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Monday, November 29, 2010

My USB Fountain!

Just recently, I bought a USB fountain in one of the leading computer accessories store. And I was really amazed how it works!

Do you wonder why it is called as a USB fountain?! Well, it's very simple! It will work when you connect its USB connector to a PC or in any other devices having a USB slot. In my case since our stereo component has a USB slot, I connected my fountain to it! And yeah, it works!

This how my USB fountain looks like:

As you can see, it's very cute and attractive! The design is a bamboo faucet. The water flows from the hole above the piece of bamboo, going to the bamboo, then the bamboo swings until the water flows in its mini-canal!

If I'm not mistaken, the design of my USB fountain is inspired in bathroom resorts and beaches! The bamboo faucet is surrounded by the bamboo walls. The area seems enclosed specially it someone will need to take a bath on this. And of course, the floor is made with white sand. I like the white sand on it! Very creative!

The design as well as the color theme of this fountain is very relaxing specially when the water is flowing to it! The green bamboo wood as well as the bamboo walls and the white sand perfectly blends with one another! And since it is connected to our stereo component, whenever our component is turn on, the fountain works together with the music! So, the music coming from our radio synchronizes the flowing water in my fountain! So relaxing, it's stress relieving!

Actually this USB fountain comes with a lot of designs. Yup, so many designs to choose from like the fountain angel, the holy cross, the cemented tiger, the wall fountain, and so many more. But I chose this one to blend in our home! And I placed it besides our green flower base to add elegance!

What can you say about my USB fountain?! Do you love it too? Do you also feel relax and inspire seeing this?! What other more suggestions you can give me?! Hope you'll like it too! By the way, it's an energy saving fountain since it is run only by your PC or any devices having a USB slot! C",)

Friday, October 29, 2010

And Now They were Two!

Now we already have two personal computers. The first one is my LCD personal computer which I bought last December 2009. The second one is my new Toshiba laptop which I bought just this October 24, 2010.

Since we already have two computers in our home, let's now compare and contrast them. Yup, it's fun to see these two together. I love bringing them closer together like in these pictures!

These two computers were two of the fruits of my hardwork. They can now be counted as two of my property investments. Seeing these two together, "sobrang sarap sa pakiramdam...dito napunta ang ilan sa mga pinaghirapan ko..." ! Wow!

The Face-off of my PC and my Laptop!

Now that I already have my own laptop, my previous PC is now owned by my younger brother! Yup, my younger brother is now the owner of that PC! I already gave it to him. We will not anymore compete in using only one PC. We have now our own property!

These two computers both have an internet connection. A DSL connection is for our PC while a wireless network is for my laptop. Yup, I bought a wireless router, the D-link which gives internet connection for these two PCs.

The operating system (OS) of our PC is Vista while my laptop is Windows 7. Their processors were both Intel Pentium. Our PC is Core Duo while my laptop is Dual Core. 2GB is the RAM of our PC but in my laptop, it is only 1GB DDR3 but I will upgrade it later on to 4GB!

Our PC is still placed in its original location in our sala. My laptop is located now in our bedroom. Before I permanently placed it and its table in our bedroom, I brought them closer together just like the one you see above! By the way talking of their computer tables, our PC's table is a blackish-brown while my laptop's table is brown. Both of them were made of a concrete wood. Yeah, I bought them exclusively for my PC and for my laptop!

Hayz...there were really very inspiring and relaxing to see! They were truly the fruits of my labor and my hardwork that I should be proud of! Nice! I hope I also inspires you! C",)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Search for a Laptop!

It's final...! I already decided! Tomorrow will be the day! Oh yeah!

After my short search (which is only last month then yesterday), I finally decided what laptop to buy!

Tomorrow, I will buy my new laptop! I will buy a Toshiba laptop with a model of L510. Yup, this is the one you see in the pictures! What can you say?! Do I got my best choice?!

