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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 2016: "Let's Talk About Something"

We are now on the second half of 2016. As always, things and events keep on happening. 

We have too many things to discuss and too many topics to blog about. But the question goes, can I blog all of them in a very limited time? 

This month of June is also the month to celebrate my 2nd year in the running community. So in my running and fitness blog Runner Rocky, expect for a month-long runniversary feature stories. 

So let's continue blogging and sharing of the different things that made us busy within these days here in my personal blog as well as in my other blog sites and social media. (RCB)

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 2014: "Taking the Month by Storm"

We're already on the mid part of the year, the month of June! Half of 2014 has already concluded! And yes, since we were always busy in all of our commitments, we didn't notice that time is fast approaching!

The past few months truly kept me so busy. I didn't even had a chance to post here in my blog many of my events, activities, and commitments. But still, I have my personal Instagram and Facebook accounts which were always updated in a real-time manner.  

So what's up for June?! Well, aside from sharing you my usual routines, I'll start something new. One of these new things is the so-called "Quick Review" segment which is my quick movie review of all the movies that we had watched. I'll gonna keep it brief, concise, and direct to the point maintaining your enthusiasm and removing boring moments.    

Aside from the said new idea, I will also share with you my very recent activities which will amaze and surprise my readers.

So let's embrace June, let's start the mid-year exciting, let's keep on rocking! Happy blogging at the same time, happy reading! (RCB)

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Monday, June 3, 2013

June 2013: "Sharing More Great Things"

It's already June 2013! And yes, we already reached half of the year.

The first part of the year for me is really challenging. Turns of events in my life, in my career, and in my love life is really drastic! If time permits, I'll share with you all these things.   

Now, let's talk about my feature posts for this month of June and expectations in this blog.

There are more new events lineup for me this month. Of course, I'll share them all to you. Yes, there are still lots of thing to share from the previous month. Therefore, I'll continue to post them all this June. 

For this month, expect also for new segment in this blog. We will start the so-called photo-serye featuring our thousand photos with the international heartthrob Chris Cayzer.

Expect also for the Bits of Rocks webisodes featuring my different encounters with the brightest celebrities and exciting events.

I still have pending posts regarding the different awards night I have attended in the previous months. I hope I can post them all this month of Junio.

And, I'll continue to feed your appetite with the new foods to be featured in your favorite yummy segment, Food Bits.

So are you now more excited here in Bits of Rocks this month of June?! Definitely! Expect also for more surprises as I always do! Let's start the month right! Let's continue the greatness of 2013! (RCB)  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 2012 - "Bringing Back the Moments in School!"

The month of June is a back to school month for most of us! For some students, they hate this month since they will return in school ending their vacation fun.

Now that I'm already a successful professional and already graduated from school, the month of June for me now is an ordinary month. But of course, June is also a month of celebration for us since this is my mom's birth month. It also marks the rainy season in the country!

Back to school month is still so special to me. Without school, do you think I can reach my status now?! And this month also reminds me of my memorable school days in the past!

So for this month, expect that I can share with you some of my memorable moments in school. Probably, I can share with you some of my pictures during school days!

But of course, I will not focus more on school days stories. Rather, I will focus more on the events that made me busy within the past few days. Yeah, I have pending events which were not yet shared to all of you since I'm really really busy! Again, hopefully this month, I can share more!

So, let's embrace the month of June! And take note, we are already on the mid-year! I smell mid-year bonuses! Don't forget to treat me guys ah! Hehehe...!!! c",)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 2011 - "The Wedding and Back To School Month!"

Wedding and school...these are the two words that best describe the month of June!

June is the month wherein many of the wedding are set. This is also the same month when we go back in school!

Well for this month, I will share with you some of my school experience! Yeah, those precious memories we should back to in school days!

And of course, we will also tackle wedding and wedding bells! We will even touch some of my inspiring love stories!

So let's start the month right! We will look back and we will look forward this month of June! We will look back in my school days and we will look forward to my future wedding! Nice! c",)

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