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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Julia Montes and Rocky in a Video!

What did Julia Montes and I have in common?! Well, both of us were celebrating our birthdays on March 19. On that same day, I have shared with you our photos together and little bit infos about the two of us!   

Aside from our photos together, I even got a chance to have Julia in a video. This was during my interview with her on the promo of their 2012 MMFF horror movie entry "The Strangers." 

In the movie, Julia played the twin sister of Enrique Gil.

Check out my video with my co- birthday celebrant Julia Montes:

Last March 19, 2013 both of us celebrated our birthdays together. Julia had her debut or 18TH birthday while yours truly had my 20+ birthday. While Julia was having her happiest birthday, me on the other hand was having my not so good birthday on the same day.

Julia is one of the celebrities I've encountered most often. See you once again Julia! Nice meeting and knowing you better! (RCB)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Celebrating My Birthday with Julia Montes!

Julia Montes and I were celebrating our birthdays today! Yes, Julia and I have the same birthday - March 19!

Julia or Mara Schnittka in real life and me Aki or Rocky Batara in real life also share commonalities in life. We both faced different challenges before and we successfully surpassed them! Right now, both of us were striving for success, for a better career!

Julia rose in fame after portraying the character of Clara in the hit TV series remake of the mother of all teleseryes, "Mara Clara." Her character in the said series is her role I love the most!

While Julia is celebrating her 18TH birthday today, I'm also celebrating my 20's now! But aside from yours truly and Julia, do you know that today is also the same day when a popular saint was born?! Yes, he is no other than the father of Jesus Christ, the patron of workers - Saint Joseph!

Well, that's why many persons born on March 19 were named as Joseph. Did you know that my mom is supposed to name me as Joseph instead of Rocky?! That was a long story to tell why I grabbed my name as Rocky. Maybe I can share it why on my next succeeding posts!  

In my upcoming posts, I'll share with you more videos of the stars and celebrities who greeted my special day!

Julia, Rocky, Saint Joseph, and all the Josephs out there who are celebrating their birthdays today, let this simple message inspire you:

Happy Birthday!   

  Wishing you all the best on your special day! God Bless you all! (RCB)

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