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Thursday, October 8, 2015

October 2015: "Tougher October"

2015 is now down to its last quarter. Three months to go and we will set to welcome another calendar year. I'm so excited to share with you my 2015 yearender post at the end of the year or early next year. But before that, let's face first the remaining pages of the calendar.

The month of October seems to be a challenging month for me since I'm about to face different challenges in different aspects of my life - career, blogging, running, and other things. But the good thing is... I'm overcoming them! I'm about to win the battle!

The month is also another busy month to yours truly. But of course, I will find time to keep you updated with the latest happenings in my life here in this blog. Stay tune for more exciting unveiling. :)

So, ready...set...Fight! (RCB)

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 2015: "Enjoying Happiness on the Second Part of the Year"

We're now on the second half of 2015, the second semester as they termed in college. The first part of the year (the months from January to June) had been concluded with ups and down trials but, these were successfully surpassed. Now as we take the second half (the months from July to December), let's take the challenges of the past as the lessons for the present.

Events, runs, happenings, and different moments kept Bits of Rocks always busy. Many of them were not yet shared in this blog. Hopefully this month, I can share all my pending topics here.

Invites, events, and interesting stories keep on coming. Hope that all of them can be shared here fresh and kicking. :)

Meanwhile, if you missed some important happenings in this blog, you can still check out my other websites namely TV Series Craze ( for entertainment; The Lifestyle Portal ( for lifestyle; and Runner Rocky ( for running and fitness.

So let's start the second half of the year with happiness and good vibes and embrace new blessings! God speed to all! (RCB)

Friday, January 2, 2015

January 2015: "Starting Another Page of History"

This is my very first post for the year 2015 in all my blogs! :) 

Thanks God that 2014 has ended. Yes, that year truly ruined my lovelife that somewhat affected my career and social life. And that also proved my Chinese Horoscope last year saying that my year, the year of the rat was not a good year for me in 2014. On the contrary, the year 2015 is a good year for yours truly according to my Chinese zodiac.

New year once more gives me a new hope, a promising new path to start with. More new plans are now on my bucket list for this year of the sheep. And that will be one of the main features that I will share with you here in my personal blog.

And my annual yearender report, now for the year 2014 will also be shared today right after this post since I'm too busy on the last days of December.

So let's start creating another new history as the first page of 365 days begins! (RCB)

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 2014: "More Runs on the Finish Line"

Time is fast approaching. We are now on the 7TH month of the year, at the same time entering the third quarter of 2014. 

What do you expect for the month of July?! Well, this month will definitely mark my new fitness hobby - running.

I've started running on the last week of May. Then last month, I had another two major runs. And for this month, two more major runs are scheduled. And yes, me with my running mates agreed to have atleast one run each month. Therefore, expect more featured posts regarding my running victories!

Aside from that, I will also share with you more exciting events and video interviews with the stars. Selfies, quick reviews, and regular segments were also be expected! Other things in mind will come as surprise. :)

So start embracing July. Start counting down the remaining months of 2014. And of course, prepare yourselves for more exciting adventures! (RCB)

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 2014: "Beating the Summer Heat"

Summer is already around the corner! The heat of the sun is truly unstoppable. At the same time, more summer getaways, outings, and trips were taking place!

Now that we are entering the second quarter of 2014, expect for more scorching hot features here in your favorite blog site "Bits of Rocks."  Yes, the month of April 2014 is truly full of brand new stories to share. And I will tell it to you one by one, little by little.

For this month of April, expect to share with you stories related to summer getaways. April is also the so-called "Month of the Rise of My Blogs," we are celebrating the 5TH year anniversary of my top entertainment blog "TV Series Craze." And of course, this blog, the Bits of Rocks" is now on its 6TH year. On the other hand, my lifestyle blog, "The Lifestyle Portal" just turned 2 years old. Therefore, these things spell a month of blog celebrations! 

I will also share with you my pending posts for March 2014 such as my birthday videos and greetings from the top celebrities and personalities. And yes, one of my good friends is celebrating his birthday this April so hopefully, I can share with you his exciting birthday celebration!

The month of April then is a month for fun, celebration, and happiness! A hot month to deal with. (RCB)

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2014: "New Things Begin"

January 2014, the first month of the year! Fresh start, new beginnings, another hopes and challenges...!!!

As my tradition here in my personal blog Bits of Rocks, at the start of every month, I'm giving you a bird's eye view of what to expect here in this blog. It contains the topics to be featured in the site as well as the highlights of the month. Since it's new year, let me share with you a little bit changes in our Flavor of the Month segment. I'll maintain the calendar every start of the month plus, a Bitstrips, a comics or cartoon version of yours truly will open the topic for the month! 

What to expect for the month of January 2014? Well, I've listed down for you below:

* My 2013 Personal Year Ender Review

* My 2014 Goals and Expectation List

* The Celebrity Whom I Got the Most Number of Pictures With

* Throwback Photos / Moments

* Stars and Celebrity Encounters

* Events and Other Surprises

Since December 2013  kept me very busy with blogging and other commitments, I wasn't able to finish my 2013 Year Ender. Therefore, it will be my first important post, for this month! I'll share it with you shortly!

Once more, let's start the year right! Embrace 2014, embrace changes! "Happy New Year" everyone and God speed! (RCB)

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Monday, December 23, 2013

December 2013: "Counting Down the Blessings"

We are now on the last month of the year, the so-called happiest month of the year - the month of December!

Yes, I'm very busy with the past months for my career, work, hobbies, and love life. I even got no time updating this personal blog because of those commitments. But, before the year end, I will really find precious time to update this personal blog.

2013 is truly one of the most challenging year for me. It's a combination of failure and success at the same time! But still, I received lots of blessings to be thankful with!   

This December 2013, we will counting down our blessings, our success, our achievements. But of course, we will also noting down some of the flops and failures that we faced!

Before the year ends, I'll be sharing with you my year-end report. I'm also giving you the list of goals and to-dos for 2014. And of course, more surprises to witness in this blog!

So, watch out for these great things coming to you shortly! Merry Christmas! (RCB) 

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