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Monday, August 4, 2014

August 2014: "When It Rains, It Pours"

We are already on the third quarter of 2014. Time really runs so fast! And yes, the past months truly kept me busy with different activities!

Aside from being known as the "ghost month,"  the month of August is also known as a typhoon month. Different typhoons and habagat from the previous years visited the country every month of August.

But for me, I take this rainy month as a blessing in disguise. Therefore I titled this post as "when it rains, it pours."  Agree?!

This month, I'll share with you different things which kept me busy on the previous months. Yes, expect for running posts, events, celebrity happenings, and star-studded selfies. And of course, expect for other surprising posts here in this blog for this month of August. 

So again, join me as I conquer the rain with best things happening in my life! Enjoy! (RCB)

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 2013 - "Fighting the Ghost Month"

We are now on the month of August, the second month of the third quarter. The month of August according to the Chinese Calendar is the so-called "Ghost Month."

August in the Chinese calendar is the counterpart or is the same as the month of November in the Western calendar when we celebrate the Halloween or the month of the souls. August is said as the month when the good and bad spirits visited the earth.

Since I'm one-fourth Chinese, I am joining the Chinese community in commemorating the ghost month. Bits of Rocks will be inline with this celebration. But we will not doing any rituals or spiritual actions. Rather we will fight the ghost month with good and positive sharing.

Yes, for this month, expect for sharing of my good and interesting events and happenings in my busy life. More celebrity moments to reveal, more exciting things to share!

So scare no more and embrace the good things here in your favorite blog. Prior of posting this August flavor of the month, I've already shared with you two great posts about my life's latest happenings! More to come in my upcoming posts. Stay good, cool, an positive guys! (RCB)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 2012 - "Reaching Farther!"

It's August already! We are now on the third quarter of the year! One month to go and we will stepping again to the BER months!

What's up for August?!

In Chinese community, August is the so-called "Ghost Month." This month is the counterpart of the Halloween in the Western culture!

Well this month of August, I will not frighten you with different ghost stories (wait, that will be for the month of November). Rather, I will share with you some cool stuffs of the different events I have joined with!

Yup, this be the continuation of my supposed to be Star-Studded month of July! But since I wasn't able to share with you all last month (sobrang busy po kase sa lahat ng bagay!), I will give them this month of August!

I would not make any promise topic for this month. Rather, the posts will speak for you! Happy month of August guys! Expect the unexpected! c",)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 2011 - "Capturing The Best Shots!"

We're now on the 8th month of the year, the month of August!

And like we always do every month, I give you a quick outline or teaser of the topics that you can expect here in your favorite site. Now for this month of August 2011, what do you think will be our topic?! What will be the flavor of the month this month of August?!

Well, ready your cellphone camera and share your best shots! And that is the thing that I'll do!

Yup, for this month I will share with you interesting photos I've captured using my cellphone camera! Yes, all the best shots saved in my cellphone!

Aside from being a blogger, I also love to take pictures of different interesting things. Beautiful things around me, cool views, weird things, new collection, designs in our home, etc. were all captured by my cellphone cam! Of course, I have lots of pictures of myself with different poses were also got by my cellphone camera! But for this month, I'll share with you those other things beside me which were saved in my mobile phone!

I didn't yet have my own digital camera so for now I enjoyed capturing pictures using my cellphone cam! But before the end of this year, I will buy one! Digital cam is the next gadget that I'll buy!

And of course aside from sharing with you different shots from my cellphone, I'll also share with you other things and events pertaining to the month of August! It's Miming Negro's 3rd year birthday this month! And also, don't forget that August is a Ghost Month! Expect some posts pertaining to this belief!

So let's start the month right! Embrace August and start doing things you think right! c",)

Monday, August 2, 2010

It's All About Animals This August 2010!

The Rock Land will eventually turn into an 'Animal Land' this month of August! It's animals...animals...and animals for this whole month! Yehey! =)

It's gonna be all about cute things in this edition of your favorite Rock Land! All your favorite animal stories will be featured and share with you! Yeah, I know you really miss my pets so for this month, they were all in full force!

Hmmm...what is it in August that leads The Rock Land to become an Animal Land for this month?!

Oops...More Kitten Stories This Month!

Well, it's because of your pussycat queen of the Rock Land Miming Negro! Yup, Miming Negro will be celebrating her two years birthday this August! And it's a very big celebration since Miming as of these days is a famous pussycat in town!

And because this month is her birthday, everyone is invited! I mean, every animal is invited! All your favorite cute pets were invited by Miming Negro to celebrate her birthday party with her!

Miming Negro Will Celebrate Her Second Year Birthday!

And the Rock Land is the place for Miming to celebrate her birthday! Expect that more posts will be all about my cute pets! It's for all the animals out there!

What more this August?! Cool stories about pets, special features of your favorite cute animals, and Miming Negros whereabouts! Maybe she will share with you her diary! And of course all the latest about her and her business!

But of course expect also other feature articles about humors and matter for laughing! And as we always did, other more surprises to come...!!!

Yeepeey....!!! It's such a very wonderful month this August! Miming Negro is the 'bida' of the month! It's a flavor of the month that we can't resist! Oh yeah! C",)

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