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Thursday, July 25, 2013

JAG Pictorial 3 - 'Sizzling with the Hunks'

JAG is a well-known clothing brand in the international market with their stylish signature jeans, cool semi-formal attires, classy casual wears, and sexy underwears. 

During the awards night of the 2013 Yahoo OMG Awards, I had my pictorial for their brand being one of their endorsers introducing their formal wear. 

JAG is also known for having their sexy hot foreign models. And I'm glad that I have them together with me in a pictorial. Check out our sizzling hot photo:

Yes, together with me were the yummy hunk foreign models of JAG you always see on JAG posters, billboards, or paper bags. On that night, I was able to mingle and pose shot with them!

While topless exposing their sexy abs and chest, yours truly is on blue semi-formal attire. The models were endorsing the underwear and jeans while yours truly on the other hand is endorsing their formal apparel. Thus, the rock and the hunks compliment the shot!

We're done with my three cool pictorials with JAG! Three photos, three themes! Which of the three photos do you like and love the most?! With the JAG models, yours truly once more leveled up in the international scene! (RCB)

JAG Pictorial 2 - 'A Wacky Shot with a Friend'

JAG is one of the leading clothing brand in the international market making known for their signature jeans and polo wears. Glad that I'm one of their ambassadors during the awards night of the 2013 Yahoo OMG Awards.

During the event, I had my pictorial for their apparel. Wearing a blue formal wear, check out my cool wacky shot with a friend for JAG: 

This is two of my three pictorials for JAG. On my next post, get ready to get hot as my third pictorial is done together with their other sizzling hot endorsers!

Note that the photos were resized to their smaller versions to accommodate fast browsing and loading of the page! (RCB) 

JAG Pictorial 1 - 'In Formal Wear'

During the  awards night of the 2013 Yahoo OMG Awards, we had a pictorial for the international clothing brand JAG.

Wearing the JAG's formal lineup, check out one of my three pictorials for the said brand as yours truly stands out as one of their endorsers:  

It's a Blue Day for JAG as my outfit on the night and as the theme of the apparel were on shades of blue!

Watch out for my two more pictorials for JAG on my next posts! (RCB)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Star Will Be Born!

One day to go...or twelve more hours before the birth of the star! Today is March 18, 2010 and exactly 12:24 PM. Tomorrow will be the day...the day for another annual celebration every March 19!

Yup, tomorrow is my birthday! Another year was again added to my age. Hmmmm...can you guess what will be my age tomorrow? =)

Tomorrow will be my third times to celebrate my birthday here in our company. The very first time I celebrate my birthday here in our office was in 2008. I was night shift there and yeah, I brought foods for them! Then in 2008, the second time, I was in a day shift. One of my close friend here in our office gave me a nice gift, the mini-statue of Saint Joseph!

Tomorrow, what will it be?!

Well, we're gonna catch it tomorrow. I'm clueless by now! The star was not yet born by this day. That's why in the image above, you see that a form of me is yet to complete! And eventually you will see a good looking guy in the person of Rocky...!!! c",)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Las Vegas Inspired Christmas Party!

Welcome to Las Vegas...!!! Yehey!

Your long wait is over! As I promised, here are some of our photos taken during our 2009 company wide Christmas Party last December 11, 2009 at the Hard Rock Cafe. Like I said, it was a Las Vegas themed party! Starting from the entrance, walls, floors, tables, and costumes of the guests and servers...all were pro-Vegas!

So, I'm giving you the chance to explore the party that was happened on that night. Enjoy your tour to Vegas...

Who Got The Best Pose?!

Our Team in Vegas!

Let's Have A Wacky One...!

The Stage Where All Will Happen...

Another Team Shot!

This is the Vegas World...!

Come In...It is Exclusive To Us!

Oops...A Left-Over Desert and Appetizer!

Enjoy Your Food...

Having A Photo With the Executive!


Having My Solo Shot!

Eden Wants To Have A Picture Of Me!

Here's Erl...Also Wants To Have A Pic With Me!

A Performance from our Glee Contest!

Just Like a Gay Glee Showgirls...!

Here was a Great Number Who Got the Loudest Applause!

A Breath-Taking Performance!!!

Oops...Can You Guess His/Her Gender...?!

Enjoying The Party...!!!

Do you enjoy our party? Do you love Las Vegas?! Do you like our venue? How about the motif?

Actually the party or the program ran from 6pm to 9pm. But you can have your party all night long! Some of my officemates stayed and had fun there 'till 2am! But in my group, we leaved the party at 9:30 after the program and too many picture takings!

I love this year's Christmas party! I really enjoyed! The venue was so right and it exactly replicate Vegas. The dining tables were like a gambling table full of money and cards! The foods were so delicious. You got a complete meal starting from salad appetizers (name your favorite salad, all were there!), different types of Japanese Suzi, bacon, ham, and of course the main meal dishes like meat, chicken, fish fillets, pancit canton guisado, etc. And for was your choice of beers, wine, light drinks, or just a simple ice tea!

I also like the was totally entertaining! Great performers, great performance! Each of them really deserve a around of applause!

I love the costumes of each participants and guests! Even the servers dressed well like Vegas! Oops...talking about the servers, yeah, I love one of them! She was my crush...Haha!

And most of all, the most thing that I do in the party was to have a photo! Each side of the walls, in every areas, name it...I have a photo! I really like our pictorials! Many, many photos to count! Haha...! We also had our photos in the glamor wall! But I'm sorry, I will not share it with you, it's exclusive!

Now it's your turn! What can you say about our party? How about our costumes, do it suits for Vegas? How about my attire? How did I looked on that night?! Hope you enjoy our trip to Las Vegas...!!! c",)

Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

One Formal Day For The Boys!

Perfectly Suits

A brighter and formal day....!

Yup, we all agreed with that. All the boys in our team decided that we will come up a day wherein all of us will wear a formal attire! We will be having a JS Prom costume!

It just recently happened Monday two weeks ago before the start of our new project. Since that whole day will be all allotted for meetings, project walthrough, and wrap-ups, all the boys agreed that we will going to wear a formal business attire! But take note, it's for the boys only! Girls didn't know about it that's why they got surprised when we seen us wearing very formal while they were wearing casual dress!

Who's The Cutest Among The Boys?

Who's Your Bet For A Perfect Date?

Look at the result! See the come-up! How do we look? Do we look fairer, cuter, and more handsome? But of course, among the boys in our group, I'm still the cutest! I still come up the most handsome in the team!

The girls in our team get jealous and insecure. They say why only the boys? They also wanted to wear a formal dress in that day so all of us were compatible! According to them, they just look like our maids! Hehehe...!

The Manager and His Secretary

Feels Like A New Boss!

And we didn't missed the chance for pictorials and pictures! Thanks that one of our teammates brought his digital camera. We had a fun of picture taking all-round the office!

I didn't missed the chance to have a picture in my boss' area! It smoothly blends with my attire. According to them, I looked like our new manager in our team...hehehe!

Well, how do we look specially the cutest boy in the team?! Do you agree? That day seems like a special one. It looks like we were attending a formal dinner party. Some says, we're like a sales agent. Others thought we're having a final interview with the other companies! Hahaha...! But whatever they say, feel, or though, I'm so proud that the most handsome and the cutest boy in our team emerged in my own personality! Ahahaha...I know you very much agreed!!! c",)

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