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Monday, December 23, 2013

December 2013: "Counting Down the Blessings"

We are now on the last month of the year, the so-called happiest month of the year - the month of December!

Yes, I'm very busy with the past months for my career, work, hobbies, and love life. I even got no time updating this personal blog because of those commitments. But, before the year end, I will really find precious time to update this personal blog.

2013 is truly one of the most challenging year for me. It's a combination of failure and success at the same time! But still, I received lots of blessings to be thankful with!   

This December 2013, we will counting down our blessings, our success, our achievements. But of course, we will also noting down some of the flops and failures that we faced!

Before the year ends, I'll be sharing with you my year-end report. I'm also giving you the list of goals and to-dos for 2014. And of course, more surprises to witness in this blog!

So, watch out for these great things coming to you shortly! Merry Christmas! (RCB) 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

"10 of 10" - My Top 10 Accomplishment for 2010!

After we bid goodbye with the year of the tiger, the year 2010, let's look back for the 10 great things brought to me by this year.

It's now time to count our blessings! What are the blessings given to me by the year 2010? What are the great new things 2010 left to me?!

As I always do every end of the year, here is my year-end report! This is my "10 of 10" which denotes my Top 10 Accomplishment for 2010!

Let's now start our countdown! Of course on top is the most significant! Here you go:

1. A Project Manager and a Test Coordinator

- My successful career even more prosper this year! Yup, this is the year when I became a Project Manager of two projects in our company. What more, I even became a Test Coordinator in one of our project release! Month after month, I handle different projects! This year really made my career in terms of management a prosperous one! Thanks to my previous manager for his trust in my managerial skills!

2. The Purchase of My Brand New Toshiba Laptop

- This year is also the year wherein I bought different things and appliances in our home. But the most expensive and the most precious of them is my brand new Toshiba Laptop! I bought it last October 24, 2010 together with a wireless router! I got the latest model. Though its quite expensive since its Toshiba, a high-end brand of laptop with the latest model, thanks God I can afford to buy it! I already gave my former PC to my younger brother. Now both of us were enjoying surfing the net at the same time!

3. Continuously Growth of My Bank Savings

- Every payday, I put some money savings in my bank account. And before the end of the year, I'm so glad that my savings really grow! It continuously increase! From this savings, I afford to buy a brand new laptop and sustain the tuition fee of my younger brother who is currently taking up an IT course in STI college!

4. TV Series Craze Rocks

- My blog site called TV Series Craze is now the No. 1 entertainment blog site in the field of TV series! I'm so amaze that everyday, its rankings keep on rising! More and more visitors were visiting it everyday. Now, this site got 3,000 to 4,000 daily visits! What more, as of this day, its Alexa Rank is now 533, 035. On Top Philippine Blog, its at No. 42. On Worldwide Top of Blogs, it's currently at No. 5! And on Blogroll Center, it's at No. 1! Wow! Thank you very much my avid readers! You made its success!

5. The Purchase of Brand New Appliances

- Aside from the purchase of my brand new Toshiba Laptop, this year really marks the purchase of our other new appliances! Yup, 2010 is the year when we bought our other big and expensive appliances like air-con and double-deck bed! We also bought new stuff toy cabinet, an office chair, new computer table for the laptop, and other more home accessories! Our home is now filled with new appliances! Thank you Lord!

6. The Birth of Three New Blogs

- Aside from the previous blog sites that you know, three more blogs were born this year! One of these was created through Wordpress while the other two were sexy daring hot blog sites! The blog site called "Rockz Cafe" was born last February using the Wordpress platform. This is all about my Cafe World design and updates. Cafe World is a popular Facebook game which made me addicted to it! I use a pen name in writing my two daring sexy blogs. I didn't use my name in these two blogs since its very controversial! The first one was born last May while the other one was last September! With the collection of all my blog sites, a league of all the Rocky's blogs called The Rock's Blog Network" was formed!

7. An Active Sex Life

- This year is really the 'hottest' year for me! Ooh yeah! Uhh...! I'm single but take note, I have a very active sex life! Haha! I got some sexual encounters with the new people I met. I made many bed scenes this year! The last one night stand I had was last December 22! Too sexy this year was! I even had a kissing scene in the bar! Haha! Though I'm not yet committed to someone, I had plenty of sex!

8. Payments and Earnings From My Blogs

- Finally, I got my very first earning from my blogs! Yeah, I already received my payments from my income generating blogs. These were the accumulated earnings of my blogs last 2009. I received it through my Paypal account and I withdraw it through Union Bank ATM. Nice!

9. New Friends and New Apples of the Eye

- Besides earning money, position, appliances, and other material things, I'm glad that this year, I met new people, new friends! Some of these people who became my friends were from other team. Some were those I met in the parties! Of course, I got many apples of my eye! I think two or three for this year! Haha! They were my 'special someone' for the year!

