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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Watch: My Interviews with Catriona Gray's Boyfriend Clint Bondad!

Just like our reigning Miss Universe 2018 winner Ms. Catriona Gray, her boyfriend Clint Bondad is also a hot trending topic. Yup, just like Catriona, Clint is also a model and a pageant winner who was hailed as 1st Runner Up in the 2016's Century Tuna Superbods Nation.

I've already introduced Clint in my previous post. And as promised, I will share with you my series of interview vlogs with him from 2016 the first time I met him until this year during the final competition of the Century Tuna Superbods Ageless wherein he was one of the judges during the final callback.

So are you ready to have a journey with Catriona Gray's bf? Since I'm yet to have a one-on-one interview with Catriona when she return in our country, let me first share with you my interviews with her real life partner. Here they go:

Fitness Interview with Clint: 

Clint's Winning Moment: 

A Birthday Greetings From Clint:

Clint as Judge to the 2018 Superbods Ageless Finalists:

Clint's Plans with Catriona:

Now that you already know Clint Bondad via these series of interview videos, my next on my bucket list is no other than his girlfriend Catriona Gray. And of course, an exclusive interview with them - Clint and Cat on one video interview!

If we're all proud and happy to Catriona's victory, definitely the most proud and happiest of us all is no other than her boyfriend Clint Bondad! Congrats again Catriona Gray for bringing pride to our country! 12/18/2018 (Bits of Rocks)

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Arjo Atayde Shares his Character in 'Pure Love!'

I already met this young actor Arjo Atayde for many times now. Our first meeting was during the presscon of "E-Boy" way back in 2012 where he was introduced in the TV series and in the showbiz world. I remember our wacky and cool photos together in the photobooth! :)

Two years later, Arjo is not anymore an 'introducing' actor. He is now leading in his own TV series pairing up with different young actresses. And take note, his different characters given to him were very challenging - a protagonist and antagonist at the same time! 

I'm glad that I met again Arjo now via bloggers' set visit in his current teleserye "Pure Love." And yes, aside from having more new photos with him, I even had more new questions to him about his current role as a bida-kontrabida in the said TV series.

In "Pure Love," Arjo is playing the character of Raymond Dela Cruz. And this character is very much significant in the story!

Here is a video clip of my solo interview with the actor during our set visit:

Well, if I were to ask you, how will you differentiate his character now in "Pure Love" from his previous roles before?! Is it more challenging to play the character of Raymond Dela Cruz? 

"Pure Love,"  one of my favorite Koreanovelas aired in ABS-CBN in 2011 is now airing again in the Kapamilya network via their very own adaptation weeknights right before "TV Patrol" in the undisputed Primetime Bida! (RCB)

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Paolo Onesa's One-on-One Interview with Rocky for his Debut Album (Video)

Paolo Onesa, a 20-year old heartthrob crooner and finalist of "The Voice of the Philippines" released his debut album "Pop Goes Standards." In the album, he sings the most loved pop songs in his signature standards style.

Finally, I got a chance to meet and mingle with this handsome singer during the blogcon of his album launch. During our question and answer portion, the heartthrob revealed many things about him which we didn't yet know.

I even got an opportunity to have a one-on-one interview with him. In my interview with this cute young crooner, he shared his inspiration doing the album, his favorite track, the famous singer he wants to be like in the future, and other interesting things about his singing career.

Here is my video interview with the heartthrob Paolo Onesa:

His debut album features the tracks “When I Was Your Man”, “You Are So Beautiful”, “Make You Feel My Love”, “Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)” featuring fellow The Voice finalist Klarisse De Guzman, “Marry Me”, “You’re Beautiful” as well as recorded versions of the songs he performed on The Voice of the Philippines like “Skyfall” and “Elesi.” “Pop Goes Standards” also includes two original songs “Lucky In Love” and “Which Way Robert Frost?” written by American composers Roxanne Seeman, Daniel Nitt and Philipp Steinke.

During his stint at The Voice of the Philippines, he was with the team of rock singer Bamboo Manalac where he discovered his niche as a crooner.

Paolo can also be seen twice a month at ABS-CBN’s Sunday variety show ASAP 19.

It was such a great pleasure to meet and interview you Paolo! 'Till next time. God bless and more power! (RCB)
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

John Lapus Talks About his Characters in Star Cinema Movies (Video Interview)

Kapamilya comedian John 'Sweet' Lapus is part of the newest Star Cinema comedy film "Da Possessed" which stars Vhong Navarro and Solenn Heussaff. In the said movie, he is playing one of the three ghosts that will posses the character of Ramon (Vhong).

