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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Elmo Magallona and Rocky Reunited!

Kapuso's one of the hottest teen star Elmo Magallona and yours truly reunited once more! Yes, for the third time around, I talked and posed pictures with this famous son of the late Francis Magallona.

Me and Elmo both attended the recently concluded 2013 Yahoo OMG Awards night wherein Elmo performed while yours truly covered the event!

Elmo was also hailed as this 2013's Male Performer of the Year

Check out some of our photos together during the event:

Me and Elmo first met in person way back in 2011 in one of the events in Trinoma. Then in 2012, we had our photoshoot for his movie with Julie Anne San Jose, "Just One Summer." And this 2013, we joined together in this prestige Yahoo OMG Awards night.

Congrats Elmo Magallona! See you again soon! (RCB)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Elmo Magallona and Julie Anne San Jose's Movie 'Just One Summer' Also Reminds Me of My Summer Romances!

GMA Films just brought us their most-romantic movie of the year. It's "Just One Summer" which is also the very first big movie project of the country's one of the hottest teen love team JuliElmo!

"Just One Summer" once more showcased the perfect chemistry of Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magallona. No doubt why their home network trusted them with this huge movie in the leading roles!

In the movie, Julie Anne and Elmo portrayed the characters of two teenagers having different statuses in life. Elmo is the rich kid Daniel "Nyel" Cuaresma Jr. while Julie Anne is the simple farm girl named Maria Bettina "Beto" Reyes Salazar.

Beto and Nyel crossed paths when Nyel was forced to spend a summer vacation with his estranged father in order to get parental consent to study medicine abroad. Beto is working in the farm of Nyel's father's to support her study.

With the Lead Stars Elmo Magallona and Julie Anne San Jose

With the Movie Director Mac Alejandre

The good thing about this movie is that, it didn't only focus on the love story of Beto and Nyel. It is more on a family-oriented film which awakens the minds of many career-oriented parents whom for some time forget their obligations to their child. It also shares a touching story between a father and a son. It teaches us a lesson in life to love our parents since anytime, they may be taken away from us!

In the movie, Nyel is a rebellious son who hates his father so much because of believing that he left his mother while he was a kid.

Talking about the romantic side of the story, Elmo and Julie Anne didn't need to exert efforts to give us the so-called 'kilig' factor! Seeing them together even though not throwing dialogues is already a 100% 'kilig' moment! No doubt why the audiences keep on screaming every time Elmo and Julie Anne were together in one scene!

Mac Alejandre, the director of the movie once more didn't failed to give us a very good romantic movie amid of the bad weather! I admit, I'm a very big fan of Direk Mac in terms of doing romantic movies. He is the man behind the previous hit blockbuster movies of Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez like "Let the Love Begin" and "I Will Always Love You." I was so inspired by those movies since those movies as well as Angel and Richard reflected my previous love life way back in College!

To give you more glimpses about "Just One Summer," watch this full trailer:

Another thing that I love most about this movie is its theme song! Wow, Julie Anne San Jose made her very good rendition of the 80's OPM hit song "Bakit Ba Ganyan." The song was originally popularized by Ms. Dina Bonnevie! The song keeps on playing every romantic moment of Elmo and Julie Anne! I really, really falling in love on that parts of the movie!

The movie "Just One Summer" also reminds me of my past summer romances! Yup, way back in college, I got two romances which happened on two summers - 2001 and 2005. Summer of 2001 before I enter my first year in College, we had a DOST Summer training. And I fell in love with one of my summer co-scholars!

Summer of 2005 when I'm taking my advance subjects in Engineer, I also fell in love with my classmate older than me who was also an ECE student. I dubbed our love story as "One Summer Day!" Maybe on my some other posts, I can share with you separately our story! :)

Now you know why I can greatly relate with this movie of Elmo and Julie Anne! :)

Elmo and Julie Anne were also fortunate in the movie that they have the veteran actors namely Joel Torre, Cherry Pie Picache, Alice Dixson, Buboy Garovillo and Ms. Gloria Romero as the supporting casts.

Two thumbs up for "Just One Summer!" It's truly GMA Films one of its remarkable successful film! c",)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rocky and Tessa Nieto-Valdez!

And these are the best photoshots I have with a celebrity. Picture perfect as they say!

If my pictures together with Elmo Magallona look like brother, and with her mom Ms. Pia Magallona look like mother and son, this time, my pictures with Ms. Tessa Nieto-Valdez look like 'mag-dyowa!' Hahaha...!!!