Actually I searched the different gadgets and PC stores to look for the best laptop to buy. ElectroWorld, Silicon Valley, Villman, Complink, Cyberzone, and many more PC stores in Trinoma, SM North Edsa, and SM Valenzuela. And finally, I found the one I'm searching for!

My first plan is to buy a netbook. But after I compared the different specs of a netbook, I wasn't satisfied. Netbook has no DVD writer and the memory is not that large. Though some provides a portable DVD, it's still messy to use when a driver is attached to it. The only advantage I found on it is its light weight, its portable and can use everywhere!

I got many laptop brochures and spec sheets. I compared one brand from the other. Atlast, I chosen the brand whom I think the best among the rest! I hope I got my best choice!

Yes, it's Toshiba L510. It has a 1 GB DDR3 memory but can be upgraded to 2GB. Hard disk drive is 350 GB. It has a built-in web camera and DVD writer. What more, it has a free Samsung cellphone or a printer!

Try to look at the images above and below of my chosen new laptop. And also, I got a short video of it from the Youtube. Try to watch a short video of it below! Then afterward, tell me if I got my best choice!

Tomorrow morning, I will go with my mother in one of the prestige store to buy this laptop. Then in my next post, I will share with you my bought laptop!

Then what will I do with my PC?! I will give it to my younger brother. Tomorrow when I already have my own laptop, this PC will be my brother's property! C",)

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Powerful New Speaker for My PC!

Last December of 2009, I have let you see and explore my new PC in our home! Even the area where it was placed as well as its other accessories, all of them were exposed to you! Now, just this Saturday, I bought another important accessory of it! Ready?!

Yeah, I bought last Saturday a brand new speaker with a sub woofer for my new PC! Of course, I'll let you explore it! C'mon! =)

My Speaker with Sub Woofer on Top!

This is Now My Complete Set!

My PC has already a new speaker since before I bought it, I first bought a separate speaker from CD-R King. It was just a small ordinary speaker amounting for only less than two-hundred pesos! Though it was just ordinary and small, it produced a little sound with no beat at all! We were not satisfied with it! So, my brother insisted to buy a new one with sub woofer!

After a series of search from all over the Electronics Mall, I finally decided to buy the best brand! And here what we had now, a Creative SBS-A300 speaker with sub woofer! See how it looks! =)

Here's The Brand and Its Specs!

I Even Kept Its Carton!

From the Octagon PC Store in SM Valenzuela, we bought with my mom last Saturday this speaker for PC. It's a black pair of speakers with a sub woofer! It has a rated sound power of 30 Watts (RMS)! The sound it produce is really a solid loud! As they say, it is digitally surround-sound!

As you can see from the images above, I placed the new speaker on the sides of the monitor while its sub woofer on the uppermost layer of my computer table! As I said before, in this uppermost layer, I temporarily used it as a display area for my picture frame, clock, and other ornaments. But now since my new speaker was here, I put now the sub woofer on it!

Now whenever I was in front of my PC surfing the net, blogging, flirting, or playing Cafe World, I enjoy the powerful sound from my new PC speaker! The beat is so loud and crisp!

Then it's your turn to post your thoughts and comments! What can you say with this new PC speaker?! Do I got the best brand and specifications?! Do you like it? Or would you suggest a better one?! c",)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Invasion of our Home VII: 'The Place of My New PC!'

Welcome back to our invasion! I know you really missed your tours around our home.

So by your request, I will allow you back to invade our home! Are you excited?! This time, I will let you see where I place my new PC.

Have your camera with you as we enter our home. Take a glance to the area where my new PC was situated. One...two...c'mon...!!!

Showing My Complete Set!

A Study and An Office Area...!!!

One week before I had my new desktop, I bought a computer table for it. I looked for a sturdy and a multi-function brand in Homeworks, ACE Hardware, and in SM Mall here in our place.

After a series of search, I finally found it in the SM mall. Just like what you see, my computer table is a black sturdy wooden type. It has a three layer table. The bottom layer is for the AVR and for the CPU, the second layer is for the monitor where in this layer, it has another two mini-layers on both side for the speaker. It has a sliding drawer on the second layer for the keyboard. Speakers, optical mouse, web camera, our internet modem, telephone, in addition to the monitor and to the keyboard were situated in the second layer.

