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Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Glamor Night with Marian Rivera!

For the second time around, I met and mingled with the Kapuso Primetime Queen, Marian Rivera during the red carpet premiere night of their movie, "My Lady Boss." 

In the movie, Marian is playing the character of a terror boss, Evelyn. She is strict and disciplinarian in the office that's why many of her officemates hate her. Until a man named Zach (Richard Gutierrez) made her heart soft!

In our second meeting, Marian is kind, jolly, and approachable. She willingly answered questions from the media with sincerity. She even showed her sense of humor as she cracked jokes making the conversation light and easy!

And of course, we posed pictures together making us a perfect pair during the night! And it seems that we were wearing same shades of attire (terno!).

"My Lady Boss" is actually the second movie together of Marian and Richard. In 2008, they were first paired in the hit movie "My Bestfriend's Girlfriend (BFGF)."  Their second movie puts a great chemistry between Marian and Richard as both of them were fit in drama and comedy!   

My movie review for their film will be posted in my other blog. Right now, let's first enjoy our moment together with Marian Rivera! See you again soon Yan-yan! (RCB)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Meeting the 'Sosy' Girl Solenn Heussaff!

Solenn Heussaff is one of the four lead stars of the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival entry "Sosy Problems."  And I'm so glad to meet her in person during the red carpet premiere of their movie.

In "Sosy Problems," Solenn is playing the character Margaux, the daughter of the former beauty queen played by Ms. Cherrie Gil. She is the best friend of Heart Evangelista who is playing the character of Claudia.     

Solenn showed her natural humor in the movie. She made people laugh in her very natural way, in her sexy way! I love the scene where she showcased her gymnastic ability!  

Check out my video clip with Solenn wherein she invites you to watch the movie:

Solenn is truly 'sosy' in real life! She is beautiful and sexy in person. And yeah, she is so kind, approachable, and easy to deal with! She is much taller than me! :)

"Sosy Problems" is now hitting the theaters nationwide. This is GMA Films entry to the 2012 MMFF.  The movie gives a new flavor to comedy films. It shades new color to this year's MMFF entries! 

 Nice meeting you Solenn! (RCB)

'Sosy Problems' is Not an Ordinary Comedy or Glamour Film!

My Invitation to the Presscon and to the Red Carpet!

The Sosy Girls Inside the Movie House

A Perfect Christmas Treat from GMA Films!
"Sosy Problems" is GMA Films' official entry to the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival. It was previously titled as "Conyo Problems" but later on, it was changed to "Sosy Problems." The movie tells the story of the four rich and famous elite ladies play by Rhian Ramos, Heart Evangelista, Bianca King, and Solenn Heussaff.

The movie is light comedy in nature making the season jollier spreading more fun to the whole family.

In the movie, Rhian plays Lizzie, the spoiled-rich daughter of a hotelier who is a self-appointed leader of the Sosy group; Bianca portrays Danielle, the daughter of an ex-politician who is on the brink of being impeached from office; Solenn is Margaux, the daughter of the former beauty queen (Cherrie Gil) and the bestfriend and half sister of Claudia (Heart's character) who is also the daughter of a beauty queen (Agot Isidro). Margaux and Claudia were competing one another from beauty to the only man they see who is Benjo (Aljur Abrenica), an all-around employee at the Polo Club.        

Their main problem, however, is that their favorite hangout place, The Polo Club, which reminds them of all the memories of their “firsts” in life – including their first kisses and love affairs – is in danger of being torn down and replaced with a mall that is not so much for the rich and famous: in other words, not a “sosy” mall.

The “sosy” ladies will do everything they can in order to stop the Polo Club owners from pursuing their plans, and they will risk everything -- even their poise and glamour – to achieve their goal.    
Check out the full trailer of the movie:

Just like many people think, before watching this movie, I thought that this film is an ordinary comedy flick wrapped in a socialite touch. But it's definitely not!

The movie leaves every viewer a moral lesson in life. Each story of the four 'sosy' ladies tells different values.      

The story of  Margaux and Claudia emphasized the true meaning of friendship. Though their mothers were at war because of their daddy, they still manage to be best of friends! But when Banjo came, competition between the two ladies rose.

I love the idea taught by the movie saying, "Ang boyfriend madaling mapalitan at makakahanap ka agad. Pero ang bestfriend, hindi...!"  That's why in the end, Margaux and Claudia didn't sacrifice their friendship for only one man. And they both won in choosing friendship over man when they found out in the end that Banjo is already married!      

Bianca King Plays the Sosy Danielle

Rhian Ramos Plays the Sosy Lizzie

Solenn Heussaff Plays the Sosy Margaux

Stage Actor Mickey Bustos Plays an Interesting Character as Denmark
The story of Danielle emphasized acceptance. We really don't need to pretend to be accepted by people. In the movie, Danielle is still pretending to be rich even though her stature is declining just to be part of the 'sosy' girls. But in the end, she is still accepted by her friends no matter what happened in her family!      

Danielle's story also tells that love doesn't depends in status in life - no rich and no poor in true love! She still found true love in the person of Santi (Mikael Daez) who accepted her even in the times that she is facing her greatest challenge in life!    

And of course, Lizzie's story focused on valuing the good things we have. At first, Lizzie seems not contended even though she already have everything in life. But she learned to value it when she was sent to a province letting her experience living in a simple life!
Overall, the movie teaches us that even though we already have all the richness in the world, we still have to face different challenges and solve problems. Money, fame, and fortune were not exception, all of us have our own problems to solve!          
The movie also emphasized the power of Social Media like the Twitter and its influence to the modern society!

And if you think that the movie is targeting only the elite people, well think again! The movie is pro-masses. Every people in the society - yayas, maids, guards, employees, utility personnel, etc. can all  enjoy the movie!        
Yes, I truly enjoyed this movie! It relieved all my stress! It's really not an ordinary comedy movie everyone is thinking of. I highly recommend it. Watch it and see to yourself my points. In the end, you will find that this movie is really different!  

Two thumbs up to GMA Films for bringing us "Sosy Problems" as one of the flavors of MMFF 2012! Cool! (RCB)

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