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Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 2014: "Love and Life Collide"

The second month of the year begins! And the beginning of this month is also the beginning of the Lunar Calendar where we celebrated the Chinese New Year.

We all know that February is the month of the hearts. But what if you're a brokenhearted?! On the other hand, the said month is also the start of the year of the Wooden Horse, the Chinese Horoscope many of us keep on believing with. But what if this year is not a lucky year for you?!

This February, love and life will collide. Though not in a right mood to discuss good things because of uncertainty, I'll still share with you good things about my events, happenings, and personal matters. More movie review, more celebrity encounters, interesting photos and videos will still be up for grabs!

Love, health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity...looking forward for these things in this most challenging year for me! (RCB)

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 2013: "Enjoying the Colorful Life and Love"

The year 2013 for me starts with positive vibes. Almost good things welcomed my year. The recently concluded month of January kept me busy with work, career, events, and lovelife. Looking forward these things to prosper this month of February and so on. 

February usually smells love as it is the month when we celebrate St. Valentines Day. Definitely, everyone of us is currently looking for dates.

Everyone month of February here in your favorite blog Bits of Rocks, we were talking about love, affairs, or love stories related to yours truly. But this 2013, let's add more twists to this month of hearts!

Since the year 2013 gives me a colorful or a beautiful start in terms of career, events, and lovelife, let's continue the discussion this February. Expect more new and exciting posts about my colorful life. Expect more beautiful updates from yours truly. Now that my readers and followers are growing, I need to offer more exciting stuffs!

The Chinese New Year for 2013 also falls this month of February. The year of the snake officially commences this month. Therefore, related Chinese New Year posts as well as feng sui or lucky charms will be published this month here in this page. You may notice that last month, I didn't even talked about Chinese New Year because I will share a full blast Chinese New Year feature this month!  

And yes, definitely I'll share with you a bit of my current lovelife. Hopefully I can share with you here our "moments" which already became a Facebook-serye!

Expect also for lots of surprises this February! So exciting! Join me then to embrace my colorful life and love! As they say, "Live More!" (RCB)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 2012 - "Spreading Love on the Love Month!"

First of all, I like to greet you all with heartwarming greetings of: "Happy Valentines Day!"

It's another month of February! As all of you know, this is another month of the hearts! A month for love, romance, inspirations, impatuations, relations, and other matters of the hearts! inline my topics to the month of love, I'll give you some love this month of February!

Of course I'll share with you topics about my personal love stories (again and again) haha! But this time, in a more symbolic way!

2011 is really a love year for me. I got many different relationships including casual, fling, official, and one nights! Hehehe...!!! I'll list them down and tell you my stories! And each of my last year's lovelife has a theme song. I'll rank them down for you! Which song do you think becomes No. 1 in my heart?!

I'll also share with you my different events and activities which made me busy within these days! And of course, expect more surprises and other other interesting topics!

So let's embrace the month of love for the meantime! Spread love...! Hug the one you love! As they always say, "make love not war!" Hehe..!!! c",)

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