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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Quick Review: 'Maleficent'

Fairy Tales do exists in the modern world! Yes I admit, I am a fairy tale lover even though I was a kid! Therefore this newest fairy tale movie from Disney awakes the childhood in me!

"Maleficent" for me is a modern fairy tale movie. It combines the recipe of the traditional fairy tale story we used to love and the modern action twist which excites our hi-tech minds. 

The movie reminded us of the "Sleeping Beauty" wherein the princess (Aurora) was cursed by Maleficent to sleep forever when she reached the age of 16 after her finger was tuck by a needle. Only true love by a prince will awaken the princess! But in the movie, they put a twist in this traditional story!

Just like a well-love fairy tale, the movie teaches the viewers moral lessons. The story revolves around friendship, betrayal, revenge, forgiveness, and unity!

Once more, the lead star Angelie Jolie didn't failed the expectations of viewers. She created another remarkable role. Her character as Maleficent, a hero and a villain (bida-kontrabida) at the same time is truly awesome! Perfect performance by an actress! I even appreciate her action skills!

Once more, let's relive the movie with its full trailer:

 In a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest, 5/5 or 5 stars will be my rating for this film! Yeah, I really love this film adding to the collection of my best film of 2014 list! (RCB) 

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Quick Review: 'The Amazing Spider Man 2'

I am really an avid fan of the "Spiderman" movies specially when the Hollywood hunk heartthrob Andrew Garfield took the lead role! In 2012, I was amazed with the first sequel of the movie dubbed as "The Amazing Spider-Man" which also served as our reunion with my college 'ka-loveteam.'

Two years later, here we go again with another "Spiderman" movie. But this time with a new partner!  And this movie will be my first entry to my new segment here in my blog called "Quick Review."

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is more action-packed and more realistic than the first part. It is more action-packed in a way that they introduced two to three villains in the movie with different superpowers which put the life of Spiderman at risk! And yes, it is more realistic because the movie let the girlfriend of Spidey (played by Emma Stone) died. But of course she died with a worth, she sacrificed her life to save the only man she loves who is Peter Parker.        

The movie also puts in realization that even though you're a superhero, you are still human who get hurt and challenged by the usual human fate.

Here is the full trailer of the movie:

For me this movie tops my first list of best film for 2014 so far. No wonder why Spidey tops the highest-grossing film in the country for 2014!

My rating for the movie with the scale of 1-5 with 5 as the highest will be 5/5. Yes, a perfect score of 5 stars!

I can't wait and see its third part! (RCB)  

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

'Iron Man 3:' Another Winning Experience!

I won another new movie screening! This time, it's for the Marvel box-office flick "Iron Man 3."

And yes, I was able to watch it together with my friend in New Port Cinema 2 in Resorts World, the same venue where we watched last year's "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn."

The third series of this superhero movie is the best among its previous two versions. It's more hi-tech and more breath-taking!

I wouldn't talk too much about this movie for the meantime since many requested to avoid spoiler. But definitely, you will enjoy this film the way we did! And I proved why it was hailed as this year's first-day highest grossing foreign film.

Here are two of the film's trailers:  

The Full Trailer:

The Behind-The-Scene Trailer:

Aside from this blockbuster hit movie, I have more new film line-up to watch out on theaters in the coming days! Hope I can watch them all! :)

 "Iron Man" truly rocks the world! Two thumbs up for this movie! (RCB)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Epic Finale of the 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' Part 2!

"The End is the Beginning of Forever!" This is how the final book of the hit vampire movie called the "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2" is described. This is an epic finale which truly excites the viewers worldwide!  

I was so thankful that I got my free movie invites (for two) for the grand premiere night of this huge hit movie in the country. And not once but twice! Yeah I received two movie invites in two different venues in two different nights! Great! So I truly enjoyed my experience watching the film in the prestige big screen!     