Take a look on our photos below and be the judge:

What can you say on our pictures?! Yeah, they were the best shots ever! They say we are a perfect couple! Hope not a May-December affair! Hehehe..!!! Maybe it's another Vicki Belo - Hayden Kho story! Haha!

The celebrity singer and fashionista Ms. Tessa Nieto-Valdez is always elegant and glamorous! In all the events she attended, she always wear her glamorous trademark! Actually, this is her second dress. Right after her interview during the program, she eventually changed clothes before signing autographs and gracing picture-takings!

After the mother and son Elmo and Pia, I immediately go to Ms. Tessa and asked for a picture taking. Thanks God, she already finished autograph signing that's why I solely taken her. And these two pictures were the products! A cute picture perfect!

That's all folks! Hope next time, I can share with you more pictures of me together with the other celebrities! Good luck! c",)

Rocky and Mommy Pia Magallona!

After I got shots with Elmo Magallona, it's now time for her mommy.

Her are two of the best photoshots with celebrity mom Ms. Pia Magallona. She is the mother of Elmo Magallona.

Let's take a quick glance with our pictures below. Here they go:

While we were having picture takings with her son Elmo, Ms. Pia was currently gracing live interviews from Studio 23, TV5, and GMA-7. After our photoshots with Elmo, I waited a while to have a shot with his mommy.

After her interview, I said, "Mam can we have picture?" And she willingly posed with me.

Since very few people were on our side, we got perfect photos. "Hindi masyado magalaw" unlike with Elmo. And these two were our best photos!

If Elmo and I look like brother, me and Ms. Pia on the other hand look like mother and son! Hehehe...

After Ms. Pia, I had one more shot. It was now with Ms. Tessa Nieto-Valdez! Coming it to you shortly...!!! c",)

Rocky and Elmo Magallona!

The recently concluded event of Hewlett-Packard or HP and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or BSP which aims to promote original products and fight fakes allow me to mingle with celebrities. And I took my opportunities to have pictures with them!

The first one is with the young actor / singer Elmo Magallona. Yup, he is the son of the late Master Rapper Francis Magallona.

And here are some of our photos:

We couldn't have a perfect shot with Elmo (aside from the first one above) since we're on the middle of the crowd. "Sobrang dami ng tao" around him asking for his autograph!

Well, while he was signing his autograph, I came closer to him. Then say, "Elmo pa-picture!" And he willingly posed pictures with me using my cellphone. It's hard to fit both our faces together in the camera. "Medyo magalaw pa sa dami ng tao." But still, he is willing to have a second, third, and fourth takes! Hahaha!

We got four takes in all that's why we have four pictures together! It's up to you to chose the best shot!

Rocky and Elmo...I and Elmo look like brother together!

I also have other pictures with Elmo's mom Ms. Pia Magallona and with the singer-stylish Tessa Nieto-Valdez coming shortly...! c",)

Friday, July 22, 2011

An HP Printer and BSP Money Endorser!

It's nice to be an endorser and advocate promoting original products! In the recently concluded event which fights fake products, I'm so glad being one of a commercial models!

Hewlett-Packard or HP company and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or BSP joined hands in promoting original products and fighting counterfeited items. The event was called 'No to Fakes' and was held in Landmark Trinoma Mall. It was delegated by other celebrities like Tessa Nieto-Valdez, Bam Aquino, Pia Magallona, and Elmo Magallona.

Below are some of my photoshots in the said event. Let's take a quick glance on these:

Aside from being a perfect endorser of their genuine products, I also enjoyed the different booths provided by these two big companies.

One of the booths is the BSP booth wherein they allow you to exchange your old peso bill to the new one. I was able to exchange my Php500, Php100, Php50, and Php20 bills into the new ones!

I also enjoyed the pictorial for a magazine cover. Yes, they'll launch their magazine called 'Original' mag and I'm the cover boy! Hehe...! I'll share with you the said cover in my next post.

And most of all, I enjoyed picture taking with the stars like Tessa Nieto-Valdez, Pia Magallona, and Elmo Magallona! Yup, I'll share with you those pictures in my next posts! Exciting!

We also watched a simple concert performed by Elmo and Imago during the event! Great!

This said event is a two-part event. I attended the first one. It was really fun and fulfilling even though I went home at 3pm from a night shift work! Hehe...!!! c",)

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