10. A Brand New Collection

- Aside from my collection of books, magazines, stuff toys, and DVDs, a new collection rose this year! This 2010, I started to collect angels! Yup, different types of cute figurine angels! Every payday, I bought some in Trinoma. They were really cute! I put them in our LCD flat screen TV, in my brother's PC, and in my laptop table. Some were under our red Christmas tree! This new year, I will buy some more! Yeah, I will share my angel collection in my succeeding posts!

These are my "10 of 10", my Top 10 accomplishment last 2010! Of course, I even got some blessings not included in this list. Some were minor to mention but I really appreciate them!

Of all these accomplishment, all I can say is thank you! Thank you our dearest Lord for giving me all of these! I really appreciate these! I'll cherish them!

This 2011, I'm looking forward for more new blessings to come! But of course, all these gifts is because of us then given by the Lord! We cannot receive the blessings we desire if we didn't work hard for it and without trust to God! As they say "nasa Diyos ang awa nasa tao ang gawa...", let's strive hard to achieve all our desires! Thank you 2010! C",)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

25 Beautiful Phrases About God

I like to share with you these so-called 25 Inspirational Phrases or Quotes about God. I received it via email from a friend.

Here are they. You may click each image to read the message!

Truly inspirational! After reading those phrases, seems that my mind was enlighten! These phrases were quotes we usually read or heard about God.

Well, you may even send it to you friends. Give them some inspirations or food for the souls!

I love the message connoted by each phrase. What more, I even love the views or pictures used in each quotes! Really inspiring...!!! c",)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Counting My Top 10 Blessings Of 2009!

2009 is over! We are now on the new phase of the decade, 2010!

But before we finally say goodbye to 2009, let us count the blessings we received for this year.

For me, this year was truly a great year to count. Success, achievements, transitions were some of the terms to describe the experience I had!

So, here are the Top 10 Remarkable Things of 2009 that I should be thankful for:

1.) New Home - April of this year when we transferred to our new home. More beautiful, more elegant, wider, and really nice compare with our previous. You see it yourself during the series of our invasions!

2.) Rise of the Blogs - This year marked the birth of my different blog sites. Started as "Bits of Rocks" which eventually turned as "The Rock Land", this personal blog became so active this year as well as my music blog "Rhythm of the Rock". This year also gave birth to my new blog "TV Series Craze" which is so popular these days and to my techie-themed blog "TECHkyrocky".

3.) Successful Career in the Corporate Work - It was indeed a golden year for me in my work. I was given a lot of opportunities in our office and proud to say that I had performed all my tasks and projects with flying colors! All my BRAVO cards, souvenir items, and other appreciations from the different managers reflected this!

4.) Artistic Working Area - Well, you are the one to witness the different transformations of my working area. We transferred working station twice but my artistic style of my own working area maintains which garnered different feedback of appreciations from my officemates.

5.) Birth of My Different Pets - "Miming Negro" became so popular this year. She was well-loved by all the people who visited this site. But aside from her, more new pets were introduced this year starting from the cats, kittens, puppies, tigers, up to the other wild domesticated pets like my civet cat!

6.) New PC - Before the year ends, I finally have my new Personal Computer in our home. Maybe this is the biggest thing I have bought for this year. I also bought its other accessories such as the web cam, speaker, and electric fan solely for this PC. I also have an unlimited access to internet in our home which made my cyber life so active and in-demand!

7.) Lots of Photographs - I had too many pictorials for this year! Yeah, just like what you have seen, in every events, I have photos! I am like a famous model who have different pictorials taken by paparazzi or official photographers.

8.) More Roles and Opportunities - Aside from my routine work in the office, I was also became an effective Trainer of our team. I conducted different trainings in our office. The feedback were all excellent! All my trainees liked me so much and my unique style in presentation. My writing abilities were also enhanced as I developed and created different Manuals and Process Guides to our team in addition to my blogging hobby!

9.) Preparation for a Sexy Body - First week of December when I started to go in a gym. Yup, for five times now, every weekend (when not busy), I go in a gym to develop my abs, chest, biceps, and muscles! Hopefully I see the results of my workouts before our Summer outing!

10.) Active Sex Life - Yeah, though I'm single, I can proudly say that my sex life for this year was so active! Ooh! Just like a sexy star, I was really bankable! I already performed many matured roles like what our hottest youngstars did today!

Well, did I forgot something?! Do you have something to add which were not mentioned above?! Feel free to express your thoughts!

Indeed, 2009 was so great to me! It gave me lots of blessings and opportunities to count. These were only the top 10 most remarkable things. Yup, there were other things not mentioned here. Some I forgot, some were not need to mentioned!

I also like to add that this year also started my increasing savings in the banks, Hopefully it will flourish more on the succeeding years!

So, thanking primarily our God from up above for all the good things He gave to me this year, let us all salutes and appreciates 2009...Thank You Very Much 2009!!! c",)

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