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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Red Asian-Style 'Rockz Cafe' Going Stronger!

Yeah, I'm so glad with the current status of my Rockz Cafe in Facebook! You heard it right, it keeps on going stronger and successful! Right now, I am already on Level 30! And my area is about to expand!

And if you want to see how my latest design looks like, here is the picture above! What can you say?! Still my motif is an Asian or Chinese inspired! I call my design as "The Red Asian-Style Cafe"! Like it?

Visit the Official Website of the Rockz Cafe!

This is My Official Logo

The Current Design of My Cafe As Seen From Top

Of course as I launched it earlier, you may now visit the official website or blogsite of this Rockz Cafe. All the latest designs, evolutions of its design, as well as the chef and some of the dishes it serve were all there!

And there is also a special feature of the site. Yeah, I feature some of the designs of my neighbors cafe! So, you won't only view my own cafe but my neighbors' cafe as well! Excited?! Yeah, so visit the Rockz Cafe and have fun!

As I told you, it becomes stronger and stronger! Not only the website, but even in Facebook, it now have an official Page! To know more about the Rockz Cafe, kindly search Rockz Cafe on Facebook and become a fan!!

So see you in the Rockz cafe website or in its Facebook Fan Page! c",)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Red Cafe

Have you been in the so-called Red Cafe? How do you like the place? So attractive, romantic, and really relaxing were some of the words to describe it!

Again, welcome back to your favorite cafe world named as the Rockz Cafe! Yeah my very own cafe resto is growing further! Actually I already expanded my area! And glad to say that I am already in Level 25. Yeepey!

Yup, I will still tour you to my newly expanded cafe! Ready...let's go! =)

More and More Customers were Attracted to its Ambiance!

A Growing and Expanding Red Cafe !

How do you like my design?

Still, my motif is a romantic red Chinese inspired! The place is surrounded with red hue blended with the red furniture! Are there any difference with my previous design in my previous level?

Yup! The primary difference was my land area. Like I have said, I already expanded my lot! And have you notice the stoves? Yeah, I bought a brand new expensive stoves! They were also increased in number. I also added an additional counter to cater my cooked dishes!

Of course, I put new ornaments to it to make the place more romantic and relaxing! Have you see them? Can you tell me which were the new ornaments?!

I always let you see my latest beautiful cafe. But have you already saw how my very first cafe looked like? Well, look at the images below:

A Very Humble Beginning!

This How My Cafe Started!

Yeah, that's how my red Rockz Cafe looked before! Very plain, very simple, with no things or furniture at all! A cafe with a very, very humble beginning!

Look at my place before, very pale! The walls were just painted with plain blue. The floor was just a brown wood! I have only 4 stoves with only 3 food counters. And I only had one waiter! Hayz...too simple...too small before!

But now, look how my cafe grows?! Lots of changes, lots of improvements, lots of developments were taken place! Now, I have 4 waiters! And my stoves and counters, can you count? =)

I really love my new cafe now! It's too relaxing to my eyes! My motif is really suited to our current celebration which is the Valentines and the Chinese New Year! It's a Chinese inspired restaurant! Convinced?!

Now what can you say about my current design? Do you like it? What more can you suggest? I'm willing to hear more from you! From a very simple canteen-type eatery to a very beautiful Red Cafe now...!!! C",)

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