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Monday, October 28, 2013

Aljur Abrenica's "Daylight" Song Number is Captivating!

Kapuso hunk actor Aljur Abrenica gears up for his upcoming concert in Music Museum this coming November 7, 2013. The concert is dubbed as "Come and Get Me."

During the bloggers' conference held in Congo Grille in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Aljur performed three special song numbers. Two of these songs were "Daylight" by Maroon 5 and his special composition.

Well, here are the two said songs:

Aljur's Version of "Daylight:"

Aljur's Original Song Composition:

 Aljur is truly not only a good actor but also a great singer as well!

What can you feel about these two songs?! Can you relate with them?! Well, in my case, the answers is Yes! :)

Nice one Aljur! Two thumbs up for your talent! You truly rocks! (RCB)

Aljur and Aki Together Again!

We met again with the Kapuso hunk actor Aljur Abrenica two weeks ago. This time via a blog conference held at the Congo Grilled in Tomas Morato, Quezon City for his major concert dubbed as "Come and Get Me."

Before our question and answer portion, Aljur performed three songs like the Maroon 5's "Daylight,"  his original composition, and Rico J. Puno's "Macho Gwapito."  On my next post, I'll share with you these said song. :)

Of course, just like we always do, we posted cool photos together. Here are three of our photos together:

Our other cool photos including the wacky shots were already posted in my official Instagram account: @rockenroll_04. Don't forget to follow me on my IG to see these cool photos together with your other favorite celebrities.

Aljur and Aki truly rock! (RCB)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Up, Close, and Personal with Jayke Reyes!

Jayke Reyes is the newest RnB and acoustic singer. She was raised in USA and now here in the country to launch her very first self-title album.

Last Saturday, March 2, 2013, I met in person this beautiful young soulful singer. I had a one-on-one interview with her (I'll share our video in my next post) where she shared some interesting things about her.

Jayke is only 19 years old. She loves singing and acting. According to her, if she will be given an opportunity to act in either movie or TV series project, she will grab it. But right now, she will focus first on her first album. 

Her album is self-titled called "Jayke Reyes."  It contains 5 love songs. 4 of which were revivals and one is her original. Her carrier single is "Kay Palad Mo." The music video of this song is now hitting the world-wide web. It is a soulful song which tells about love, sacrifice, and heartaches. The hunk actor-model Ian Batherson is her leading man in the MV of her carrier single.   

The other four songs included in her album are "Sana'y Pakaingatan Mo," "Perry's Will," "Paano Na Kaya,"  and "We're All This Together."

Jayke had her first TV guesting via the hit Sunday afternoon musical variety show "ASAP 18" where she had duets with the "ASAP" singers. 

According to her, after her ASAP guesting, she received more Facebook and Twitter followers from TFC.

Jayke's favorite female singers were Angeline Quinto, Sarah Geronimo, Regine Velasquez, and Mariah Carey. In the male sides were Bruno Mars, Neyo,  and Gary Valenciano whom she wants to have a duet with in the future. 

Jayke truly loves social media specially Twitter and Instagram. And take note, just like me, she really loves pictures! Well, as you can see, we have lots of pictures together! :)

Jayke even signed her CD which she gave to me with a personal dedication. According to her, she really enjoyed my presence!

On my next succeeding posts, I'll share with you our videos together. Nice meeting and hanging-out with you Jayke! (RCB)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

An Afternoon with the "Apoy Sa Dagat" Directors and Creative Staff!

"Apoy Sa Dagat" is the newest Primetime TV series of ABS-CBN which stars Piolo Pascual, Diether Ocampo, Angelica Panganiban, and Angelica Panganiban! With its flaming hot title, I really thought at first that this will be a sexy teleserye. But after meeting the directors, writer, and creative staffs of the said TV series, my outlook to this teleserye eventually changed! 

One Saturday afternoon, we had a Bloggers' Conference together with the Creative Team of "Apoy Sa Dagat." This was composed of the two directors FM Reyes and Nick Olanca, writer Arden Condez, and creative manager Henry Quintain.

My first question to the teleserye director FM Reyes was all about the title of the series. I got curious why this TV series was dubbed as such since it suggests a sexy name. Added to the fact, the series is led by three of the sexiest stars who showed skins in the trailer and poster giving me a hint that this is a Rated SPG TV show. But Direk FM explained why.     

According to him, the title "Apoy Sa Dagat" is actually a figure of speech. It was derived from the figurative phrase "fire on water," two objects that can't never be together! In the story, this pertains to the lead characters continuously battling! The title also suggests facing stiff challenges - how the lead characters will face the challenges which were impossible to win! 

"The story is not that sexy or daring everyone is thinking of. Yes, there are some sexy scenes in the first part of the series but as you will go along, you will see how it differs from the other teleserye," the director said. 

