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Monday, June 16, 2014

#Selfie: Rocky and Zanjoe Marudo!

Here we go again for our favorite segment, "#Selfie."  This time, yours truly is with the hunk Kapamilya actor Zanjoe Marudo.

Check out my selfie shots or should I say double selfie with the actor:

Zanjoe is currently leading the newest Star Cinema and Skylight Film's comedy movie "My Illegal Wife" pairing him to Pokwang.

Zanjoe is now dubbed as the "King of Sky Light Film" after proving his box-office worth in last year's "Bromance: My Brother's Romance." 

Thanks for these photos bro Zanjoe! See you again soon!  (RCB)

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Si Coco at Ako!

Coco Martin is also one of the actors who belong to my 'look-alike' list. Yup, I already posted last 2010 our similarities with this "Prince of Indie Films."  In fact, many of my friends and former officemates say that I am the next Coco Martin! 

It's nice to meet Coco Martin in person! We first met in ABS-CBN during his "Walang Hanggan" grand presscon. The next one was during the Red Carpet Premiere Night of the said phenomenal hit TV series in SM Megamall still in January 2012. The third one was during the presscon of his romance movie with Angeline Quinto called "Born to Love You" last March or April of this year. And of course the last one was during the Yahoo OMG Awards Nigh in SM Mall of Asia Arena! Imagine how many times I met this everybody's favorite guy, Coco Martin! 

So, let me share with you my first two photos together with Coco Martin. Here they go:

After conquering the Indie Films where he grabbed his title, Coco now turns into a mainstream actor and Primetime TV series Prince! He rose in fame on television after starring as antagonist in "Tayong Dalawa"way back in 2009 and in "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" in the early part of 2010. He also became a superhero via Agimat Presents: "Tonyong Bayawak" in mid 2010. He even showcase his singing talent via kanta-serye "Idol" in the later part of 2010.

In 2011, Coco shone brighter after portraying a dual role in "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin" which also gave him more acting awards. And of course this 2012, viewers love him more as he played Daniel in the recently concluded phenomenal hit TV series "Walang Hanggan!"

Well, that's some of the info about Coco Martin narrating his TV series success! See you once again Coco in the upcoming days! (RCB)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

24 Good Things About '24/7 in Love!'

"24/ 7 in Love" is the biggest movie offering of the year which combines the brightest and the biggest stars of the country. This is Star Magic's treat to its 20 years success being the country's strongest and No.1 talent center.

The movie is now a box-office hit! On its first day of showing last November 21, 2012, it earned a whooping Php10 Million! People were truly captivated by the movie!  

Well, I have list down the reasons why "24/7 in Love" is a good movie to watch and why people were falling in love with it.

Here are the 24 Good Reasons to Watch "24/7 in Love:"

1.) This is the very first time in Philippine Cinema that there is a movie with 7 Episodes! Before, we  used to love movie in trilogy or in 3 episodes (like the "Shake, Rattle, in Roll" series). Until Star Cinema started a movie with 5 episodes ("Cinco") and now they pioneered a 7-Episode movie via "24/7 in Love." It's another breakthrough in the history of Philippine movie industry!

2.) Another first movie which brings together the 15 biggest and the brightest stars of the country. Piolo Pascual, John Lloyd Cruz, Angelica Panganiban, Bea Alonzo, Zanjoe Marudo, Xyriel Ann Manabat, Zaijan Jaranila, Maja Salvador, Diether Ocampo, Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Pokwang, Sam Milby, Gerald Anderson, and Kim Chiu were all in the leading roles! And take note, billing is not an issue among them!

3.) The movie is not all about an ordinary love story. Instead, it gives life to 7 different love stories such as friendship love, puppy love, age-doesn't matter love, genderless love, love with no status, true love, and love of work to name a few!        

The Life-Sized Photo Boards of the Lead Casts

Before Meeting These Brightest Stars on the Premiere Night!

4.) The movie features a real-life love teams like Zanjoe Marudo-Bea Alonzo and John lloyd Cruz-Angelica Panganiban.

5.) The movie also features the hottest and the most-loved love teams in the country namely the KathNiel (Kathyrn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla) and the Kimerald (Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson).  

6.) The movie marks the very much awaited reunion of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. Kimerald was last seen in the movie "'Till My Heartaches End" two years ago. Fans were truly missing them together. Their episode in the movie was the strongest and well-supported by viewers!