Here are two of the great official movie posters of the said movie:

The movie didn't failed our expectations! All of the ingredients which put the Twilight Saga in great success were present in the movie - romance, action scenes, super powers, special effects, most-loved characters, and unexpected twist in the end!  

The movie started with Bella Swan-Cullen (Kristine Stewart) now being the newly converted immortal vampire. She is craving for blood and supposed to drink the fresh blood of human in the mountain. But thanks to her better-half Edward Cullen (Robert Patinson) who trained her the proper discipline being a good vampire.       

The story progresses emphasizing how the vampires will protect their half-human half-vampire daughter Remenesse. The traditional vampires believe that a child born half-human half-vampire is a great threat to their clan as s/he possesses great powers that could defeat them! But Remanesse is not that kind. Therefore Jacob (Taylor Lautner) together with the werewolves and vampires were up to protect her!     

Here is the full trailer of the movie. Let's all watch this:

The battle between the group of vampires with their enemies is the part I love much in this movie! I see the cooperation between the werewolves and vampires to achieve their one goal. But so sad that an important character in the film sacrificed his life which triggered the great fight!

But the ending is so surprising! Yes, you will get shocked after the battle! It will make you say, "Akala  ko 'un na...!" That loud scream was heard all over the cinema!

I wouldn't be a spoiler for this movie so I will not tell everything about it. It's for you to watch and find out! I'm pretty sure, you'll be satisfied after watching it together with your love ones!

SM Cinema Exclusive or SM CinExclusive also treated many of us in this epic movie finale during its premiere night! Cool! (RCB)     

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Zac Efron Experience!

  Zac Efron, the Hollywood A-lister hunk actor visited the Philippines on the last week of September for a vacation and for his Penshoppe endorsement.

I got a chance to see Zac in person during his exclusive Fan Conference in SM Mall of Asia Arena on a rainy night of Saturday, September 29, 2012. Many thanks to PR Asia, the publicist of Penshoppe who invited me for this once in a lifetime event.

The venue was filled by people two hours before the actual start of the event. Of course, I got a best seat allotted.

I already posted the whole story of this ultra hot FanCon in my TV Series Craze blog site so I won't anymore talk with it here. I'll just share you some of my photos. Here they are:

It's also nice to see that I have the same outfit Zac often wears in majority of his movies or TV appearance! Cool! :)

Last year, it was the Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer who visited the country also being the endorser of this huge clothing brand. Sad that I wasn't able to see him in person. But hopefully this month during the premiere night of his movie with Erich Gonzales called "Suddenly It;s Magic."

Great job Penshoppe for bringing international actors in the country! Two thumbs up! c",)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Won Tickets for the Advance Screening of 'The Amazing Spider Man!'

I was so happy and excited this day after I received a congratulatory email from the Nuffnang community manager. At first, I thought that it was only a spam mail and I supposed to delete it. But when I opened it, I got surprised reading the email!

"You won two (2) tickets to Energizer & Nuffnang's "The Amazing Spider-Man" movie screening on June 29, 2012, 7:30 PM, at Cinema 4, Powerplant Mall" - that was the introduction from the email! Woooh! I want to jump because of excitement! Finally, my dream to be included in the grand premiere night of my one of the much awaited movies this year which is "The Amazing Spider Man" came to life!

Here is the said invitation from Nuffnang:

Nuffnang and Energizer merged for a blogging contest. We will write a post about them following the guidelines specified and 50 successful Nuffnangers will be chosen to join this upcoming prestige event.

The deadline of submission of entries was yesterday, June 25, 2012 at exactly 12 noon! I was saved by the bell when I submitted my entry. I'm planning to write my post for the said contest on the night of June 25 since I didn't yet know that the deadline was in the afternoon. When I read my email to double check the deadline, I hurried up to write my post!

Presto...before the hands of the clock tick to 12 noon, I submitted my entry! At exactly 11:59 am post submitted to Nuffnang!

I got tickets for two! Watch out for my date this coming Friday! See yah...! c",)

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