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Friday, March 30, 2018

Bits of Rocks Celebrates 10 Years of Blogging!

The blog that started it all...

March 15, 2008 when my very first post was published in blogspot via Bits of Rocks, my very first personal blog. And yes, I'm proud celebrating its 10TH Year Anniversary. This also marked my 10 years in the blogging community!  

Though I started blogging in Friendster way back September 2007 with "Bits of Rocks,"  I consider March 15, 2008 as my blog anniversary and the official birth date of Bits of Rocks because this was the date that I started blogging in blogger or blogspot with its own url which is before it turns to     

And to commemorate my 10 years in blogging industry, here is my 10 Years Bits of Rocks Blogging Anniversary logo:

Created by my bestfriend Miyo Briones of TakeOff PH, the logo also emphasizes our Team Runner Rocky hand sign which is your's truly trademark sign in most of our photos.  

I will share with you my inspirational blogging story and how Bits of Rocks gave birth to other more blog sites like TV Series Craze, The Lifestyle Portal, and Runner Rocky on my next posts. So stay tune folks!

"Happy 10 Years of Blogging" to me and to Bits of Rocks! 03/30/2018 (Bits of Rocks)

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Glimpse to the New Runner Rocky Website Design

Earlier this October 2017 inline with the preparation of the 3rd year anniversary of my sports, fitness, marathons blog Runner Rocky, I have redesigned my website giving it a new look. This is also inline with Team Runner Rocky's 1st year anniversary celebration.

Here is the said new design of our blog:

To see it live, feel free to visit it via There were plenty of interesting stuffs there not only limited to sports, fitness, or running events but also with exclusive celebrity interviews, featured stories, vlogs, and team's activities.

See you all at RR! 11/28/2017 (Bits of Rocks)  

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Going Stronger at 6!

"Going Stronger at 6," this is this year's theme of your favorite blog "Bits of Rocks" as we celebrate our 6TH Year Anniversary!

Yeah, time is really so fast. I couldn't imagine that this personal blog of yours truly will reach its 6TH Year birthday. Started in March 15, 2008, "Bits of Rocks" stood stronger, tougher, and better on top! Hence our 6TH Year Anniversary is dubbed as "Going Stronger at 6!" 

For 6 years now, "Bits of Rocks" keeps on bringing you the trending topics in my life, in the people around me, in the different places I visited, in the different events I've joined with, in my experience with different celebrities and personalities, and in different challenges I've faced with.    

Join me as I celebrate my successful 6 years of blogging. "Bits of Rocks" rules and going stronger! Happy 6TH Year Anniversary! (RCB)    

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy 5TH Blog Anniversary Bits of Rocks!

Today, March 15, 2013 is the 5TH birthday of the one and only, the star of all the blogs, Bits of Rocks! 

It was 2008 the same date when this blog started. My self-titled poem called "Rocky" which I wrote in College and was published in our official Student Publication's literary folio served as my very first post here in this blog site. Well, you may check it out here in this link: Rocky

Started with a plain all black background with green font in the main title and white text font in the post body, this blog was my very first blog in the blogger's blogspot platform. It became the "Mother of All My Blogs" as from this blog emerged my other blogs with the different niche like Rhythm of the Rock, The Rock's Literary Collection, TECHkyrocky, and TV Series Craze.   

Bits of Rocks in 2009 changed name to The Rock Land then to Rock Republic in 2012 but only for a week until it return back to Bits of Rocks the same year.  This is my personal blog site which tells everything you want to know about me as well as cool and humor posts with bits of lifestyle and entertainment. Until stars and different personalities join the Bits' bandwagon!  

I'm so proud that my blog, my very first blog, this blog is standing strong and still! Being in the blogging community for 5 solid years now is really a great achievement! And I'm glad that this site even evolves!

As part of my month-long 5TH Blog Anniversary this month of March, I will share with you more exciting facts and trivia about this blog! For now, join me in greeting it:

Happy 5TH Blog Anniversary Bits of Rocks!

It's really another milestone in my part. More years to come and best wishes Bits of Rocks...!!! (RCB)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 2013: "Celebrating 5 Years of Blogging"

 March 2013 marks the biggest celebration of the year! Yes, this month marks my 5TH Year Blogging Anniversary! This site, the everybody's favorite blog site "Bits of Rocks"is now turning 5 years old this coming March 15, 2013.

Bits of Rocks could be termed as the "Mother of My Blogs" as it was my first blog site in blogspot where all started! Therefore, it deserves a grandeur celebration!
This March 2013 will be Bits of Rocks' month-long anniversary celebration! Expect that majority of my posts pertain to the 5TH Year anniversary of this blog. I'll share interesting facts and trivia about this blog as well as its success and inspiring story. And since this blog turns into a celebrity blog site, expect to see more stars and celebrities greeting this blog! And I will feature them all one by one. Cool!

Who do you think are the stars and celebrities who greet Bits of Rocks a Happy 5TH Year Anniversary? Well, find them out this month! Celebrity greeting pictures and videos will be coming out as part of Bits of Rocks' 5TH Blog Anniversary! Too exciting!

And of course, March is not only for blog anniversary. Another big celebration is coming up this March. And that is my birthday! Yehey, another year will be added to my age!

Some of the brightest celebrities already greeted me Happy Birthday in a video. And I will also share it with you as part of my birthday celebration. And did you know that there is a celebrity who has the same birthday with me? Yes, she is today's one of the hottest young stars and I'll reveal her in my succeeding posts!

March truly speaks of birthday celebrations! Two birthdays will be taking place this month of fire - my birthday and the birthday of this blog! But of course, I will be focusing with this blog's 5TH Year Anniversary rather than my own birthday!

Let the fire begin! Celebration is now commencing...! Watch out for a very exciting month-long celebration here in this blog! And please allow me to take this opportunity to be the first one to greet Bits of Rocks a "Happy 5TH Year Anniversary!" I am personally saluting this blog for staying strong and standing still for 5 solid years! (RCB)

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