7.) The movie is experimental! It gives chance to paired for the first time Pokwang and Sam Milby and Dither Ocampo and Maja Salvador. Yup, the two pairs were not yet paired before in either movie or TV Series Projects! Their chemistry as pairs were all tested in the movie!  

8.) The movie gives another challenging role for the country's Ultimate Heartthrob and Leading Man Mr. Piolo Pascual. Piolo's character in their episode is extra-ordinary as he portrayed a 35-year old man having a mind of a 7-year old. He removed for the meantime his hunk and sexy hot image to give justice to his character!

9.) Aside from Piolo, Zanjoe Marudo was also given a challenging role in the movie as he played a gay-role in the movie. This is also his very first time to play the said role in the big screen although he was seen before playing gay characters in some segments of "Banana Splits."

10.) The movie pays tribute to the hit OPM music. Yes, some of the classic OPM love songs we used to love before were used as OST in the different episodes of the movie. Some of these were "Bakit Di Totohanin," "Mr. Cupido,"  and "Nanghihinayang."

11.) The movie is hemmed by four young directors namely Mae Cruz, Dado Lumibao, John-D Lazatin, and Frasco Mortiz. 

A Creative Movie Poster of the Movie!

12.) The country's most-love Prince of Indie Films turning Mainstream Primetime Actor Coco Martin has a special part in the movie. Though he only played a cameo role in the film, his character is very significant as he portrayed Dante. Loud screams followed when he appeared in one of the episodes of the movie.
13.) For the first time, comedy actress Pokwang will have a bed scene! Yeah, she is so lucky to have different sexy scenes with the country's hunk rockoustic actor Sam Milby!

14.) The movie also serves as a 'hunk fest!'  You will ask for an extra rice as the Star Magic hunk actors (except for Piolo Pascual) namely Sam Milby, Zanjoe Marudo, Diether Ocampo, and Gerald Anderson exposed their sexy yummy hot bodies in their respective episodes! Sizzling!  

15.) We love the way how the 7 stories in the movie were interconnected in the end. You will see how the stories will related to each other in the finale.

16.) The movie offers all the genres - drama, comedy, action, romance, sexy. Each episode gives a unique flavor which differs the story from one another!

17.) Each story in the movie leaves a lesson in life. It's not just a collection of love stories which intended to put 'kilig' in the audience. Rather, it gives something meaningful to the audience after watching the film.

18.) The movie gives equal opportunities to each Star Magic talent. Even though some of the stars already have big names, they still manage to play small roles in the movie like Coco Martin, Kaye Abad, and Joem Bascon. The movie is truly a very own Star Magic movie!

19.) The official movie poster of the movie is another best and creative poster Star Cinema ever produced. It gives equality to the stars breaking the issue of billing. And take note, there's no name of stars in the poster. The pictures speak for themselves proving how known they were!

20.) The movie also gives chance for the newbie talents to take part in the film even on its official soundtrack. Newbies Young JV and Myrtle Sarroza starred in the music video instead of giving the tasks to other big stars or singers of the talent center.

21.) The movie even produced life-sized photo boards of the 15 lead casts which is also another proofs how huge this movie is!

22.) It's good to know that the movie directors are able to put 7 stories in one big movie with equal emphasis and with equal length of time. It seems that you're having a movie marathon while watching the film since you are seeing 7 different stories!

23.) Everyone can relate to the film since aside from the different love stories featured in the film, the "end of the world" issue was also tackled! I love how the film started with Marc Logan reporting making you feel like watching a documentary-drama!

24.) And last but not the least, it's for you to find out after watching the movie!

Truly, "24/7 in Love" is another great movie from Star Cinema! Another milestone has been achieved because of this movie. Two thumbs up and congratulations to its success! Good job! (RCB)    

Friday, October 19, 2012

John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo's Tandem is a Blockbuster Hit!

The tandem of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo or better known as "Labers" which is currently celebrating its 10TH year anniversary once more proves its dominance in the blockbuster record. Their recent romance-movie "The Mistress" from Star Cinema now took the second spot of the All-Time Top Grossing Films in the Philippines!   