Well, on the third layer is a space for the printer or scanner. But since I have no printer or scanner, I used this layer for displays of other things just like what you have seen.
A Cool and Well-Ventilated Place!
Do You Like My Computer Table?!

I Just Put Design on The Third Layer Since I Have No Printer or Scanner Yet!

I decided to place my new PC in our sala in between our green sofa and my bookshelf. I first thought to place it in our bedroom, but since the phone was in our sala, we agreed to locate it beside the telephone. In fact since it is beside my bookshelf, I decided to call this area as my office extension or a study area!

This area also is really cool and well-ventilated. It is located in-between our main door (with a window beside it) and in our window in our dining area so cool breeze revolves around! You really feel cold in this place! So relaxing!

But then even the area was well-ventilated, I still bought a small industrial fan which is only dedicated for my CPU. It was placed in the bottom layer of my computer table directed toward my CPU. I really feel the cool air given by my small industrial fan in my legs!

Now what can you say about my location for my new PC? Do you like where I placed it? And how about my designs...?! Are you also satisfied with the computer table I bought to house my new PC? Feel free to give you comments and suggestion...!!!

See you once more in our next invasion! I know you enjoy your trip...!!! c",)

My New PC

The long wait is over! Finally, I already had my Personal Computer in our home! Yeepey!!!

It was just delivered in our home last Saturday afternoon together with the installation of our internet.

So again, I will let you to be the first to explore my new PC. Of course, I will also let you know some of the stories behind it and the specifications for better visualization! Are you ready...?!

Let's go!
The Web-Camera from A4Tech, The First I Bought
My CPU Monitor From Dell
It is an 8 Megapixel Web Camera

Actually, my original plan was to buy a laptop! Together with my officemates, we looked at the different brands and specs of laptops in the different computer stores in Cyberzone of SM Megamall! I also searched for the different brands and models in the internet and in the different brochures.

But after a thorough decision and discussions with my mom, my brother, and my friends, I finally came up to buy a desktop personal computer!

I put into considerations in buying a PC are the heavy duty use of it (since I have many transactions around the internet), cost (it is cheaper than the laptop), spare parts (we can replace immediately its separated spare parts with lesser cost), ease to upgrade, and its immovability (I will put in a permanent place in our home).

In fact, I bought this brand new PC in the store of my officemate. Yeah, my officemate at the same time my friend has a PC shop business. So, she gave me discounts in this PC. Also, they already installed all the softwares that I will need like the Microsoft office, Nero, Media Players, Games (per request of my brother), and many more! They were also the one who delivered it in our house!
The DVD Multi-Rewriter from LG

The CPU with Its Casing Below My Table

The Operating System of My New PC

Now, I will discuss with you the specs of my brand new PC.

My officemate friend gave me these competitive specs: 2GB memory, 320 Hard Disk Drive, Multi-DVD Rewritable player (LG brand), with optical mouse and AVR. The motherboard was provided by ASUS while the CPU monitor was from Dell. It has a built-in red CPU fan inside the CPU. And of course, it has a free installed operating System (OS) which is the Windows Vista!

Talking about the softwares inside it, all the different applications I requested were already installed. In fact, the Microsoft Office version in it was already the new MS Office 2010 version! The processor of it is a Core 2 Duo!

In terms of the hardwares, not included were the speaker, web camera, scanner and printer. I was the one who bought separately the speaker (from CD-R King but I will replace it later) and the web camera (8 Megapixel A4Tech).

On that very same day last Saturday, the Bayantel DSL, our internet provided installed our connection. Therefore since last Saturday, I was in front of my PC blogging, surfing, chatting, and flirting! Haha...! I already created my accounts in the different social networks such as in Facebook!

Well, now that you already explored my new PC, feel free to express your thoughts about it! Are you satisfy with the specs I have in my new PC?! What more can you suggest?! c",)

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