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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ian Batherson Reveals Transfer to the Kapamilya Station!

Last April 2013, I got a chance to talk and interview the Kapuso hunk actor Ian Batherson. During our conversion, he revealed to me that he already signed contract with the Kapamilya station!

Yes, Ian is a product of GMA-7's artista reality show "Starstruck" along with Roco Nacino, Steven Silva, Enzo Pineda,  and Paulo Avelino. He even joined another reality show in the network which is "Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Doubles."  Then he starred in the afternoon TV series "Sisid" with Jackie Rice and JC Tiuseco.

In our video, Ian shared his contract with his new network ABS-CBN along with upcoming projects. Watch our video below:

Aside from the reality shows on TV, Ian is also dubbed as the "Close-Up" guy as he became more famous as a heartthrob in the said toothpaste TV commercial.

Are you excited to see Ian now in the Kapamilya?! (RCB)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ian Batherson for Bits of Rocks' 5TH Year Blog Anniversary!

The hunk heartthrob Ian Batherson joins the celebrity bandwagon of our 5TH Year Blog Anniversary celebration.  

Check out Ian's greetings to our one and only Bits of Rocks  below: 

Ian is a product of the GMA-7 artista reality show "Starstruck V." He even joined the other Kapuso reality show "Survivor Philippines."  He is now famous being the Close Up guy in the said toothpaste TV commercial.

Ian is now the newest Kapamilya. Soon, he will appear in the different TV shows and movies of the said network.

Thanks much for this Ian and see you again soon! (RCB)  

Friday, March 29, 2013

Video: Birthday Greetings of Ian Batherson to Rocky!

Ian Batherson is a product of the GMA-7's hit reality show "Starstruck V." He is the batchmate of Paulo Avelino, Enzo Pineda, and Rocco Nacino. After "Starstruck," Ian also joined another Kapuso reality show "Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles."    

Ian is now very famous as the Close Up  guy. Yup, he is the commercial model of the toothpaste's TVC.

And yes, I'm so glad to receive a birthday video from this cute hunky guy. Well, watch out his birthday message video to yours truly: 

I met Ian during the BlueWater Day SPA new endorsers launch wherein he is one of the endorsers. Later on, you will see Ian in the different ABS-CBN shows being the newest Kapamilya! 

Ian also reminded me of a friend.
Thanks much for this Ian! See you again soon! (RCB)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Aljur Abrenica and Ian Batherson: Meeting the Starstruck Hunks!

Aljur Abrenica  and Ian Batherson were both products of the hit artista search reality show "Starstruck." Aljur emerged from third batch while Ian from the fifth or last batch.

I met the two "Starstruck" hunks during the BlueWater Day SPA new endorsers launch wherein they were the two new image models. And I really had fun mingling and talking with them! We enjoyed picture taking together as well as video recording which I will share in my succeeding posts. 

Check out two of our photos:

I belong! We three were perfect combinations! It also seems that I'm also a product of the artista search and endorser of the SPA as I joined them!

That was already my third time to meet Aljur in person. And we already knew each other since we already had videos before! For Ian, that was my first time to meet him! Ian is actually the man in the Close-Up TV commercial.

The two even greeted my 5TH Blog Anniversary and my upcoming birthday. I'll share those videos and our other photos later on!

It's truly fun spending time with them! They were truly cool guys! (RCB)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meeting the Newest Blue Water Day SPA Endorsers Iya Villania, Ian Batherson, and Aljur Abrenica!

I was so privileged to be invited in the prestige new endorsers launch of Blue Water Day SPA in the Palawan Ballroom in EDSA Shangrila Hotel, Mandaluyong City last February 19, 2013. In the said classy event, Blue Water Day SPA introduced the hunk model Ian Batherson, MYX veejay Iya Villania and Kapuso top leading man Aljur Abrenica as their newest image models.
I was so blessed to have an opportunity to talk one on one with the three sexiest celebrities. In my separate interviews to each of them, they shared to me how active their lifestyle is. Yeah, even though they were all celebrities, they still differ in their ways of living.

I've asked them how the Blue Water Day SPA (BWDS) fits their lifestyles, and I was amazed knowing how they relate their lifestyle to the SPA. They even revealed their favorite service in the SPA. I will share with you my individual interview videos with them in my next succeeding posts. :)    

With the New Endorsers Iya, Ian, and Aljur!

A Wacky Shot with Iya, Ian, and Aljur!

The event marked our third meeting with Aljur. He expressed his gratitude that I was able to attend the event despite of my very busy schedule. He even revealed that he already watched our videos in YouTube. "Kulitan" moments then followed.
For Iya, this was our second meeting. Though she was not able to recognized me in "ASAP Rocks" last December 2011, this event paved the way to know each other more! And yes, she was nice to talk with. She even apologized for having a not so good voice that time because of cough.  

Meanwhile, this was my first time to meet in person the hunk model Ian. He was so talkative. He was able to expound his answer to a one-liner question! He even revealed to me the last movie that he watched! And he shared a secret to me which I will reveal in my next posts! Hehehe...  Oh, I then realized that Ian Batherson has a great resemblance with my close friend! :)   

Aside from these three most-loved celebrities, present in the said event were the executives, managers, and VIPs of the SPA. Media, press, bloggers, and socialite people merged in this sosy event! Hunk model Brent Javier hosted the said program!   

Watch out my succeeding separate posts featuring my actual videos with them! Cool! (RCB)

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