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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Common Problems of College Students Tackle in 'Dorm Boys!'

 College years for me is one of my best years as a student. This is the time where I emerged as a student achiever in different aspects - leadership, honor roll, scholarships, and love life!. But though college years were my golden years, I also encountered different problems and struggles faced by ordinary students.    

These different challenges of college students were tackled in the latest indie film "Dorm Boys." Usually when we heard of 'indie film,' the first thing that comes in our mind is sexy or adult movies. But "Dorm Boys" erased that bad impressions to indie films.     

"Puso,"  "Pera," "Parents," and "Professors" were the four major Ps or problems of every student. These problems were faced by the five college barkadas who were living together in one dormitory!

With Arvic Rivero

With Aaron Villaflor

With Renz Michael
 The movie is led by the four young actors namely Arvic Rivero, Ryan Kevin, Renz Michael, Carlo Lazerna, and Aaron Villaflor. The story revolves around them narrating their respective stories!  

In the movie XLR8 member Carlo Lazerna deals with his college course. He is battling on which to pursue, engineering which his parents want for him or architecture which is his own desire.  

Newest teen hearrthrob Arvic Rivero is dealing with problems of love at the same time pursuing his dream to got a green card and live outside the country.

Another newbie Ryan Kevin's story focused on dealing with hearthaches. He fall in love with a beautiful young lady who was mistakenly identified as a young prostitute.

Renz Michael story also involved love and studies. His girlfriend in the movie is also his professor. It's the matter of putting boundaries between a teacher-girlfriend relationship!   

And of course the mainstream actor in the movie Aaron Villaflor deals with family problems. He is an illegitimate child of a family-man played by Bobby Yan. His father can't accept him as his son since this will create an issue with his current family!   

With Carlo Lazerna
 The Movie Worth-Watching!

The movie discussed how these youngsters deals with such problems and showed how they overcome these challenges. They were all ordinary students who encountered common teen problems. But in the end of the story, see how they emerge as winners overtaking their own trials!   

Here is the full trailer of the said movie. Let's all watch this:

The movie gives inspirations to every students. It tells the young viewers to be strong, don't easily give up, and keep on fighting amid of different trials. All of us have our own problems to face. But at the end of the day, try to realize that if "nakaya nila, dapat kayanin ko rin!"

Another good thing about this movie is that, it is light and cool to watch though tackling serious problems! After watching it, you might say, "naka-relate ako!" It is successful in captivating the target audiences which are the youth!      

I even love how the stories of each student were put together! They inter-relate one another!

"Dorm Boys" is another SM Cinema Exclusive! Yes, this movie is shown exclusively in all the SM Cinemas! It was officially opened this Wednesday, November 7, 2012 but had a red carpet premiere night the day before its official showing (November 6).

I also enjoyed mingling and talking with the casts of the movie. They were present during the premiere night!  I'll share with you our encounters in my succeeding posts.

Two thumbs up to this movie! It is truly worth watching! (RCB)

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