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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Tiny Yellow Flower Plant!

Can someone tells me the exact name of this type of flower or flowering plant colored yellow which its petals bloom in the morning and close in the night?!

Here is the said plant which you can see in our home's mini garden:

Yup, one of my hobbies now is planting. I am now a collector of different plants. And I placed it outside our house, just in front of our door surrounding our home!

I am the one who collects and chooses the different plants. My mother then is the one who takes care of it!

Right now, I already collected several types of plants (sorry that I didn't know all the names of them). I even collected different bleeds of flowers! Yes, I have roses (pink and violet), santan, stargazer. and many more (I didn't know exactly the names of them! Hehe...)

That's what's I'm asking right now! Can you tell me the name of this tiny yellow flower with a strange characteristics?! That's your assignment guys! c",)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lucky Charms!

An indoor bamboo plant and a frog plant...! They are called lucky charms. But do you actually believe on them?!

They say, owning and raising these things will give us good luck. And yeah, I admit, I got attracted on them. As I told you before, I started to take care of the lucky bamboo plants. And right now, I have four bases containing those lucky bamboo plants.

I am also planning to buy the green frog. The frog also have a lucky plant on it. This lucky frog will attract wealth and money!

Do you believe?! It's up to you! Have a great weekend! c",)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Lucky Chinese Bamboo Plant!

Aside from collecting different cute angels, another thing that I'm busy with nowadays is raising the so-called Lucky Chinese Bamboo Plants! Are you familiar with it?!

Yup, these pictures above and below show how a lucky Chinese bamboo plant looks like. They are indoor plants which give us good fortune.

They come in different variety. Each number of stems represent a good luck. For instance two pieces means good health, three pieces mean abundance, so on and so forth.

They were even presented in different ways. Here are some:

Using Stones or Magic Jelly

Using Water

Yup since they were indoor plants, you can use either water or magic jelly to raise them. The so-called "Magic Jelly" also varies in color. Each color represents different meaning. Say for instance pink means love, blue for tranquility, and green for health! In my next post, I will share with you how these magic jellies look like and how they work!

In my case, I both use magic jelly and water. Two batches of my plants use water while the other two batches use magic jellies. Of course, I used the pink jelly for love and the green one for good health!

What do think inspires me to raise these type of plants?! Well, just like angels, it's unexpected! Again, while roaming in one of the well-known mall in Makati, I saw these kind of plants. Then out of curiosity, I bought some! I bought 9 pieces of stems. They were divided into three groups placed in three glass bases with magic jelly. Each glass base contains three lucky Chinese bamboos! I used three color of jellies: pink, orange, and violet. Accidentally, the third base containing violet jelly felt and broke! That's why to sustain the three lucky bamboo plants which were supposed to be in the third base, I used water!

On my next posts, I will share with you more stories about my lucky Chinese bamboo plants! I started raising them December last year! c",)

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