During the blogcon of the movie, I've interviewed Sweet. We talked about the difference of his character in this film with the other characters he had played before in the other Star Cinema movies. 

Sweet was noticeable in the different hit movies of Star Cinema like "Must Be Love," "Call Center Girl,"  and "Here Comes the Bride."

With his different roles in those films, I've asked Sweet if in which among those characters was the most challenging, he willingly shared that his character in "Here Comes the Bride" was the most since he needs to portray the character of Jaime Fabregas who was a DOM (Dirty Old Man) in the movie.

Here is my full video interview to John 'Sweet' Lapus. Let's all watch this:

"Da Possessed,"  the latest film of Sweet is now showing on cinemas nationwide. See you again soon Sweet!  (RCB)

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An Interview with Mike Templo!

I finally met in person one of my favorite news anchors Atty. Mike Templo. Mike is actually a former anchor of ABS-CBN's ANC.  Then he transferred to TV5 and anchored their weeknights' news program "Pilipinas Aksyon" where he became more popular. Now, he is the newest Kapuso broadcaster hosting the newest GMA News TV's "Boarding Pass!'

"Boarding Pass" is actually a news and public affairs TV program which aims to help the OFW abroad. It will feature different life stories of the Filipinos abroad at the same time aid in resolving the overseas issues.

I got a privilege to have a one-on-one interview with Atty. Mike. In the said interview, we discuss his new program as well as the OFW issues that it will address. Here is my interview video:

Atty. Mike also revealed that he became an OFW for a number of years. While being an OFW, he himself experienced the actual lives of Filipinos abroad.

"Boarding Pass" just premiered on January 25, 2014 in GMA News TV. On the said pilot episode, he was joined by the novelty singer 'Dapalong.' (RCB)

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

An Interview with Lougee and Ali Alejandro!

One Friday night, we met in person two of the country's rock icons Lougee Basabas  and Ali Alejandro. The two were both part of the Pinoy alternative rock band Mojofly.

Mojofly were the band responsible for the hit songs like "Mata" and "Tumatakbo" - two of the songs we loved with my college bestfriend. The said songs somewhat reflected our college love lives for the said year.

Lougee and Ali had their gig in Tambayan Sa Kanto dubbed as "Togs Sa Kanto." Right after their performance, we interviewed the two icons. And here is our video interview with them:

That was actually my second time to meet Ali. I first met and interviewed him in 7TH High, BGC as he was also the drummer of Chris Cayzer during the said gig. Yes, Ali is the son of the OPM icon Hadji Alejandro and of course the sister of the OPM diva Rachel Alejandro.

Meanwhile, that was my first time to meet Lougee. Yes, she is the lead vocalist of Mojofly. The said band was renamed to Delara composing of the same members of the band. As I've narrated in my previous post, Lougee became a mainstay of "Eat Bulaga" and already appeared in the different TV commercials and print advertisements.

In the video, Lougee and Ali revealed that they were set to return on TV via an exciting new TV show. They didn't yet disclose the said TV program but definitely, all of us were excited for it!  

Lougee and Ali were regular performers of Tambayan Sa Kanto. Every month, they showcased different performance in the said bar that offers all type of Filipino cuisines.

Well if you want to enjoy good food while listening to good music, visit Tambayan Sa Kanto located at the ground floor of The Podium, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

See you again soon Lougee and Ali! It was such a great night to jam with you! (RCB)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Rocky Talks with South Border's "Aspog" Vince Alaras!

When I was in college, I really love the songs like "Rainbow," "Love of My Life," and "Ikaw Nga" from the popular RnB boyband South Borders. Those songs were somewhat part of my college love life. And I really felt inspired listening to them.    

I'm so glad that I finally met in person one Friday night the band's lead vocalist Vince Alaras in Tambayan Sa Kanto's "Acoustic Night." That was his very first gig in the resto-bar which offers an all Filipino cuisine!        

I talked with Vince via a cool video. In our conversation, he shared some interesting things about himself. According to him, he was called by his barkada as "aspog" which means "Astig na Pogi!" And from that term, they derived the name of their band.

Vince also expressed his gratitude and experience performing in Tambayan. Here is our cool video:  

This Saturday night, May 18, 2013, Vince will have his second gig in Tambayan Sa Kanto. Expect to hear once again his team revitalizing their hit love songs! And of course, watch him performing his very own rendition of the classic love songs!

Tambayan Sa Kanto's Acoustic Nights happen every Friday and Saturday from 9pm to 2am. The resto-bar is located at the GF of The Podium, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

See you again Vince this Friday! (RCB)   

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