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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Have You Already Got the Latest Issue of "Maasim" Magazine?!

Have you already grabbed a copy of the latest edition of Maasim Magazine?!

If not yet, I have this one for you:

This is posted by one of my friends in Facebook! It's another humor post to laugh with...!

What if Aling Dionesia posed in other Men's magazine just like this?! Do you think she will be crowned as the FHM's Sexiest Woman of the World?! "May asim pa talaga si Aling Dionesia...!" c",)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The New Primetime Queen!

TV series is dominating our industry nowadays. Many stars became successful or get known because they starred in a hit TV series or teleserye. Kim Chiu, Angel Locsin, Marian Rivera, Judy Ann Santos, Claudine Barreto, Kristine Hermosa, and Bea Alonzo were some of the stars who shine the brightest because of their Primetime teleseryes!

Hmmm...if I were to ask you, who is the leading Queen of Primetime TV series?!

Well, there is only one 'star' who got the title! And there she is:


"Dionarda" / "Darnesia"

"Bitty La Fia"


"Nobinta" (Katursi Book 2)

Hahaha...! Do you already watched them?! Or maybe you're already an avid televiewer fan of these hit Primetime TV series! Which of them is your favorite?!

What do you think are the ratings of these soap operas!? Did they already deserve to grab the Best Drama Series Awards?

But one thing for sure, a new STAR is BORN! Oops...not only a Star but a "Queen of Primetime"...!!! c",)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Next Attraction Box-Office Movies

Have you catched the latest movies? Do you already have a DVD copy of them?

Well, well, well, for the movie lovers and movie goers out there, here is now your chance to see the next box-office hit movies!

Hahahaha...I just got it from my email. Actually our manager really love this and so he decided to sent them to all our team. According to him: "It’s not my style to forward stuff like this. Pero natawa lang talaga ako sa Katursi..." Hmmmm...seems that he love Mommy Dionesia huh...hahaha!

So, join me as we count these movies and other flicks...

Do you like them? Which of them do you love most!? Which of them impacted you...the political movies or the first starring role of Mommy Dionesia in a TV series? Cast your votes!

Relieve your stress for the meantime and have fun with these new upcoming flicks! So there...Enjoy!!! c",)

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