I got chance to talk, interview, and mingle (aside from having picture-taking together) with the country's hottest love team during the Blog Con of their movie. We asked interesting questions about them and about their movie. I even got curious how their love team stays stronger for 10 years now. Lloydie revealed that, friendship is the secret! "Hindi kami tatagal ng 10 years kung naging kami in real-life," Lloydie revealed.   

Actually, this was the second time that I met Lloydie. The first one was during the grand presscon of "Unofficially Yours," his first movie team-up with my female counterpart Ms. Angel Locsin. The said movie which was Star Cinema's 2012 Valentine's movie offering was another top-grosser film!

The event also served as my chance to meet the beautiful Ms. Bea Alonzo. Yes, that was my first time to meet Bea in person and to have a "rubbing elbow" with her! She is truly kind in person! Another lady who is beautiful inside and out!

In the movie, Bea and Lloydie portrayed a much mature roles far from their previous movie characters. For the first time, Bea plays a mistress! Well, if you didn't yet able to watch the movie, you may check out its full trailer below.

In "The Mistress," Lloydie is playing the character of JD, the lover while Bea is Sari, the mistress of the benefactor portrayed by Mr. Ronaldo Valdez. Ms. Hilda Koronel completed the four-sided love affair playing Ronaldo's wife!

After this blockbuster movie, Bea and John Lloyd return on TV via their newest teleserye "A Beautiful Affair." And I'm also excited to meet them again next week! Exciting!

Two thumbs up and more power Bea and Lloydie! c",)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Xiam Lim and Rocky in the Video for a Magazine!

Aside from photos together, I even got a chance to talk and mingle with the Kapamilya hunk actor Xian Lim. What more, we even got a video together!

It was during the "Meet and Greet Xian Lim" event in Trinoma Cinema lobby three weeks ago conducted by the Inside Showbiz Magazine. And I was invited by the said magazine for this great opportunity!


Xian Lim is actually the cover guy of the magazine's September 2012 issue. He even topped the list of their hottest men poll survey. Therefore, they conducted the said event for Xian and for his fans.

Here is our short video clip with Xian Lim. Xian invited you to visit my websites! On the other hand, I'm inviting you to grab a copy of the Inside Showbiz Magazine wherein he is in the cover.

Let's watch our video: 

Actually, this is now my third time to meet and have a picture with Xian Lim. The first one was last December 2011 in "ASAP Rocks," the second one was last August for his recent movie "The Reunion,"  and the third one was for this magazine!

What can you say about our photos and video together?! It seems that the two cover guys met! Cool! c",)

My Meet and Greet Moment with Xian Lim for a Magazine!

Three weeks ago, I got a chance to meet Xian Lim for the third time now. It was not anymore for his movie, TV series, or presscon but for a magazine!

Yup, Xian Lim is the cover guy of the September 2012 issue of Inside Showbiz Magazine. And the magazine, the One Mega Group invited me to meet again Xian Lim. 

Well, let's check out my photo together with Xian Lim for the third time now. Below:

Meeting Again Xian Lim for the Third Time, Now for a Magazine!
Xian Embraces Me Before the Start of the Program
Xian Writes His Personal Message and Dedication to Me!
...Then He Signs My Magazine!

The event took place in the Cinema Lobby of Trinoma Mall. Xian even graced a number of fans who flocked in the event venue just to see Xian in person, sign their magazine, and have a picture together with the actor.

I even had a video together with Xian. And that is what I will share with you on my next post! c",)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Empress and The Rock in the Video!

For the third time, I met the so-called "Empress of Drama," Ms. Empress Schuck! But for that moment, she is not suited for the said title. Indeed, she could be called as the "Horror Princess!"

She is now the newest "Horror Princess" because Empress already starred in two consecutive successful horror movies namely "Guni-Guni" and "Amorosa: The Revenge."

Our third meeting was during the Blog Conference of "Amorosa," another horror movie offering of Star Cinema which premiered on theaters last August 29. In the said movie, Empress plays the character of a ghost.

Aside from having our third moment photos together, me and Empress even got a cute video clip. And here how it goes:

Empress invited you to visit my blog sites namely "Bits of Rocks" and "TV Series Craze." On the other hand, I've invited all to watch their movie "Amorosa!" Cool!

I first met Empress during the premiere presscon of "Mundo Man ay Magunaw." I met her the second time around during the finale presscon of the said hit afternoon drama series!

Well, what can you say about our video?! Putting us together is truly a perfect match! c",)

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