesson in life. Each story of the four 'sosy' ladies tells different values.      

The story of  Margaux and Claudia emphasized the true meaning of friendship. Though their mothers were at war because of their daddy, they still manage to be best of friends! But when Banjo came, competition between the two ladies rose.

I love the idea taught by the movie saying, "Ang boyfriend madaling mapalitan at makakahanap ka agad. Pero ang bestfriend, hindi...!"  That's why in the end, Margaux and Claudia didn't sacrifice their friendship for only one man. And they both won in choosing friendship over man when they found out in the end that Banjo is already married!      

Bianca King Plays the Sosy Danielle

Rhian Ramos Plays the Sosy Lizzie

Solenn Heussaff Plays the Sosy Margaux

Stage Actor Mickey Bustos Plays an Interesting Character as Denmark
The story of Danielle emphasized acceptance. We really don't need to pretend to be accepted by people. In the movie, Danielle is still pretending to be rich even though her stature is declining just to be part of the 'sosy' girls. But in the end, she is still accepted by her friends no matter what happened in her family!      

Danielle's story also tells that love doesn't depends in status in life - no rich and no poor in true love! She still found true love in the person of Santi (Mikael Daez) who accepted her even in the times that she is facing her greatest challenge in life!    

And of course, Lizzie's story focused on valuing the good things we have. At first, Lizzie seems not contended even though she already have everything in life. But she learned to value it when she was sent to a province letting her experience living in a simple life!
Overall, the movie teaches us that even though we already have all the richness in the world, we still have to face different challenges and solve problems. Money, fame, and fortune were not exception, all of us have our own problems to solve!          
The movie also emphasized the power of Social Media like the Twitter and its influence to the modern society!

And if you think that the movie is targeting only the elite people, well think again! The movie is pro-masses. Every people in the society - yayas, maids, guards, employees, utility personnel, etc. can all  enjoy the movie!        
Yes, I truly enjoyed this movie! It relieved all my stress! It's really not an ordinary comedy movie everyone is thinking of. I highly recommend it. Watch it and see to yourself my points. In the end, you will find that this movie is really different!  

Two thumbs up to GMA Films for bringing us "Sosy Problems" as one of the flavors of MMFF 2012! Cool! (RCB)

'Shake Rattle and Roll 14' and 'Sosy Problems:' A Back-To-Back Red Carpet Premiere Night!

I was able to watch and attend two of the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival entries at the same time! Yup, the two movie entries had their red carpet premiere night at the same time last Saturday, December 21, 2012. The two movies were the Regal Films' horror entry "Shake Rattle and Roll 14: The Invasion"and the GMA Films' comedy flick "Sosy Problem."   

The red carpet both took place in SM Megamall at the same time (started at 7pm) but in two different Cinemas - "SSR 14" in Cinema 10 while "Sosy Problems" in Cinema 5

I attended first the red carpet of "SSR" and got my interviews with the lead stars. Afterwards, I went to "Sosy Problems" to watch the start of the movie proper. I took my interviews and picture-taking of the stars at the end of "Sosy Problems." Since "Sosy Problems" ended first, I still got the chance to watch the remaining episodes of "SRR" - the end of Episode 2 (The Lost Command) and whole of Episode 3 (Unwanted).

Yes, "talagang lagare" that night but it was truly a lot of fun! So fulfilling...!

On my next succeeding posts, watch out for my separate reviews for these two 2012 MMFF movies as well as my individual interviews and photos with the lead stars!

The two movies are now starting to hit the theaters nationwide! (RCB)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Received Christmas Cards from Ms. Kris Aquino!

The recently concluded grand presscon of the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival entry "Sisterakas" week ago served like a big Christmas party! It's because the lead stars namely Ai Ai Delas Alas, Vice Ganda, and Kris Aquino gave large amount of money raffled in the press and media people present in the event.

 Kris and Ai Ai gave Php 200, 000 each while Vice and director Wenn Deramas gave Php 50, 000 which was raffled in the event surprising us!

I was so lucky that night since I won a Php 3, 000 in the raffle plus a Php 1, 000 worth of SM gift certificates from Ms. Kris Aquino. What more, Ms. Kris even gave me a personalized Christmas card designed and signed by her. 

 The card features a family picture of the Aquino family. Inside it were two other cards which were the picture of the 5 Aquino siblings and the picture of Kris together with her two sons Josh and Bimbi!   

Check out those said Christmas cards I personally received from the country's "Queen of All Media" Ms. Kris Aquino. Here they are:

The Cards I Received from Ms. Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino's Personal Message to Me!

The Aquino Family Picture in the Cover of the Card

Inside the Christmas Card

The Cash Prize I Received from Ai Ai Delas Alas Personally Signed by Her!

 This event which took place last Saturday, December 8, 2012, the day after our company Christmas party was much better and much happier than our company Christmas party since I surprisingly won lots of prizes! Our own Christmas party was so disappointing since I took home nothing but a stress!  

That date was also blessed since December 8 was the day of the Immaculate Concepcion! 

"Sisterakas" will Definitely be a Huge Hit

It's Nice to be Part of this Movie!

I'm pretty sure that "Sisterakas" will be a huge blockbuster hit this Christmas because of the generosity shown by the lead casts!

Thank you very much Ms. Kris Aquino! God bless and more power to you and to your family! (RCB)

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