It's good to note that Direk FM Reyes is also the man behind the successful and phenomenal hit TV series like "Lobo," "May Bukas Pa," "eBoy," and "Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas."  And it's proud to know that "Lobo" and "Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas" were continuously hitting the other parts of the world as their rights were sold to other countries the way we did with the different Koreanovelas airing in the country.  

With Direk Nick Olanca, Writer Arden Condez, Creative Manager Henry Quintain, and Direk FM Reyes

The "Apoy Sa Dagat" Team!

A Sizzling Hot TV Series Poster of "Apoy Sa Dagat"

The teleserye writer Henry Quintain expressed how he admires Angelica Panganiban. "Nung una talaga ayaw na ayaw ko kay Angelica lalo na 'nung time na kontrabida siya ni Camille Prats. Kase big fan ako ni Camille then naging artist pa namin siya sa Marinella. But after ko siyang makatrabaho dito sa Apoy Sa Dagat, talagang bumilib ako sa batang ito! Wow, ang galing niya!" he shared.

Angelica is playing a dual role in the series. She is playing the poor and humble sea girl Serena at the same time playing the rich and the fighter Rebecca. "Hindi mo na kailangang ibahin ang itsura nung dalawang Angelica eh na 'ung isa is mahaba ang buhok at maiksi ung isa. Sa acting niya pa lang kitang-kita mo na ang pagkakaiba. Ganun siya kagaling," the writer and director agreed.

Aside from Angelica, the team also talked about the other characters in the series like the two leading men Piolo and Diether, the antagonist Angel Aquino, and the other veteran stars. 

They were all laughing as they shared how cool the character of Ms. Perla Bautista in the story. "Kilala natin si Perla sa mga roles na martir na ina. Pero dito, pokpok ang role niya! Lipstick ang katapat ng kaligayahan niya," Direk FM revealed.

The creative team also unveiled how cruel the character of Angel Aquino. "Kung sa Magkaribal at Maria La Del Barrio naintindihan natin at minahal ang pagiging kontrabida niya, dito sa Apoy Sa Dagat, grabe at magagalit talaga kayo at kasusuklaman niyo siya!" It's really evilness to the fullest Angel Aquino is in the series!

Here is the full trailer of "Apoy Sa Dagat:"

The series also explores the beauty of the Philippines. Yes, the scenes were also taken in the different tourist spots of the country. The team even narrated how they shoot in the cruise and in the mid of the sea.  

"Apoy Sa Dagat" just premiered last Monday, February 11, 2013. And it truly got high pilot ratings beating its rival TV series! This week and in the next succeeding weeks, expect to see more exciting twists as the story progresses!   

This is such another great teleserye from the home of breakthrough TV series, ABS-CBN! Once more, two thumbs up Kapamilya! (RCB)

Monday, February 11, 2013

My Red Winning Moment with Bryan Termulo!

It was the eve of Chinese New Year when we had a Bloggers' Night with the "Teleserye Theme Song Prince," Bryan Termulo in Insomia Bar, Centris Walk, Quezon City, February 9, 2013. And yes, that night proved to be a lucky night for me. I didn't only got a chance to talk and mingle again with Bryan for the fourth time, I even won a grand prize of Sketchers Sports Shoes!

Yup the color red once more proved to be my lucky color. Remember last year, I was also wearing red when I passed the International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB)? And that repeated on a Saturday night with Bryan! And it was so surprising seeing Bryan also wearing red. "Naging termo pa kami!" 

I wore red that time for my two consecutive events following the tradition of a Chinese New Year. Though Feng Sui said that green is a lucky color for the Year of the Water Snake, I still preferred red since this is also my favorite color!

So Surprising to Win the Sketchers Shoes!

They Say Wearing Red is a Lucky Charm...and That's Explain Why!

During the Bloggers' Conference for Bryan Termulo's 25TH Birthday Concert, exciting prizes were given away to the bloggers via raffle. Five bloggers won Facial GCs worth 1,000K and two bloggers won the two major prizes, the Sketchers Shoes. And I'm one of the lucky two! 

The Sketchers Shoes worth Php3,695. I was so lucky that night having that cool white sports shoes. That was a perfect treat from Bryan!

Bryan is celebrating his 25TH birthday hence his concert is dubbed as "Bryan XXV Birthday Concert." It will be held on Music Museum this coming March 9, 2013.   

I'll share more of the stories about our event with Bryan in my next succeeding posts. By now, I just want to share with you my happiness and my another lucky moment.  (RCB)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sabrina Orial Sings Me "Saranghae!"

I'm very happy and inspired the night after I attended the blogger's conference of the "Accoustic Princess" Ms. Sabrina Orial. The event didn't only became an ordinary media conference or launching of an album. But indeed, it became an acoustic night as Sabrina serenaded us with her sweet music. What more, she sang me "Saranghae," one of the best songs I love most!   

