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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Shake, Shake, Shake at TSK!

Tambayan Sa Kanto or TSK is a restaurant known for serving authentic Filipino cuisines from the different part of the region. Best-selling dishes like crispy bagnet, roasted garlic chicken, crunchy grilled lobster, baked tilapia, kare-kare, and many more all-time favorite Pinoy goodness were some of the signature dishes of the resto which put it on top of the competition against the other. But aside from these, did you know that TSK is also champion in terms of serving desserts and coolers?!   

Yes, I admit, I'm a big fan of shakes and coolers. Whenever I'm in a restaurant or in any food establishment, what I order for drinks is always shakes or coolers. I love the milk, chocolate, or pearl shakes. And I'm glad that TSK also offers my favorite delight. :)  

Knowing Tambayan Sa Kanto, they make ordinary foods extra ordinary! I've already proved that in my previous posts. And they made it again this time in terms of my favorite shakes and coolers. Well, let's take a glance in some of Tambayan's binabalik-balikang shake goodness!

TSK's Very Own Ripe Mango Shake

My Favorite Chocolate Shake Served in Tambayan's Way

Mango is Philippine's national flagship fruit. Definitely, this is part of restaurant's recipe. And they serve it in their own creative way. They put greatness in the unripe mango converting it into their very own Green Mango Shake.

I love how TSK presented their ripe mango shake. Yes, it was very creative! They serve it in two versions - the first one with red watermelon on top decorated with green mango skins while the other is colored with blue berries and with slices of green mango standees. Their creative presentation of green unripe mango shakes depicts an island cove!   

What I love most in these Tambayan's shakes were not only their artistic presentation, but also their great taste! Yes, the taste combines the sour goodness of the unripe green mango blended with its sweet toppings and cream milk. "Ang sarap! Talagang umulit ako!" First and second rounds were definitely not enough! "Mapapa-ulit ka talaga ng maka-ilang beses..."     

Taking a Selfie with My Favorite Shake

I'm Proud to be a Tambayan's Shake Endorser

Tasting these Tambayan's shakes, I couldn't help myself to take a picture of myself holding and tasting a shake goodness. And if given a chance, I want to become an endorser of Tambayan Sa Kanto's shakes with a huge billboard up and posted in the busy road of EDSA! Hehe... 

Aside from the green mango shake, TSK also offers the ripe mango, the chocolate, and the vanilla flavored shakes. Below are some of their photos that will quench your thirst:  

The Sweet TSK Mango Shake

Tambayan's Version of Vanilla Shake

To complete the list of Tambayan's fruit shakes, joining the bandwagon are the banana, the papaya, the pomelo, and the melon shakes!

For only Php85.00, you can taste the goodness of Tambayan Sa Kanto's very own version of fruit, milk, and chocolate shakes! 

Before I end up my post, I will let you visualize how creative TSK serve their very own ripe mango shake. Here is the said goodness blended in blue:   

Another Creative Version of Tambayan's Ripe Mango Shake

What Makes This Ripe Mango Shake Blue?

Wow oh wow, which among these Tambayan Sa Kanto's shakes do you like and love the most?! Which will you taste first?!

Well, feel great and fulfill your desire after tasting these shakes! Come and visit Tambayan Sa Kanto located at the G/F The Podium Mall. ADB Avenue, Ortigas Centre, Mandaluyong City.

For other recipes and services, you may also visit their official Facebook Fan Page at

So c'mon, tara na at tambay na sa Tambayan Sa Kanto and discover those great Filipino dishes! (RCB)

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bloggers Rock Tambayan Sa Kanto!

After the success of our "Fun with Philip" program launch last July 2014, me and my blogger friends returned in our favorite food tambayan, Tambayan Sa Kanto. This time, we enjoyed the event so-called "Tambayan Sa Kanto Bloggers' Night Food Trip" which I spearheaded.  

The event's main goal is to taste and review some of the best-selling Filipino foods offered by TSK and to have more information about this fine-dinning restaurant which serves all the best Filipino dishes around the region. But the event eventually turned into a fun-filled and another food-fulled night as the group enjoyed different social media games and wacky picture takings!

Social media played a great impact on the night of August 23, 2014 as the blogger participants posted cool, wacky, and yummy photos, activities, and statues in their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts about the happening in TSK. The most creative, artistic, and cool posts with the most number of likes and shares won exciting cash prizes!

Well for the meantime, I will not focus on Tambayan's food. Rather, I'll share with you our cool and fun moments during our food trip. Here are some of our 'not-food' photos:

The Artistic Menu List of the Foods Served to Us

Philip and his Fun-Kicks Also Joined our Gang

The Wacky Bloggers' Dinner

The Very Accommodating Ms. Margaret Estreegan, the Beautiful Woman Behind TSK

The Techie Guy David Who is Responsible for Our Sound System

Oops, the fun and excitement didn't yet stop on that Saturday night! Bloggers who joined this cool bloggers' night food trip were all entitled for a new competition called as the Battle for the Best Blog Post! Oh yes, the blogger with the best blog post for this event will win a special prize! Exciting! 

On my next posts here in my personal blog and in my other lifestyle blog which is The Lifestyle Portal, I'll share with you the foods served to us by TSK making all of us hyper-active and enthusiastic!  

Curios about the place?! Well, come and visit Tambayan Sa Kanto or TSK or Sa Kanto located at the ground floor of The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. See yah! (RCB) 

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Food Bits: Tasting Tambayan's Very Own 'Tinapa Rice!'

