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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Movie Review: 'My Little Bossings' is More on Drama than Comedy!

"My Little Bossings," one of the comedy movie entries to the 39TH Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2013 which stars Vic Sotto, Kris Aquino, Aiza Sequerra, Ryzza Mae Dizon,  and Baby James 'Bimby' Yap  is this year's No. 1 MMFF box-office film breaking the last year's dominant "Sisterakas" of Vice Ganda, Kris Aquino, and  Ai Ai Delas Alas.

I've watched the film to find out why it conquers the box-office gross though I got bored watching the trailers of the movie shown on TV and on the internet. 

The first thing I found out in this movie, it's more on drama than comedy! Say, it is made of 90% drama and 10% comedy. There's a lot of drama scenes of Vic and Aiza on the movie. Even the scenes of Kris and Bimby were mostly drama and teary! The two kids Ryzza and Bimby as well as Vic and his movie sidekicks  Jose Manalo and Paolo Ballesteros handled the comedy part tickling the audience! But still, drama prevailed in the totally of the movie!   

The movie is truly a family-oriented! It's perfect not only for the kids but to the whole family as well! It teaches us the importance of the family - your mother, father, and children. It shows how the parents can give everything, can sacrifice even their happiness just for their kids. This part is clearly depicted in the story of Vic and Aiza who is playing the father and daughter with a conflict; of Aiza and Ryzza who is also a mother and daughter in the film with a dark past; and of Kris and Bimby  who were not only mother and son in real life but also in the movie who will solve a threat in their lives. 

The story's plot is simple. The focus is really the two kids. Just like Vic said, "walang kidnapan, walang barilan" like we always see in the traditional Pinoy comedy films. It just deals with simple conflict.  

Check out the full trailer of the film below:

Well if there's missing in the movie, "kung saan ako nakukulangan," it's definitely in the comedy aspect. Maybe we can categorize this film as a drama rather than a comedy. Or should I say, a drama with a touch of comedy!

The story flow is also indeed smooth. The later part of the movie explains why Vic and Aiza's relationship is rough, why Aiza took care of Ryza, and why Vic cannot hardly accept the dead of his wife!

But the negative aspect of this movie, this is the movie with lots of endorsements! "Para akong nanunood ng isang sine ng TV commercials!" Almost every scene there is a brand promoted! A brand of soap, detergent, pasta, pancit canton, medicine, bakery, tuna, tocino, celphone, and everything in the movie were composed of endorsements! "Buti sana kung ipapakita lang saglit ung pangalan ng brand,"  but they even have dialogues and certain stars acting on it!  

Kris Aquino also took a very small part in the movie. Her character seems like a supporting role note that her name and Vic's were emphasized in the billing! Hmm...maybe that's the reason why her picture was not included in the movie poster?!

In terms of acting, I give the credits to Ms. Jacklyn Jose! She can do both villain and comediane character! She reminded me of her character as Dona Charito in GMA-7's teleserye "Mundo Mo'y Akin!" On the other hand, I also commend the acting skills of Aiza in the movie. She's good in drama and "kaya niyang magpa-iyak ng audience!"

And of course, the stars related to Bossing Vic Sotto were also seen in the movie. Some of them were his rumored girlfriend Pauleen Luna; his real-life son Oyo Boy Sotto;  his nephew, the son of Tito Sotto; and his besfriend Joey De Leon!  We will be surprised if we see Wally Bayola in the movie! Hahaha!  

Overall, the movie is indeed good. Perfect for the kids, perfect for the whole family! The family values depicted in the movie prevailed! (RCB)

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Monday, June 24, 2013

James Yap Meets Rocky!

Finally, I met in person the basketball superstar James Yap!

James is very popular nowadays. Not only because of being a basketball MVP, but also because of his involvement with the Queen of All Media, Ms. Kris Aquino which pave him to be in the center of controversy.

Well, let me share  with you our photo moments with my one of my favorites basketball heartthrob James Yap. Here they go:

No matter what happen, James Yap is still my idol! He is truly kind and approachable in person!

Keep up the good work James! More power to you. See you again soon! (RCB)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Received Christmas Cards from Ms. Kris Aquino!

The recently concluded grand presscon of the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival entry "Sisterakas" week ago served like a big Christmas party! It's because the lead stars namely Ai Ai Delas Alas, Vice Ganda, and Kris Aquino gave large amount of money raffled in the press and media people present in the event.

 Kris and Ai Ai gave Php 200, 000 each while Vice and director Wenn Deramas gave Php 50, 000 which was raffled in the event surprising us!

I was so lucky that night since I won a Php 3, 000 in the raffle plus a Php 1, 000 worth of SM gift certificates from Ms. Kris Aquino. What more, Ms. Kris even gave me a personalized Christmas card designed and signed by her. 

 The card features a family picture of the Aquino family. Inside it were two other cards which were the picture of the 5 Aquino siblings and the picture of Kris together with her two sons Josh and Bimbi!   

Check out those said Christmas cards I personally received from the country's "Queen of All Media" Ms. Kris Aquino. Here they are:

The Cards I Received from Ms. Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino's Personal Message to Me!

The Aquino Family Picture in the Cover of the Card

Inside the Christmas Card

The Cash Prize I Received from Ai Ai Delas Alas Personally Signed by Her!

 This event which took place last Saturday, December 8, 2012, the day after our company Christmas party was much better and much happier than our company Christmas party since I surprisingly won lots of prizes! Our own Christmas party was so disappointing since I took home nothing but a stress!  

That date was also blessed since December 8 was the day of the Immaculate Concepcion! 

"Sisterakas" will Definitely be a Huge Hit

It's Nice to be Part of this Movie!