"Saranghae" is actually the official theme song of the 2010 hit Koreanovela of Lee Min Ho called "Perfect Match" which aired on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida. The original or the Korean version was performed by Younha and is titled as "Can't Believe It".

I love the original version but when I heard the Tagalog version, I got amazed! I love more the Tagalog version because I understand the lyrics and the message of the song at the same time, Sabrina sings well just like the original or even surpasses the Korean version! That time, I went to the record bars in our mall to know who is singing the Tagalog version of the song. And I found...Sabrina!

Last week, all things of the past were reminisced after I met in person the sweet singer of the song. And yes, she sang and dedicated it to me! Here is our short video wherein Sabrina serenaded me with "Saranghae:" 

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Sabrina is truly the best! Still I can't believe that I already met Sabrina, the singer of "Saranghae!"

Yes, I love the said song 'cause it reminded me of someone way back in 2010. I got a crush to my former teammate which eventually became my friend. We had perfect moments every night since both of us were in a night shift. I wouldn't elaborate more our moments (at baka bigla ako itext nun pag nabasa niya ito, yari!) Let's keep all those good things in the past :)   

And here is the fan-made music video of the complete version of Sabrina's Saranghae which also features kilig scenes from the Koreanovela "Perfect Match:"

Right now, Sabrina just launched her fifth album called "I Love Acoustic 5." It contains songs from her very own composition like "Oh Boy, " "Make Believe," and "Terrified"  which features Christian Bautista in the music video. And of course, the album also contains her very own rendition of the different hit songs like "Payphone," "What Makes You Beautiful," "Call Me Maybe," "Starships," "Somebody that I Used to Know," "Domino," "A Thousand Years," and "One Thing."     

Thanks much Sabrina! Hope to hear more of Sabrina's songs to be used in the other TV series! God bless and more power! (RCB)

Meeting the "Acoustic Princess" Sabrina Orial, I Finally Met the Girl Who Sings "Saranghae!"

Finally, I met the sweet voice behind the Tagalog version of the "Perfect Match" theme song, "Saranghae!"  She is no other than the so-called "Acoustic Princess," Sabrina Orial.   

Last week, my night seemed like an acoustic night when I attended the BlogCon of Sabrina. The event eventually turned out to be a night giving us lot of fun and surprises. 

Sabrina is now one of the hottest acoustic singer in Indonesia and in other part of the world because of her sweet soulful music. Her previous album  I Love Acoustic 4 already turned double platinum abroad. And in that night, Sabrina together with the MCA Music launched her fifth album titled I Love Acoustic 5. 

Before starting the actual question and answer portion, Sabrina serenaded us with two of her original compositions "Make Believe" and "It's Over Now".

I was one of the first bloggers who asked Sabrina preliminary questions but later on, I was the one who gave Sabrina lots of questions. And she gamely answered every question with fun and humor.

I got curious about the selection of songs in her album which include the latest hit songs like "Payphone," "What Makes You Beautiful," "Call Me Maybe," "Starships," "Somebody that I Used to Know,"  and "One Thing."  Take note some of these songs were performed by male singers or lady rappers, but Sabrina is very successful in giving new life and rendition to these songs! And yes, I really admire her for this! Good job Sabrina! 

I even asked her if how she will handle competition since in terms of acoustic and bossa nova, we already have the names of Siti, Princess, and Juris. She said that all of them have their own style, they have their own uniqueness. It's better to think that all of them can contribute in giving us good music rather than thinking that they are competing. And she humbly said, "Si Juris, Juris na talaga 'yun at idol ko siya noon pa!"

If she has given a chance to star in either movie or TV series project, Sabrina said that she like John Lloyd Cruz to be her leading man! And she want to have a duet with Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano  and International Star Justin Bieber if given a chance!

I even confirmed during the conference if she is really the one who sang the Tagalog version of "Saranghae," the theme song of the hit Lee Min Ho's Koreanovela "Perfect Match." She didn't only answered yes, she sang it for me! Wow! I'm so amazed and inspired that night! A big surprise which I didn't expect!

Sabrina was paired with Christian Bautista in the music video of "Terrified," another original composition which already created a worldwide hit. This song is also part of her current album.

Aside from her tandem with Christian, Sabrina is also part of the rap song "Dota" which is now hitting the different radio stations.

Before ending our Q&A portion, Sabrina sang as "Oh Boy" which she said her favorite musical composition. The song is fun in nature but deep inside it tackles heartaches.     

More on this beautiful lady with a beautiful voice, Sabrina is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts from UP Los Baños. She is writing her own songs. According to her, she made her composition when she was depressed or brokenhearted.

Indeed, Sabrina is another icon of Filipino music, a newest discovery that is now creating another phenomenon in the world of music! Two thumbs up Sabrina and more power! (RCB)

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