Last Friday night, me and my good friend once more visited our favorite tambayan resto-bar in The Podium, the Tambayan Sa Kanto. We jammed with the celebrity guest Paolo Santos who was that night's "Acoustic Night" featured celebrity.     

What caught my interest during the night was the food I ordered. I got amazed when I learned that Tambayan offers a type of rice called "Tinapa Rice!" And this is unique which we can only order in Tambayan. 

We were very much familiar with fried rice, java rice, japanese rice, pandan rice, or any types of rice offered by different restaurants. Now this time, get ready to know Tinapa Rice

Check out the up, close photos of Tinapa Rice and tell me why it is called as such:   

Tinapa Rice is a rice topped with Tinapa (smoked fish) bits. Completing the cast of this very good yummy dish are itlog na maalat (salty egg), tomato slices, onion rings, and dahon ng sibuyas. It tastes a little salty which compromised the tasteless taste of the ordinary rice.     

As you can see, Tinapa Rice is very Filipino! If there is a Japanese Rice which carries the banner of Japan, then here at Tambayan, we have our very own Filipino Rice named Tinapa Rice which is Pinoy foods another flagship!

Tinapa Rice is only one of the great Filipino recipes that you can taste here and only here at Tambayan Sa Kanto. Yes, this resto-bar is a restaurant very much popular of serving different Filipino cuisines. Name your favorite Pinoy foods or regional foods, they have it cooked with love and hospitality - the two traits Filipinos are known! :) 

Want to taste more Pinoy favorites? Well, come and visit Tambayan Sa Kanto located at the Ground Floor of The Podium, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Eat and enjoy the music! (RCB)  

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Feast of the Black Nazarene!

This is the actual scenario taking place every 9TH day of January in Quiapo Church, Manila:

The place seems like a sea of million people!

Every year, million devotees gather around the church of Quiapo for the annual feast and procession of the Black Nazarene. They believe that this black statue of Jesus Christ is miraculous. It can heal all their illness and can grant all their wishes!

As part of their sacrifice, the devotees walk from their home to the Quiapo church bare-footed! They doesn't matter if million people were there in the crowd! Even they get hurt, they still continue their patronage!

This is one of the well-known Filipino traditions! See how strong the faith of the Filipinos to our Almighty God!

Images were credit to the respective owners! Thank you! c",)

The History of the Black Nazarene!

Today is January 9. And this day is another special event in the Filipino culture. We are once more celebrating the Feast of the Black Nazarene. And right now, million people and devotees are there in the Quaipo Church in Manila!

But did you actually know how the Black Nazarene started?! Why do million people gather in its church every year?! What is the story behind this said miraculous black statue of Jesus?!

As part of my tribute to the Feast of the Black Nazarene, allow me to share the story behind this holy image.

Wikipedia defines the Black Nazarene as a life-sized, dark-coloured, wooden sculpture of Jesus Christ, believed to be miraculous by many Filipino devotees. It was known in three culture - in Spanish as "Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno"; in English as "Our Father Jesus Nazarene"; and in Filipino as "Mahal na Itim na Nazareno."

Originally, the statue is said to have a fair or light complexion. It turned dark after it was exposed to fire on its arrival from Mexico!

According to the story, the statue's original carver is an anonymous Mexican carpenter, and the image arrived in the Islands via galleon from Acapulco, Mexico. Folk tradition attributes the colour of the Black Nazarene to a fire on the ship carrying it, charring the image from its original fair tone into its present dark complexion.

There were two identical images of Black Nazarene brought into Manila. The first and most famous one was kept at the Church of Saint Nicholas de Tolentino in Bagumbayan and later transferred to Intramuros when the old edifice was demolished. This Black Nazarene was part of the celebrated Palm Sunday Procession in the old walled city where the statue perished during the Battle of Manila in February 1945. The other statue was given by the Recollect Priests to the Church of Quiapo. It has been often mistaken that this is identical to the lost image of the Intramuros.

Every 9TH day January, Devotees flock to the Basilica for the annual Feast of the Black Nazarene. The procession takes several hours to navigate the narrow streets of Quiapo. On ordinary times of the year, Friday is known as Quiapo Day.

To protect the centuries old image from effects of processions, the priests of Quiapo decided to commission a replica of the Black Nazarene. As a result, the Head and the Hands were placed on the new body while the old torso holds a new head. Both images are brought out for processions albeit alternating every other year.

The statue is currently enshrined in the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo, Manila, Philippines. Details were courtesy of Wikipedia!

Now we all know how this miraculaous black statue of Jesus Christ started and why it was called as such! c",)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Cast of 'Mano Po 6'!

It's now the season for Metro Manila Film Festival! Yup, every December the Philippine Cinema has a tradition of bringing good movies competing with one another in terms of production, quality, and actors and actresses. These movies are shown on the day of Christmas!

And part of MMFF is the entry of "Mano Po"!

Every year, Regal Film have their entries for "Mano Po"! And for this year, it is now on their 6TH installation.

Now I will allot this page for this hit Film Fest movie for all the Fil-Chinese citizens! Here we go...presenting the cast of..."Mano Po 6: A Mother's Love"!

The Cast Pictorial

Oops...The Three Main Cast. In the Center is the Lead Star!

Heart Evangelista and Dennis Trillo

Gifts for the Fans!

Pictorial Once More...!!!

Here's More...

Again...Heart, Sharon, and Dennis..the Three Lead Cast!

Well, these were some of the pictorials and stolen shots of the cast of this year's much awaited "Mano Po" series! What can you say?

Of course, the beginning photo is the movie poster!

I know you enjoy these great pictorials and movie poster. Hmmm...some other times, I will provide you with the movie trailer! Hahaha...!!! c",)

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