I'm pretty sure that "Sisterakas" will be a huge blockbuster hit this Christmas because of the generosity shown by the lead casts!

Thank you very much Ms. Kris Aquino! God bless and more power to you and to your family! (RCB)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Unexpected Twists in 'Segunda Mano!'

I could say that "Segunda Mano" is one of the best movies I have watched this year! Though it was not a pure horror everyone is thinking of, the story brings us more unexpected twists!

Last night, I watched the said movie with my GF in SM Mall of Asia! Originally, we were planning to watch "Shake, Rattle, and Roll 13." We came in the mall at around 7pm. But the next movie hour for SSR13 was at 11:30pm. So we decided to watch our second choice - "Segunda Mano!" The next movie hour of this horror flick from Star Cinema was at 9pm.

While waiting for the hour of showing, we roamed around the mall and spent sweet night together!

At around 8pm, we decided to go up the movie house. It was shocking to see that many people were falling inline for the said movie. As we have seen, "Segunda Mano" has the most number of viewers next to "Enteng Ng Ina Mo!"

People were very excited to watch this fourth horror movie of Ms. Kris Aquino. As the light was turned off in the theater, people were shouting!

In the beginning of the movie, you may say that it's an ordinary horror film with a very predictable plot! The owner of the red bag was revealed upon the start of the story! You will eventually know who is the ghost in the story who keeps on haunting the character of Kris Aquino as Mabel!

But as the story progresses, in the middle and in the last part of the movie, you will appreciate its essence! You will witness more twists and revelations you wouldn't expect! The purpose of the ghost haunting Mabel, the real killer in the story, the reason behind the lost of Mabel's little sister Marie, and the relationship of the characters of Kris Aquino as Mabel and Angelica Panganiban as Mariella were some of the twists in the film that surprised the audience!

In the movie, I can say that Ms. Kris Aquino is not only the Philippine's Horror Queen. She revives her previous title being the "Massacre Queen!" Yup, you will witness a masscre scene in this movie which once brightened the career of Ms. Kris way back in 90's (Remember "The Elsa Castillo Story?")!

There is also a touch of comedy in this movie! I love the cats which serve as 'pandayang pang-gulat', the character of Mosang which gives humor to the story, and of course the character of Ms. Bangs Garcia who is a 'kikay' bestfriend-sidekick of Kris! I bet Bangs for the Best Supporting Actress Award for this movie!

I would recommend you guys to watch this movie. In the end, you will find out that it's worthy! "Sulit na sulit ang pera mo at ang pag-uwi ko ng gabi kagabi!" Hehehe...I came home last night at around 12:45am! c",)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby James Campaign for Villar!

After the most talked-about "Baby James for Villar" incident in Bacolod during the campaign of his uncle Noynoy Aquino here comes another one!

Yup, this picture is now widely circulating around the net and is now the most viewed! As you can see, Baby James is endorsing Villar!

Before you got panic or think that Baby James is now the major endorser of Villar, this picture is just a product of Photoshop! It is just an edited picture linking Baby James to Villar! I got it from a famous entertainment site!

Too ironic! It this is really true, then voters will further got confuse! Or maybe they will think that a new alliance was formed! If there is "Villarroyo" before, then now there is..."Villanoy"! Haha! c",)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Remembering 'The Mother Of Democracy'

Her reign still continue 'till the end! People put her in power...people still with her up to the last. Cory Aquino truly leave a remarkable legend, an inspiring legacy in the pages of Philippine History!

The President During My Childhood

My Tribute Songs to Cory in My Other Blog

Way back in February 25, 1986 when people put her in presidency, I was only a 2-year old boy. As a little boy during that period, I was not that aware of the historic event happening around me. I only became a Philippine History curious when I enter school at a very young age leading me to love reading History and Culture books. Until later on, in High School and College, I finally become a Philippine and World History Quizzer not to mention receiving different awards and citations as 'Best in Social Studies', 'Best in Philippine History', and 'Best in World History' topping them all!

Being a history lover and quizzer, the legacy and contributions of President Cory Aquino were all kept in my mind, books, and my notes. They were always part of my answers in every Quiz Bee that I joined!

Well from 1986 to 1992, I also experienced her administration. Yeah, from Kinder to Grade 2 in my schooling covered her terms.

Tie A Yellow Ribbon

I Have Fallen In Love withthe Same Woman Three Times

I was aware and I also experienced some of the threats and hardships she faced during her administration. 'Kudeta', half-day brownouts, 'Pinatubo' Eruptions, and the July 16, 1990 Earthquake were some of the difficulties we all encountered during that time. Thanks God, I was not born during the Martial Law regime! I was also aware of the so-called, "Cory's Magic" which put all the people together.

So to pay tributes to our 'Mother of Democracy', I alloted my two posts in my other blog site, 'Rhythm of The Rock'. The first one was the oldies hit song, "Tie a Yellow Ribbon", which was themed during the return of Ninoy in our country. And the second one was the poem written by Ninoy to Cory summarizing their love story entitled "I Have Fallen In Love (With the Same Woman Three Times)" then eventually sang by Jose Mari Chan and became part of his album.

Cory's Trade Mark

The Legacy of Cory Printed in Philippine History

But still these things were not that all enough to return back all the good deeds Cory gave to our country. Imagine without her courage and fighting spirits, maybe 'till now we were all still in the dark iron hands of Martial Law and Power Greediness! I also admired her being a religious woman who always pray and seek the help of our Lord. Cory being a mother and a leader is truly the best!

Together with the million people who salute, love, and respect Cory and in the name of the Philippines, all I can say...THANK YOU VERY MUCH PRESIDENT CORY! We all love and salute you...!!!

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