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Saturday, July 3, 2010

July: A Rainy Day Special!

It's's raining...! We're now on the 7TH month of the year, the month of the rainy July!

So, what will you expect for this month?! Storm, typhoon, floods, raindrops...?! Hmmm...!

Well, after we all enjoy bringing back the good old school days specially my high school moments in The Rock Land's special back to school flavor of June, I will share with you another special theme now for the month of July!

Since rainy days start and become stronger during the month of July, I prefer to use the rainy day as our theme for this month! Yup, Rainy Day is The Rock's Land flavor of month this July!

And what about the rainy days?! Well, I will share with you my different memorable experience during the rainy days! But that's not all! Not all about my rainy days experiences will be discuss here for this month. Of course, I will share with you work of arts, humor, blog story series, and many more exciting things related to the month of rain! Cool! Are we all expecting to get wet?! =)

And also expect for more other surprises like we always did every month! Excited?! I know you really is! So keep on visiting The Rock Land and get different surprises! Enjoy! Rain, rain, come and let's play...!!! C",)

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