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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Watch: My Interviews with Catriona Gray's Boyfriend Clint Bondad!

Just like our reigning Miss Universe 2018 winner Ms. Catriona Gray, her boyfriend Clint Bondad is also a hot trending topic. Yup, just like Catriona, Clint is also a model and a pageant winner who was hailed as 1st Runner Up in the 2016's Century Tuna Superbods Nation.

I've already introduced Clint in my previous post. And as promised, I will share with you my series of interview vlogs with him from 2016 the first time I met him until this year during the final competition of the Century Tuna Superbods Ageless wherein he was one of the judges during the final callback.

So are you ready to have a journey with Catriona Gray's bf? Since I'm yet to have a one-on-one interview with Catriona when she return in our country, let me first share with you my interviews with her real life partner. Here they go:

Fitness Interview with Clint: 

Clint's Winning Moment: 

A Birthday Greetings From Clint:

Clint as Judge to the 2018 Superbods Ageless Finalists:

Clint's Plans with Catriona:

Now that you already know Clint Bondad via these series of interview videos, my next on my bucket list is no other than his girlfriend Catriona Gray. And of course, an exclusive interview with them - Clint and Cat on one video interview!

If we're all proud and happy to Catriona's victory, definitely the most proud and happiest of us all is no other than her boyfriend Clint Bondad! Congrats again Catriona Gray for bringing pride to our country! 12/18/2018 (Bits of Rocks)

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