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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An Ash Wednesday!

Today is another Ash Wednesday! We will see once more many people with a mark of a cross on their foreheads.

The cross mark on the people's forehead is actually an ash. Whenever they attend the Ash Wednesday mass, the priest puts ash on their forehead.

The said ash cross mark reminds us of one thing - "that all of us started as an ash and will all end as an ash...!"

Saturday, April 24, 2010

25 Beautiful Phrases About God

I like to share with you these so-called 25 Inspirational Phrases or Quotes about God. I received it via email from a friend.

Here are they. You may click each image to read the message!

Truly inspirational! After reading those phrases, seems that my mind was enlighten! These phrases were quotes we usually read or heard about God.

Well, you may even send it to you friends. Give them some inspirations or food for the souls!

I love the message connoted by each phrase. What more, I even love the views or pictures used in each quotes! Really inspiring...!!! c",)

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